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Poetry: God Leads the Way

When all our sky is clear to view,
The waters calm, and trials few,
We say with joy, " ’Tis surely true,
That God does lead the way".

But when sore trial starts the day,
Do we a fighting heart display?
Do we begin to doubt and say,
"Does God now lead the way?".

A loving Father, can He lead
Where circumstances tend to breed
Discomfort or apparent need?
Does God then lead the way?

We may not see our Father’s hand
By whom our way through life is planned,
Yet soon in heaven we’ll understand
Just why He led that way.

Oh fainting soul can you believe,
Or can your heart the thought conceive
That God His loved ones will deceive,
And fail to lead the way?

"I will not leave thee, nor forsake",
This is His promise. Why not take
To Him the cares your heart would break?
He gently leads the way.

His way is right, His way is best,
Why not upon His promise rest?
Should He not grant us our request
He leads the better way.

And when our tale of life is told,
Then silver, costly stones, and gold,
Will at the judgment seat unfold
His leading by the way.




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