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Mrs Martha Barr, aged 84 years, called home on 12th April. She was saved at gospel meetings in the Donacloney area conducted by W J Wells (Venezuela) and J Stewart (Trinidad). For many years associated with the Donacloney Assembly, she was a sister of cheerful disposition and good testimony. Her quiet and pleasant Christian manner endeared her to many. Of recent times she was afflicted with the result of severe strokes and spent her latter years in Nursing Homes. Even then, amid many frustrating limitations and despite her suffering, her joy in Christ shone through a radiant countenance. Her funeral service was from Lurgan Gospel Hall where brethren S McBride, E Russell, B Smyth, T Castles, and D Gilliland shared and many heard words of comfort and gospel. Prayer valued for her family circle, some of whom are yet without Christ.

Mrs Eveline Boyce, on 24th March, aged 91. Eveline’s parents were in fellowship in the Matchett Street assembly, Belfast, and she was saved aged 16 at gospel meetings conducted by the late Tom Rea in Victoria Hall. Eveline was in happy fellowship in the Bloomfield assembly for the past 16 years. Despite being restricted by various health problems, she was a consistent attender whenever possible up until a short time before she passed away. She was courteous, gracious, and meek - a real Christian lady whose manner of life was an example to others. Eveline was held in very high esteem by all who knew her and a large company attended her funeral. M Beattie, A Grieve, W Mayhew, and S Hawthorne shared in the services. Please remember her two daughters, three sons, one brother, nine grandchildren, and eight great-grandchildren who all miss her very much and will appreciate being remembered in prayer.

Mr Marshall Dow, called home on 11th February on the eve of his 80th birthday, after a long illness. Saved in his teens in Kirknewton and baptised in Hong Kong when he was in the army, he was in fellowship in Kirknewton, where he also spent his early married life with his wife Lizzie. They moved to Livingston Station - now Deans - where Lizzie belonged. Marshall was not a public man, but he liked teaching in the Sunday School and at children’s meetings. He also tracted the area where he lived every month and distributed Seed Sowers, as well as calendars every Christmas. He helped evangelists in tract distribution, and was always ready to testify to the saving and keeping power of the Lord Jesus. The good number of unsaved local people present was a testimony to the esteem in which he was held. He missed the gatherings of the Lord’s people, and now his seat is empty and he, himself, is missed. Prayer is requested for his only daughter Pauline, Colin, and family members, some still unsaved.

Mrs Rosemary Duffin, aged 62, went to be with Christ on 11th April after a short illness. Rosemary was saved in her early teens at tent meetings in Galgorm. She was received into the Ahoghill assembly where she remained a faithful member until her marriage to James Duffin in 1984, when she moved to the Crosskeys assembly. Here Rosemary showed her usual faithfulness in the things of God and to the saints. She readily took on the responsibility with her husband of showing hospitality to the Lord’s servants, her home always being open to all. The extraordinarily large number attending her funeral evidenced the respect in which this dear sister was held in the whole neighbourhood. Prayer requested for her only son John. Taking part in the funeral service were Joe Baxter, Sam Jennings, Willie Fenton, with local brethren.

Mr William (Will) Owens, aged 57, went to be with the Lord whom he loved on 12th April, after a short illness. Saved in 1973 at meetings in Aughaveagh Gospel Hall, where he was in fellowship until his homecall. At his large funeral he was described as a happy man, a helpful man, not just in the assembly but in the whole district, and a home loving man. Will endeared himself to young and old, always having a smile and something to say. He will be greatly missed by his brother David and sister Nan with her husband. Many friends and neighbours heard the gospel at his funeral which was conducted by D McGarvey and R Pickering, and others who ably helped.

Mrs Joyce Reid, called to be with her Lord in her 90th year. She was saved at the age of 11, the first of a family of 10, having heard the gospel in Kilburn Street Mission, and was a large influence on the younger family members. Her brother Joe Milne, who served his Lord in Venezuela, and another sister had been received into fellowship at the assembly in Lower Windsor, Belfast, and Joyce was soon baptised and came into fellowship. After her marriage she and her husband enjoyed fellowship with the saints at Wallace Avenue, Lisburn. In later life they returned to the city and to Lower Windsor. Her husband pre-deceased her some 15 years ago. During the last 12 years of her life she enjoyed fellowship, love, and care in Faith House. A godly sister who loved her Lord, she has left a fragrant testimony. She is survived by three sons and three daughters. Her large funeral was from Lower Windsor where her brother Marshall paid a fine tribute to her. S Jennings spoke words of comfort and gospel. At the cemetery S Thompson spoke of the Christian’s glorious hope.

Mr James Robinson, aged 92, on 21st March. Jim was saved in the village of Calderbank as a young man under the preaching of John "Carter" Brown. His work in the coal mines brought him to West Lothian, and for most of his life he was associated with the Armadale assembly. Never a public man, Jim bore a good testimony, and his contributions to the gatherings were greatly appreciated. He was ever present at the meetings, and his seat being empty leaves a void. Remember his family, many of whom are unsaved.

Mrs Mary (Minnie) Stewart, aged 88, called home on 23rd February. Our sister was a faithful member of the assembly in Lurgan for over sixty years. She was a regular attender at all the assembly meetings and in her coming and going was adorned with the ornament of a meek and quiet spirit. Not only did she have a dedicated interest in local testimony and Sunday School work, but she was also interested in missionary activity and very knowledgeable about the work on the foreign field. Local brethren were responsible for her funeral from Lurgan Gospel Hall, and she is survived by her husband, two sons and one daughter. Mrs Stewart was a woman of prayer, and now prayer will be valued for the family circle which is not as yet complete in Christ.

Mr John William White, aged 88, on 25th April. He was saved when Mr Fairfield was having meetings, and the words of Isaiah 12.2 were used by God to bring him into the knowledge of salvation. These words he rejoiced in and talked about to all. He was in the assembly at Ballmacashan for a short time after conversion, where he showed a deep and real interest especially in the work of the gospel amongst his family and the young people. After three years in Comber assembly he came to Dundonald assembly and for the last forty years was an esteemed member. Suffering from a stroke and heart problems, he was for some years unable to attend the assembly meetings, but retained a deep interest in the welfare and progress of the saints. His very large funeral was from Dundonald Gospel Hall, when L Russell, J G Hutchinson, and G Hall gave help. Prayer valued for his widow and family.

Mr Cecil Woods, Kilmore, Co Tyrone. Our highly esteemed brother was called home to be with his Lord suddenly while in his sleep in the early hours of the morning of 17th April, aged 67. Having had no gospel background, our brother was invited by a friend to attend a gospel meeting in Newtownstewart, conducted by Messrs H S Paisley and Wm Warke, and was saved the following evening, 18th June, 1966. Following conversion he quickly learned about believer’s baptism, got baptised, and was received into fellowship by the assembly at Kilmore, where he remained steadfastly, greatly valuing the assembly. He loved the Lord and His people, for many years was an elder in the assembly, and had a loving care and interest for all the saints. He held an excellent testimony among his neighbours and with his work mates, all of whom would have heard the gospel privately from our brother. He had the joy of seeing his dear wife, and three sons and only daughter all saved and in assembly fellowship. One of his sons Gary has for many years been serving the Lord in the Isle of Man, and his son-in-law S Gilfillan serves the Lord full time in N Ireland. The very large funeral was a token of the respect in which he was held in the area. Mr R Wilson spoke words of appreciation with T McNeill speaking words of comfort and gospel at the funeral service in the home, where hundreds of people had gathered on a beautiful afternoon. Brethren A Davidson and S McBride shared with hymns and prayer. At the graveside, where again hundreds of people were present, Mr W J Nesbitt preached the gospel and spoke words of comfort for the sorrowing family, with Mr B McCaskie sharing with hymn and prayer. Prayer valued for Mrs Woods and the family, and also the assembly at Kilmore which has suffered a tremendous loss.


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