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Poetry: Our thoughts into captivity (2 Cor 10.5)

Our thoughts into captivity!
Why! Not a single day
Passes, but we do err in thought
If words we do not say
Which are unseemly! Oh to be
More exercisèd now
Concerning that which pleases Thee:
Our heart's best friend art Thou!

Our thoughts into captivity!
How can this ever be?
How can vile mortals ever hope
To live victoriously,
While, in the chambers of the soul
Thoughts, ev'n unbidden, rise,
Which grieve those who have sought Thy grace
Who rules above the skies?

Our thoughts into captivity!
It is Thy holy will
That such should be! So let us ask
Thine aid, O Lord until
We reach Thy happy home above.
Till then, O undertake
Concerning all our secret thoughts,
Even for Thine own name's sake!

Our thoughts into captivity!
Thy thoughts we then shall know!
This is the reason why Thou dost
In mercy, from us now
Demand the whole monopoly
Of every secret thought:
This, so that Thou shalt thus commune
With those whom Thou hast bought!



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