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In Search of God by Warren Henderson; published 2007 by Gospel Folio Press; available from John Ritchie Ltd; 311 pages; price £9.99.

Academic institutions outwardly uphold free speech and religious equality, but Warren Henderson is gravely concerned that guerilla warfare is being waged against Christianity in the classroom. Believers are in danger of being "adversely affected by a steady diet of atheistic propaganda".

With this in view the author sets out to address the following questions: Is there legitimate evidence for the supernatural realm? If there is a God, how can we be sure that the Bible is His message to mankind? Is the Bible we have today authentic and can we trust what it says? He solemnly asserts: "If the Christian message is true, eternity is a very long time to suffer for ignorance".

In the chapter entitled "Have you lost your mind?" three critical points are presented: 1. There is a knowable divine (supernatural) presence. 2. There is only one holy and righteous God, not many Gods. 3. The Bible is God’s exclusive written revelation to humanity.

In presenting his case, ten evidences are submitted. These pertain to nature, the Bible, and humanity.

In the chapter on "The Uniqueness of the Earth", fifteen relevant scientific features relating to earth are cited with the conclusion that "Its exceeding uniqueness speaks of masterful design, not the aftermath of some astronomically improbable random accident".

The author then proceeds to survey the testimony of fossils, astronomy, biology, and anthropology in an extensive investigation testifying to supernatural influence within the physical realm rather than affirming naturalistic processes. He also examines the authenticity and uniformity of the Bible as well as Biblical prophecy.

At the end of the book there are six appendices including "The Fossil Record", "Bible Metaphors", and "Prophecies of Christ’s First Advent". This book will prove especially helpful to Christians attending college, university, or when facing skeptics.


Hiding God by Warren Henderson; published 2007 by Gospel Folio Press; available from John Ritchie Ltd; 155 pages; price £6.99.

This book is the sequel to In Search of God. In the Preface the author states, "Without divine illumination, man’s search for God would be similar to playing the children’s game ‘hide and seek’ in absolute darkness, with someone you don’t know, who resides on the other side of the planet, and who does not want to be found". Warren Henderson is firmly convinced that God will only be found through the avenues of truth He has revealed to us.

Hiding God considers the following questions. How does world religion obscure divine truth, thus preventing man from personally knowing God? What general trends are consistently found in humanized religion? What advantage does Biblical Christianity have over the religions of the world? Why should I trust Jesus Christ alone to secure eternal life?

As there is much confusion today about what "Christianity" actually is, the author begins by defining the term. He quotes Oswald Chambers, "Christianity is not devotion to work or to a cause, or a doctrine, but devotion to a person, the Lord Jesus Christ". It is established that apart from Christ there is no forgiveness of sins and no hope.

Hiding God takes a panoramic view of world religion. It highlights a number of general similarities found in religion, then contrasts these with Christianity and affirms the uniqueness of the Christian faith.

The following aspects of each world religion are addressed. Their new revelation claimed. Their founder’s example. Their attack on the person and work of Christ. Their "self-helps" salvation. Their fear-based motivation for service. Their "flesh-appeal" reward systems.

The author concludes that there is indeed one God, the Creator of all, and that the Bible is His preserved message to the world.

In the final chapter entitled "To Believe and Know God" the challenge of the gospel is clearly presented.

At the end of Hiding God there is an appendix on "The History of Easter and Christmas".



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