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Poetry: "The dayspring from on high hath visited us" (Luke 1.78)

Paul McCauley

Our hearts in love adore
The Dayspring from on high.
Heaven gives its all, can give no more;
God hath to man drawn nigh.

True flesh His humble veil,
His glory hid from sight.
Such self-denying love we hail;
To earth comes Heaven’s Light.

He comes, not to a throne,
He journeys to a tree,
He breaks the bread before His own:
"I give Myself for thee".

He hangs upon the cross,
The Father’s glorified;
While Jesus suffers shame and loss
He gains a spotless bride.

My soul, behold God’s Son:
He loved me to the end.
In glory now, Heaven’s highest One,
This is my dearest Friend.

His love can never fail,
His cross dispels each fear.
He intercedes within the veil
For all His loved ones here.


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