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Morning Meditations For each Lord’s Day of the Year, by Alex Ross; 136 pages; published by Gospel Folio Press. Available from John Ritchie Ltd; price £7.99.

If you have ever asked, "What Christ-exalting thoughts can I fill my mind with for each Lord’s Day when I gather to remember the Lord?" then read on.

The renowned pioneering missionary of Central Africa, the late R.C. Allison, wrote the Foreword for Morning Meditations.

He informs us that the ministry of Alex Ross, "has always been of the devotional type, drawing a person into a greater appreciation of the Saviour".

The book is conveniently divided into fifty-three weekly sections, so that the reader can contemplate a fresh meditation for each Lord’s Day, which will in turn promote worship.

As a sample, the thirty-fourth Lord’s Day considers the phrase, "in the midst". The author shows that the Lord Jesus can be found "in the midst": 1. In life (Luke 2.46); 2. In death (John 19.18); 3. In resurrection (Matthew 18.20); 4. In glory (Revelation 5.6).

Each meditation concludes with an original poem written by Alex Ross that, "(has) sprung spontaneously from the heart". In this thirty-fourth meditation, the first stanza of the four-verse poem states:

"In the midst" - in life, Jesus my Lord,
Derided by sinners, by saints all adored:
Blessing the children, raising the dead,
Compassionate Saviour, the multitudes fed.

This helpful pattern is adopted throughout the book and it is evident from the meditations that the author is enthralled with his Lord and Saviour and has a burning desire that others might join him.

It has been said that "worship is the highest form of service" and although the analytically inclined may not consider these meditations to be "deep", it is wise for us to take to heart the sound advice of brother Allison in the Foreword, that, "cream is found, not in the depths of the cup, but on the surface".

Since it is all too sadly possible to attend the Lord’s Supper barren and empty-handed, surely you can do no better than think upon the glories and beauties of the Lord Jesus Christ as found in Morning Meditations and worship the Father for His beloved Son.


Daily Light (Authorised Version); published by Trinitarian Bible Society; 789 pages. Available from John Ritchie Ltd; price £7.99 (hardback edition). Paperback and leather editions are also available.

Daily Light has two pages of readings for each day of the year. There is one for the morning and a second page for the evening. These are composed of passages of Scripture thematically arranged.

The Preface traces the origin of Daily Light back to Samuel and Eunice Bagster. It was their son Jonathan who was the Editor-in-Chief.

The practice of corporate worship was followed by the Bagster family. A daily text was chosen from the Bible and illustrated with further related verses. These Scripture quotations were laid aside for prayer and guidance before the page was completed. "Sometimes it was weeks before it was felt that the reading for a particular day could be improved". The readings were compiled over two years. One of Jonathan Bagster’s sons wrote, "Few are able to appreciate the heart-searching care with which every text was selected".

This spiritual thread of God-fearing devotion is woven into every page of Daily Light. Little wonder it has proved to be of such value to so many year by year.

At the end of the book, there is an additional section entitled, "For Special Occasions". This includes readings on relevant subjects such as: Marriage; Bereavement; For Times of Anxiety; Disappointed Hopes; Days of Prosperity and many more.

The text of this edition is in an easy-to-read type size making it congenial to the eyes. A Bible Reading Scheme is included to encourage the reader to read systematically through the whole Bible once in two years – the Psalms and the New Testament twice.

Daily Light has been greatly valued over the years as an ideal gift. It has become a Christian classic and the testimonies of blessing to readers have been numerous.

With a copy of Daily Light you can be one of the many Christians throughout the world who receive its help and blessing for daily living. In a world characterised by spiritual darkness, how appropriate it would be to begin and end each day with Daily Light.



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