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George Meikle and Roy Marshall have concluded annual door-to-door visitation in the Hallglen area of Falkirk, where a few Bibles and booklets have been requested. They are now distributing Seedsowers packages in Carronshore, where meetings many years ago produced little response. At Carnock in west Fife, meetings continue now on the first Monday of the month; one unsaved lady has been coming since early November. Prayer is requested for her salvation and for the Lord’s blessing on these labours.

St Andrews: Building on previous experiences, another effort to reach students and townsfolk with the gospel was made in mid-April, the weekend of the famous annual Kate Kennedy Procession. Starting on the Friday evening, students were invited into the Gospel Hall for a meal and a talk. On Saturday a large number of gospel leaflets were distributed and several individuals accepted the invitation to come into the hall for refreshments. Constructive conversations took place and literature was again available.



Ahoghill: The Bible Exhibition during 16-20th April, was visited by over 500 children from 10 local primary schools including the R.C. primary. The afternoons and evenings were also very busy and great interest was expressed by all who attended.

Ballyclare: Gospel meetings commencing (DV) on 17th June. Speakers T Topley and C Law. Prayer requested. The assembly here had a week of ministry from W J Nesbitt in mid April. The meetings were well attended and searching messages were given on 1 Peter. It is expected that S Wells will have ministry meetings from 12th-15th June.

Ballymena (Harryville): Gospel meetings commenced on 15th April in a portable hall at Slaght. W Fenton and M McKillen are the preachers. Large numbers are attending with strong interest. Prayer requested for blessing.

Ballymoney: A Caldwell had a week of children’s meetings during April/May in Stranocum Orange Hall, where a Sunday School has been held for many years.

Ballywatermoy: Annual Conference on 28th April in Cullybackey High School. Very helpful ministry from T Thompson, J Rogers, D Gilliland and S Wells. Large numbers attended.

Ballywatermoy: S Wells had ministry meetings during May.

Kells: S Wells had much appreciated Bible readings during May on the "Ships" of the Scriptures.

Moneybroom (Lisburn): D Gilliland and T Armstrong are holding gospel meetings in a portable hall some 4 miles from Lisburn in a country area. Pray for God’s blessing on the Word preached.


Altnamackin, South Armagh: Gospel meetings have just commenced in a primary school in this country district. Speakers T Wright and B Currie.

Keady: S Ferguson had a week of profitable ministry with good support from local assemblies.


Clogher: J Fleck and S Wells continue in this country town preaching the gospel nightly and sowing the good seed of the Word of God.

Dungannon: The assembly here hosted the Ayrshire Bible Exhibition during the last week in April. The Exhibition was well advertised and transport was provided. The visiting workers were well supported by the local brethren and the response was excellent. Some 400 children attended and a clear presentation of the gospel was given in the guided tours. The feedback from the School teachers and the children was most encouraging. There was a constant flow of local townsfolk each day, many of whom had never been in the Gospel Hall before and they were impressed. A visitors’ book was provided and the comments recorded was an evidence of the interest in the Scriptures. Local assemblies gave good support and appreciated the value of reaching out to people of all ages. The whole assembly was edified and stirred by the experience and the great response shown.

The assembly also had a visit from Wendal Webb (Bandon) who gave an interesting report of his recent visit to Armenia highlighting the great need and spiritual poverty of the people of that land and what help he was enabled to bring to them. This has stimulated prayer and support for these impoverised people.


Bridgetown: S Patterson and G Stewart are preaching the gospel in a portable hall which is used for outreach work by the assembly in Bridgetown. The meetings are in their second week at the end of April, with a good interest being shown by the Christians and also by some unsaved from the locality. Blessing in salvation has encouraged both the preachers and the assembly.

Moneydig: S Maze and D McGarvey are in their second week of meetings in the Gospel Hall at the end of April. The area is being well visited and a good number of believers’ children are attending.



Rathmines Gospel Hall: P Coulson (Scotland) visited Dublin for the first time during April. The meetings including ministry, gospel and a report of the Lord’s Work in India and Sri Lanka were well-attended and appreciated by the assembly.


Bicester: Sandy Higgins and Ian Jackson shared in well-attended Easter Conferences at Basingstoke and Bicester. The ministry was timely and challenging. During the weekend several thousand Ultimate Questions were delivered door-to-door in a needy area of the city of Oxford.


Coventry, Church Street: The Annual Conference on Easter Monday brought W Banks and B Osborne to Coventry to minister the Word. Helpful and appreciated ministry for the saints. The assembly continues to be encouraged by its work amongst refugees. Those from the Democratic Republic of Congo, Burundi and Sierra Leone are weekly under the sound of the gospel. Two from Sierra Leone have been baptised in recent months.

Redditch, Batchley Estate: G Payne spent a profitable weekend with the saints in April, ministering the Word, and giving a report on the Lord’s Work in Egypt.

The believers have been very encouraged by a mother and daughter who have been attending the meetings for about five years, who trusted the Saviour, and have recently been baptised. A good number of unsaved were present at the baptism and heard the gospel faithfully preached.

Solihull: A Gamble brought the winter programme of Saturday ministry meetings to an end in April when he ministered the Word at Lode Lane. The ministry was much appreciated, and the support of believers from other assemblies was an encouragement.

Over the past few months B Osborne, J Hall and G Payne have also given valuable help to the saints at Solihull.


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