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In Kirkmuirhill a lady was brought along to hear the gospel by a work colleague, and encouraged to read the Scriptures. After just a few weeks attending gospel meetings, she was evidently under conviction of sin, and on a Sunday afternoon, she trusted the Lord. Pray that her husband and family will come to know her Saviour too.

At Chapelhall, with the numbers dwindling in the Sunday School, the assembly decided to hold a Sunday School Re-United evening in the hall in February. After much preparation, over 30 villagers attended where a set meal, review of former Sunday School experiences and trips, choruses and a gospel message made up the agenda. Graeme Paterson presented the photographs and Jim Paterson gave a very clear and simple message from John 3.16. Those who attended ranged from 16 year olds to those who were at the Sunday School’s commencement in the 1950s. Some families had spent time practising old choruses and competing among themselves to see who could remember the most before they came. All without exception said that they had enjoyed the evening, and were given a laminated bookmark with John 3.16, the date of the re-union, and the times of the assembly meetings. With the passing of the years the messengers and methods change but the gospel message remains the same. Please pray that those who heard the gospel again after many years might be led to Christ, and for the small assembly in Chapelhall in their desire to reach souls with the gospel.


Stephen Grant was with the assembly at Peterhead in March for three weeks preaching the gospel. These meetings were well attended with some unsaved present every night. They heard the gospel presented clearly and compassionately and a real sense of the Lord’s presence was felt. There was great encouragement when a lady professed faith in Christ in the middle of the second week. The assembly was cheered and anticipates further results from these meetings when the voice of God was heard.

The Forres assembly held its 60th Anniversary Sunday School Reunion in March, when many former pupils, some from as far as Thurso, gathered to what was termed a very happy and profitable evening. After some reminiscing, which brought back many happy memories including picnics, tea was served and a short gospel message was given.

Over the past few months Sam Matthews has renewed his printing equipment, so that quality and speed have greatly improved in preparing the "Words of Comfort" and "Strength for the Day" booklets for distribution. The response from those who have been helped by the booklets is encouraging. Some have taken the time to look up the telephone directory to call and ask questions, giving an opportunity to explain something of the love of God to them in their grief. One reply reads, "On behalf of family and friends, we would like to thank you so much for your kind expressions of sympathy and your ‘Words of Comfort’ ". Another writes, "Many thanks for your letter and the enclosed booklet ‘Words of Comfort’. What a thoughtful thing to do, it is greatly appreciated". Please pray for this work as the Word of God goes into homes in times of need. More believers are now asking for booklets for their own personal use.

Prayer is requested for gospel meetings in Cullen, purposed with Stephen Grant commencing on 15th May.


The Ayrshire Bible Exhibition is due to be displayed in St Monans from 14th-18th May, then in Cowdenbeath 21st-25th May. Prayer is requested for God’s blessing upon His Word presented in this way at both places.



Ballymena (Harryville): Gospel meetings commenced in mid April at Slaght in a portable hall. Speakers: W Fenton and M McKillen. Pray for help and blessing.

Ballyclare: Gospel meetings commencing (dv) on 17th June. Speakers: T Topley and C Law. Prayer requested.

Ballywatermoy: Conference in Cullybackey High School on 28th April. Speakers: T Thompson, J Rodgers, D Gilliland and S Wells.

Carrickfergus (Sandringham): A short series in the gospel was conducted during March by D Armstrong and A Grieve. The response from the locals was very disappointing. The Word was faithfully proclaimed.

Lisburn (Wallace Avenue): L Craig had an encouraging series in the gospel during the month of March with good numbers and interest. There was good help in the preaching.

Ahoghill: Annual Missionary Conference on 30th March. Speakers: K McDowell (Cyprus and Armenia), G Payne (Egypt) and C Davidson (N Ireland). The assembly hosted the Ayrshire Bible Exhibition with many school visits from 16th to 20th April. Pray for the good seed sown.


Ahorey: J Kelso was with the assembly for two weeks of gospel meetings in the latter part of February. There was a considerable interest from local people and a couple who had attended the open air meetings during the summer at Marlacoo Lake professed to be saved bringing great joy.

Ardmore Gospel Hall: J Martin and W Martin hope to commence a gospel series in a portable hall (approximately two miles from above hall) in mid April.

Bleary: J Rogers and S Gilfillan hope to commence gospel meetings in mid April. A prayerful interest would be appreciated.

Clonroot: Gospel meetings are expected to commence in the new Gospel Hall in mid May with J Fleck and A Colgan.

Kilmore: Gospel meetings commenced in mid-March conducted by J McCann and S Nelson.

Tullyroan: A Colgan was with the assembly here for a week of ministry at the end of March.

F Sona (Canada) has paid some visits to a number of assemblies in County Armagh. His ministry has been profitable.


Ballynahinch Gospel Hall: During the month of February J Meekin and R Fairley conducted four weeks of gospel meetings in the hall at Ballynahinch. The assembly was very encouraged by the good support given by local believers. A few people from the town also attended. Two young people made a profession and prayer is sought that they may grow in the things of the Lord.

Carryduff Gospel Hall: The assembly has been helped during eleven evenings of challenging and instructive teaching on basic Bible truths given by D W Gooding during March. The young believers have been strengthened in the faith.


Clogher: J Fleck and S Wells commenced gospel meetings in a portable hall in this country town in mid March. Encouraging numbers attending.

Fintona Gospel Hall: N Fleck and A Wilson concluded a gospel series in mid March. The meetings were well attended with a good interest and blessing in salvation. The saints were much encouraged.

Berney (near Strabane): N Coulter and D Lowry are preaching three nights per week in a private house with some interest.


Fortwilliam Gospel Hall: R Pickering commenced in the gospel on 18th March. The area is being well visited with invitations and tracts. There are some people showing interest.

Windsor: W Fenton and M McKillen have been encouraged to see good attendances over the four weeks in March. Good numbers of students from the nearby Queen’s University have been present over the period and have heard the gospel simply and sincerely preached. Believers from across the city have given good support.

Dundonald Gospel Hall: J Flanigan gave appreciated and edifying ministry for one week at the beginning of April.


Limavady: D McGarvey and A Caldwell concluded seven weeks of gospel meetings in late March. There was good attendance nightly. Other assemblies gave good support. The saints were encouraged in hearing of God granting salvation.

Moneydig: D McGarvey and S Maze commenced gospel meetings in this country area in mid-April. Prayer very much appreciated.



Monaghan Gospel Hall: R McKeown had five nights of much appreciated ministry in early March. The assembly had their first Annual Conference on 17th March. It was held in a school with a large attendance and was a very encouraging time for the small assembly. Speakers: D Ussher, T McNeill, W Martin, T Bentley, B Smyth and W J Nesbitt.


Clones: B Currie had a week of ministry here at the end of March.



Crowle: P Coulson ministered the Word at this year’s Annual Conference. There was good support, especially in the evening session, from other assemblies.

Redditch, Southcrest: This year’s conference included ministry from B Haigh, and reports from Colin Breeze and his son on the work of Brass Tacks.

Stourbridge, Wollaston: The Friday Focus series of Bible Teaching conducted by C Lacey concluded for the winter months with the subject, "A light shining in a dark place - Light in the Holy City".

High Wycombe: During December the assembly at Bethany Gospel Hall held four different outreach events. These included a Christmas Supper for the people who attend the weekly Coffee Morning, a Christmas Service and Prize Giving for the children and their parents followed by tea, a Carols by Candlelight Service and a Christmas Coffee Morning. On each occasion there was a good opportunity to present the gospel. A total of 41 adults and children were contacted and a good number of tracts, calendars, books and Bibles were distributed.


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