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Ballymena (Cambridge Avenue): D Gilliland had ministry meetings from 5th-9th January dealing each evening with subjects under the topic of "An Ordinance Survey of the Holy Scriptures".

Ballymena (Harryville): Gospel Meetings are commencing (DV) on 22nd February. Speakers: J Rodgers, R Reynolds. Prayer appreciated.

Buckna : The Conference was held on 26th December. Large numbers attended. Helpful ministry from D Gilliland, S McBride, M Radcliffe, D Ussher and S Ferguson.

Carnlough: The Missionary Conference was held on 10th January in the Community Centre. Those responsible were T Cairns, D Gooding, Marco Gebara and Michael McKillen.

Kells (Creavery Hall): Meetings commenced on 11th January. Speakers: W Fenton and C Law.

Kingsmoss: (New Hall) Gospel Meetings are commencing early in March with W Fenton and P McCauley.


Killykergan: B Currie and A Caldwell commenced gospel meetings on 11th January. Prayer valued.

Magherafelt: P Coulson gave five evenings of teaching on aspects of "The priesthood of believers". The meetings were well attended, and the series was deemed most profitable.


Dungannon: After a successful visit two years ago, the Ayrshire Bible Exhibition returned to the Gospel Hall. Over 500 schoolchildren, accompanied by teachers and helpers, came to the exhibition and were all exposed to the truths of the Bible portrayed in an interesting and challenging way. It was amazing to listen to the children answer questions in the quiz after each session, and realise how much gospel truth that they learned in this way. The exhibition was followed up by three weeks of gospel meetings conducted by J Brown (founder of the exhibition). Mr Brown helped with the follow-up visits to local schools, some of which now have a monthly assembly taken by local believers. Please pray for a time of blessing in salvation after the sowing of the good seed.

Dungannon also had a short visit from Jim McMaster who reported on the ongoing work in his area (Newcastle upon Tyne) in the prison and on the streets. The assembly and surrounding believers were stirred and encouraged to hear about what the Lord is doing in difficult circumstances. Please pray for those who have been challenged by the gospel in these areas.

Omagh: The assembly here was much encouraged with heart warming ministry from D Gilliland during a week at the end of the year and extending into the new year. The meetings were very well attended with many from other assemblies benefiting from the teaching.


Bicester: The Lord is at work among those from other nations. A young student from India was saved after a recent Sunday night gospel meeting. Another student, from Chile, who has recently been saved from a background in the occult, is attending the meetings. A Chinese University lecturer is showing an interest in salvation, and a Pentecostal girl from Norway who recently attended the meetings discovered she was not saved and is now seeking salvation.


Coventry, Upper Hill Street: The last two Saturday meetings of 2008 saw N Patel minister using a chart giving an overview of Zechariah. This was followed by R Plant. The meetings were profitable and encouraging for the saints.

Redditch, Batchley Estate: A Maunder ministered at Foxlydiate Crescent in November, followed by R Collings in December. The assembly continues to be active in helping both believers and the unsaved.


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