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Lanarkshire: During the winter, the school work has continued and expanded in the area of Plains and Airdrie, with Graeme Paterson having regular access for assemblies into eight Primary Schools and one High School. In addition to this, after school and lunch time Children’s Meetings are held in some of the schools, so that some 3,000 children hear the Gospel every month. Once again the Ayrshire Bible Exhibition was held during February in Elim Gospel Hall with over 450 children attending, including the whole of second year, and every Higher R.E. pupil from Caldervale High School. The weekly Children’s Meetings held in the Hall during the winter had the largest attendance of recent years, with one young girl professing faith in Christ. A week of Children’s Meetings were held in April in Dunrobin Primary School, Airdrie. The assembly has also been encouraged to have two baptisms over the winter and a number of unsaved folks hearing the Gospel at the two Parents’ Days held in December and April, in addition to those who regularly attend the weekly Gospel meeting. Prayer is requested for all this work, and for a week of Children’s Meetings planned in July, God willing.

Camp Work: Please pray for the many hundreds of children and teenagers from many parts of Scotland who are expected at summer camps during different weeks in July and August. Many of these camps will again be held over six weeks at Faskally House, Pitlochry, whilst others will use facilities further afield. Remember the organizers, leaders, preachers and helpers that all may together promote the physical and spiritual well-being of the young people while under their care, and sincerely represent their Saviour to those impressionable children who will spend a week in an environment which to them will be very different from their normal one. Pray for the safety of everyone, and that many will truly hear the call of the Lord Jesus and put their trust in Him, and that young believers may be stimulated and strengthened to make progress in their Christian lives.



Ahoghill: The Ayrshire Bible Exhibition took place from 11th-15th May.

Ballybollan: T Bentley had ministry meetings from 4th-8th May.

Ballyclare: P Harding had ministry meetings from 30th March-2nd April.

Ballyduff: The Annual May Conference was held from 2nd-4th May. It consisted of report and ministry meetings with D McGarvey, J Grant, G Payne, and T Meekin.

Ballymena (Harryville): T Bentley had ministry meetings from 27th April-1st May on "Assembly Principles".

Ballywatermoy: P Coulson had ministry meetings from 27th-30th April.

Ballywatt: Gospel Meetings commenced in a portable hall on 10th May at Mr Sam Brown’s yard. Speakers: W Fenton, U Badger. Prayer and interest appreciated.

Clonkeen: T Bentley had ministry meetings from 20th-24th April.

Clough: Gospel Meetings are planned (DV) for August with D McGarvey and M Radcliffe.

Kells: Bible Readings in the Gospel Hall are expected to be held from 25th-29th May with S Wells.

Sandringham: T Meekin had ministry meetings from 20th-24th April.


Tassagh Gospel Hall: S McBride had two weeks of ministry from the end of April into May on the "Feasts of Jehovah". The ministry was instructive and an encouragement to the saints.


Cardy Gospel Hall: C Davidson and G Davidson commenced gospel meetings on 3rd May. Prayer would be appreciated that many local people might be interested to come and be blest with God’s salvation as the Word is sounded forth by these two brethren who are so well known and have a deep interest in their own area.

Dromore Gospel Hall: T Wright and J Fleck have had an encouraging spell in the gospel with blessing in salvation. The seed of God’s Word has been sown faithfully.

Lenaderg: Gospel meetings are continuing at the beginning of May in this area which has not been tried in the gospel for some years. A Davidson and B Glendinning are preaching in a shop at a Garden Centre. Some locals have come.

Moneyreagh: B Currie and J Palmer commenced gospel meetings on 19th April in a shop unit in the heart of the village. A few locals have come. Pray for this difficult area.


Gortin: Gospel meetings commenced in mid April in a Historic Park using a portable hall. The meetings have been convened by the nearby assembly at Dunmullan and are being well supported by Christians over a wide area. A few locals are attending to hear the Word sounded out by A Colgan and M Campbell. Prayer requested.


Monaghan Town: Gospel meetings are due to commence at the end of May with T Topley and C Law. The venue for the meetings will be in a local hotel. Prayer would be much valued.


Ballinamallard Gospel Hall: D McGarvey has been with the assembly for a spell of gospel meetings which has proved to be most encouraging. The area was well visited with invitations and gospel literature, resulting in a number of local people coming into the hall for the first time. Other local assemblies gave good support and the Word was faithfully preached continuing as at 1st May. Please pray for blessing on the seed sown.


Letterkenny: G Stewart and S Patterson are in their second week of meetings (end April) in a portable hall in the country district of Glenmaquin near Letterkenny. They are encouraged in that a few locals are attending.

Magherafelt: D Gilliland and S Gilfillan are in their second week of meetings in the Gospel Hall (end April). Encouraging numbers are attending, including some people from the district.


The conference meetings over the Easter weekend at Caerphilly, The Heath, Cardiff, and Port Talbot saw a large number of believers gathered to hear the Word of God. The brethren responsible for the teaching were I Jackson, S Banks, and S McGahie. Many expressed how much they had been helped, encouraged, and challenged by the teaching given.

The saints at Hope Hall, Kilburn in West London would value prayer and any support, for the annual Gospel Campaign, to be held, God willing, from 1st to 5th June. David Tinkler from Cheshunt is the expected speaker, and any help in the distribution of invitations and tracts would be appreciated.


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