March 2007

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From the editor: "Tell no man" (Mark 7.36)
J Grant

Foundations (3): The Power of God
W S Stevely

Creation’s Story (3)
R W Cargill

Book Review

The Life and Times of Elijah (5)
J Hay

The Message from the Seven Churches for Today (2)
A Sinclair

Question Box

The Parables of the Lord Jesus (1)
A Wiseman

Notebook: Psalms 3-5
J Grant

S Grant

Whose faith follow: George Gould (1856-1941)
J G Hutchinson

Poetry: Unwise Prayer

His heart was turned from the Lord (1)
C Jones

The Lord’s Work & Workers

With Christ

Forthcoming Meetings


Poetry: Unwise Prayer

I asked my God that He would give success
To the high task I sought for Him to do.
I asked that every hindrance might grow less,
And that my hours of weakness might be few.|
I asked that far and lofty heights be scaled,
And now I humbly thank Him that I failed.

For with the pain and sorrow came to me
An hour of tenderness of act and thought.
And with the pain there came a sympathy,
An insight which success could ne’er have brought.
"Father, I’d have been foolish and unblessed,
If Thou hadst granted me my blind request."




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