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Poetry: All that I have

Craig Stewart

Righteousness by self created, holiness to manifest,
Heaven’s virtues over-stated, swell within an empty chest.
Steeped in deep confounding learning, raised by self imparted praise,
Lives constrained by spirits yearning, to consume the people’s gaze.

Blessed stillness oft is broken, by the loud resounding strain
Of the cries, deluded spoken, in the Great Almighty’s name.
Pouring forth their wealth abundant, from the bounty of their store,
Flowing, free of love, redundant, reaching not to heaven’s shore.

Though the eye of man impressing, with the tributes of their love,
Blinded are their hearts, possessing nothing of the light above.
Yet the form of One is standing, far beyond the rabble crew,
In His heart so pure, demanding truest worship to shine through.

Yet His gaze by one enchanted, wondrous beauty fills His eyes,
Steps of pure devotion, planted on the grounds of sacrifice.
There, an act of boundless measure, witnessed by a sorry land,
Saw a woman’s earthly treasure clutched within her single hand.

She, without a hesitation, nor a fleeting thought of loss,
Stands amidst the desecration, casting forth her worthless dross;
Giving all and not withholding, keeping naught of earthly gain,
Praise and worship there unfolding, to the Saviour’s matchless name.

Not a look by man is taken, as her homeward journey trod,
Yet a widow, poor, forsaken, touched the blessed heart of God.
Oh the wondrous declaration, from the Saviour’s blessed voice,
"She shall live in exaltation, for her loving, selfless choice".

For her heart with joy was flowing, though her mortal treasures bare,
For a crown of life is glowing, in a land beyond compare.
Oh to heed the wondrous story, as we walk our lives below;
May our minds be set in glory, on the thoughts of what we owe.

Just to give of what was given, from the blessed hand of love,
And to raise our eyes to heaven, to the treasure stored above.
For our hearts will never capture, while on earth’s dark ground we stand,
Of the joy, Eternal Rapture, waiting in the Promised Land.


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