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Into All The World: A Visit to Mambilima

R Muir

Arriving at Lusaka after an overnight flight from London we found Phil Grove waiting for us. Quickly we were transferred to the small Cessna plane and were soon on our way to Mansa. The Barhams met us and it was good to renew fellowship with them, and with Ruth Gray and Hope. Soon we were there at Mambilima. Because it is rainy season everything was beautiful and green, and it was good to see the grass and crops growing. The Luapula valley is beautiful and picturesque. The little grass houses look so good, but we are reminded of the privations. There is no running water, and no electricity. Many sleep on the mud floor on a reed mat. Things we take for granted most do not have, and the poverty is immense.

The welcome at Mambilima is always great. We were encouraged to visit the hospital and the school. The hospital was looking clean and tidy, the patients cared for, the licentiate doctor well-liked and appreciated, the operating theatre functioning well. The Word of God is brought to the patients each morning and also on a personal basis. Keep praying for the licentiate doctor, John Moyo. He is reading and studying the Word of God, and has taught the hospital staff to sing, "Jesus love is very wonderful", and he commended Margaret and I to the grace of God.

Mr Tentani, the hospital administrator, and his wife Grace, need our prayers. Grace is receiving radiotherapy treatment for cancer. Our accountant, Mr Kaoma Nsabaula, works well keeping the finances in place. News just received tells us that the hospital status has been upgraded and a Zambian doctor given. Pray that this man may settle quickly into a rural setting. Pray also for his spiritual position.

The children at the school are a delight to meet. It’s great to see their enthusiasm and their ability to overcome their physical disabilities. The staff are working well and the Word of God is brought to the children and the Bible read daily in the dormitories.

A new block of three classrooms with offices and a house for a teacher is being built and has the roof in place this week. We are making preparations to start high school next year. Extra residential accommodation is in the pipeline. Pray for Mr Kayabala and his staff as they take the school forward.

Another delivery of the Bemba New Testaments on the solar powered iPod had arrived. These are a great blessing and soon all these were with the people. The Bemba Bibles have been printed in Korea, and have just arrived in Zambia. It is great to have them available for the people. A two day seminar for elders was held and over 100 attended. The Lord supplied food to feed these men, who were also hungry for the Word of God. It was a privilege to deal with spiritual leadership. Visitation was made to a number of local assemblies and the gospel preached. One young lady trusted the Saviour.

On arrival we found our container full to capacity with goods from this country. What a blessing! We found school uniforms, books and toys for the children, medical goods, including sutures for the hospital, materials, bedding, and hygiene packs, all very useful, and gratefully received. Bicycle parts were a great blessing for the community. Sunday school materials, which are so useful for the teachers at school were there as well. All those show the love of Christ in a practical way. Help is given to many poor families, and Margaret was able to share with them at the house. Some of these poor old people come for a little food on a weekly basis, and it is amazing to see how a little can bring real relief.

Soon it was time to leave, and by God’s help we trust many were helped and blessed, as we were by the visit. Keep praying for the work, that the Lord will be glorified in the area.


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