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Into All The World: Update on Venezuela

Andrew Turkington

The precious seed of God’s Word continues to be sown in the morning in the hearts of 160 children in the school, and in the evening in different efforts in the gospel. The Lord encourages us by letting us see some blessing, but the full outcome will only be seen in a coming day.

We are grateful to the Lord for opening a door once again in Monagas, where we worked for several years with children’s classes and gospel meetings. One elderly man called don Emilio professed faith in those years and has proved to be a genuine case. He has now opened up his home for gospel meetings. We have been encouraged by a few who have shown a real interest, including a young man and a couple of elderly women. Pray also for don Emilio’s wife and family who are not too favourable towards the gospel.

The work started in El Baul last year continues to encourage us. We maintain a gospel meeting every Thursday, and the Lord has enabled us also to preach for several weeks at a time, even though it means a daily trip of two hours on bad roads to get there and two hours back at night. The greatest danger for the new believers is the Pentecostals who visit them in our absence and try to sow their false doctrines in their minds.

The Lord has blessed the recent formation of the assembly here in Los Colorados where we live. It is the second assembly in the city of San Carlos, and the result of a work started nearly thirty years ago. Beginning with a children’s class and later with several gospel series in a tent, the work continued to develop slowly. There are 30 members in the new assembly, leaving still over 250 in the original assembly in the town centre. In special meetings held before and after the formation, a few professed faith, some of whom have met with strong opposition at home, but have gone on. It is here in Los Colorados that the yearly conference is held in August in a big hall easily seating the 1,000 or so believers attending.

Another school year having come to an end, we have so much to thank the Lord for. Notwithstanding the communistic trend of the present government, we have not been hindered yet in any way to teach the Scriptures daily to the children. Many of the children are from the adjoining slums and belong to families who are at enmity with each other. The day after a water cooler had been stolen from the school, a little girl in kindergarten told her teacher that her father had "bought" a new cooler just like the one that had been stolen! Likewise, when thieves broke into the house of one of teachers who lives beside the school, the little girl informed us the next day of several new items brought to her home. We leave such cases in the Lord’s hands, praying that one day these same parents might tell of the Lord’s workings in their lives to bring them to salvation.


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