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Tayside & Fife: In September, Stephen Grant was able to visit several schools in and around Perth over two weeks, and good attention was given by both pupils and teachers to the Word of God.

For two weeks in October he was with the Kennoway assembly, first for a week’s Holiday Club during school mid-term break when about 30 children came each forenoon and gave good attention, then during the second week several visits to local schools were well received and God’s Word presented. A short series of talks on gospel themes was advertised for each evening during this second week, but sadly very few adults from the community showed any interest.

The assembly at Ballingry had a profitable four weeks with their gospel tent again pitched in Crosshill, the preaching being shared by Jack Hay and local brethren. Good numbers of unsaved people came in spite of the wet weather and heard the way of salvation plainly taught. Two young people and a middle-aged lady who is blind professed to be saved. For all these efforts we give thanks and pray that more of God’s blessing will follow.

North of Scotland: The summer season tract work by the saints at Forres is now completed in the town and in nearby villages. They are also very thankful to record that good practical ministry was given at the annual week of Bible Readings in early September. The help given by Mr J R Baker and Mr J Hay was very much appreciated, as were valuable contributions by visiting brethren. Good numbers were maintained during the week including many young people, which was a great encouragement.

Joe Baxter was with the assembly in Buckie for three weeks in October. Over twenty unsaved people came to hear the gospel, one woman regularly, and about twelve backsliders, three of whom have expressed an interest in assembly fellowship. The support from surrounding assemblies was excellent, with sixty in the hall some nights. Simple gospel subjects were dealt with each evening and this seemed to be appreciated. Door-to-door work was very good, and some new contacts came to the meetings.



Ahoghill: The Annual Conference meetings were held from 30th October - 2nd November. The conference on Saturday 1st was well attended when a variety of ministry was given to encourage and challenge the Lord’s people. Brethren sharing in the ministry were D Mowat, M Radcliffe, D Gilliland, and D West. On the two evenings prior to the conference and on Lord’s Day afternoon, David West gave instructive ministry, profiting all present.

Ballycastle (Carncullough Hall): Meetings commenced circa 16th November with D McGarvey and B Glendinning.

Ballyclare: Meetings concluded on 24th October after 7 weeks with M Radcliffe and M McKillen. The Christians influenced a variety of people to attend with up to 20 unsaved present in a full hall including Sunday School children. A number professed salvation. The assembly was encouraged.

Ballyduff: J Grant had ministry meetings from 27th-30th October. Subject: "Refreshment from Romans".

Ballymena (Cambridge Avenue): Gospel meetings commenced on 2nd November and continue with J Martin and W Martin. Prayer appreciated.

D Gilliland is expected for ministry from 5th-9th January. It is intended to host a Bible Exhibition from 2nd-6th February with J Brown.

Ballymena (Harryville): P Coulson had ministry from 24th-28th November.

Ballymoney: Meetings in the Town Hall concluded on 31st October. J Fleck and W Martin were the speakers. A large number of visitors attended; interest was shown and there has been blessing.

Broomhedge: A series of gospel meetings commenced here at the beginning of November. The speaker is G Ewing from the assembly at Wallace Avenue, Lisburn. Prayer would be appreciated for blessing in salvation and that the small company would be built up and encouraged.

Carnlough: Gospel meetings commenced on 16th November. Speaker: A Colgan.

Clonkeen (Randalstown Hall): R McKeown had ministry meetings from 3rd-7th November. Subject - "Lessons from the writings of the Apostle John".

Clough: The assembly held their Annual Conference on 8th November.

M Radcliffe is to give ministry from 1st-11th December in the Gospel Hall. The subject will be "The Tabernacle", illustrated by a model and a chart.

Kells (Creavery Hall): R McKeown expected for ministry 17th-20th November.

Meetings commence on 11th January. Speakers: W Fenton and C Law.

Larne (Craigyhill): The assembly has arranged ministry meetings with J Hay from 1st-4th December at 8.00pm. Support appreciated.


Armagh: Gospel meetings were continuing at the end of October in a portable hall 4 miles from the city. The whole district has been well visited but few have come in. Speakers; B Glendinning and N Coulter.

Birches Gospel Hall: Gospel meetings conducted by J McCann and S Nelson commenced here in mid-October.

Bleary Gospel Hall: A series in the gospel commenced on 19th October with T Meekin (Glengormley) and M Turkington. A prayerful interest would be appreciated.

Lurgan (Annual Conference): The attendance this year was very large with ministry and Bible Readings most helpful. Those responsible for the Readings were G Williams, R McKeown, D Gilliland, and D West.

Ardmore Gospel Hall: The Annual Conference was considered good with profitable ministry given by A Parks, S Maze, R Pickering, and A Gamble.

Newtownhamilton: A Wilson was with the assembly here for ministry during the last week in October.


Newtownards (James Street): A series of gospel meetings commenced on 26th October conducted by B Currie and J Palmer. Prayer valued.


Aughrim: R Pickering and N Emerson had four weeks of very well attended meetings, with up to 130 attending at weekends. A very wide area was visited with invitations and tracts, resulting in a number of locals coming into the hall. Prayer is requested that precious souls will yet be saved as a result of having heard the gospel preached at this time.

Portstewart: J Rogers and S Moore have finished six weeks of gospel meetings in a portable hall at the "Pitts" area. The attendance was encouraging, including a number of local people. There was cause to give thanks to God in that one woman was saved.


Fintona: J McCann and S Nelson concluded a series in the gospel in early October. Good numbers of young people heard the gospel over the period.

Lungs: Gospel meetings commenced here on 12th October with D McGarvey and S Gilfillan. Prayer requested.

The assembly here held their Annual Conference on 4th October. A very large company gathered and profitable ministry was given by D Gilliland, J G Hutchinson, A Hull, and M Radcliffe.

Donemana: Annual Conference. Ministry of a helpful nature was given by J Wishart, D Ussher, J G Hutchinson, J Martin, G Woods, and D Rogers to the encouragement of the small assembly.


Cregagh Street: The assembly have arranged gospel meetings in a portable hall in Millar Street. The meetings commenced on 26th October with encouraging numbers in attendance and are being conducted by D Gilliland and J Rogers. It is hoped that many from the surrounding streets will avail themselves of this opportunity of hearing the life-giving message of the gospel. Please pray for this vast area in the east of the city.

Newtownbreda: (Gospel Hall): R Eadie and E Johnston are preaching nightly to good numbers, including locals, in a series of gospel meetings which commenced on 26th October. They are experiencing good liberty and help as they sound out the Word. Please pray for a visitation in salvation.



Coventry (Upper Hill Street): J Hall and D West gave helpful ministry at the Annual Conference in October. The saints appreciated the help and encouragement given.


The university city of Aberystwyth has a small assembly, but the saints, though few in number, embarked on a Gospel Outreach effort at the end of October. G Woods, H Barnes, and other believers from elsewhere came to give valuable help. Invitations to a week of Gospel meetings and tracts were given out in the streets. In addition some 2,500 homes were visited. Many took the literature and there was a few who promised to attend. Although no one came, all those involved were greatly encouraged. The saints appreciated the support and fellowship of all who attended, and those who prayed for the effort. The assembly is grateful for all believers who visit and support them over the summer months, when holidaying in the area.


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