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Fife: The believers in the assembly at Innerleven, Methil were greatly encouraged when two ladies, one of them blind, were baptised in early December. The baptism was arranged for a Friday evening which allowed many from around the area to attend and give their support, along with unsaved relatives of those being baptised. Also at St Monans a few weeks earlier, on a Lord’s Day afternoon, a young man was baptised before a large company of believers and his relatives. The Word of God was clearly preached on both occasions, explaining the meaning of baptism and the way of salvation, and both assemblies are praying for further blessing as a result of these public confessions of faith in Christ. A further encouragement is that the three believers who were baptised have since been received into the respective assemblies.

Renfrewshire: The assembly in Linwood has recently seen the number of children attending Sunday School grow to over forty. Several teenage girls also come, some of whom are saved and two are in assembly fellowship. For their benefit especially, the Christianity Explored course is being run each Lord’s Day evening, and some other adults participate. Tract distribution takes place monthly, in the village on a Sunday afternoon and along with other assemblies on a Saturday forenoon throughout Renfrewshire, using the Every Home for Christ leaflets. The believers are looking for the Lord’s blessing on all these efforts.

End of year events: Throughout the country, many assemblies and individuals again took advantage of the seasonal opportunity of reaching out with the gospel. Many thousands of Christmas tracts have been distributed and thousands of 2010 gospel calendars given out. Carol Services were advertised and held in many Gospel Halls to which local people came and heard the gospel carefully presented. In some cases, the number of people attending would be at least double what is normal at other times. Community contacts have also been made with institutions ranging from schools to old folks’ homes, and with the homeless and destitute in many of our towns and cities. Continue to pray that the Good Seed sown along with expressions of kindness and care will yet bear a harvest in the souls of many in our land.



Ballymena (Cambridge Avenue): Children’s Meetings are expected with R Plant from 1st-5th February.

Broomhedge Gospel Hall (near Moira): Series of Gospel Meetings are expected to commence on 14th March (DV). Speakers: G Ewing (Lisburn), E Robinson (Edenderry).

Buckna: The Annual Conference was held on 26th December. Numbers were smaller than normal owing to the weather and road conditions. Helpful, challenging ministry was given by D Usher, B Currie, W Martin, J Fleck, J Hutchinson, J Martin, and S Nelson. The ministry was suitable for young and old and it was considered a good meeting.

Bushmills: Ministry Meetings were held with A Davidson from 11th-14th January on "Villages in the life of the Lord". On 15th January Mr Davidson gave a report of his visit to Russia.

Carnlough: The Annual Missionary Conference was held on 9th January in Glenlough (Carnlough) Community Centre. Reports were given by G Love (Logos School), P Grieve (S Africa), H Reid (Brazil), S Maze (West Indies).

Kells: Gospel Hall. Bible Readings are expected to be held (DV) from 12th-16th April with R McKeown considering Ephesians. All welcome.

Kells: Gospel Hall. D McGarvey plans to commence in the gospel on Lord’s Day 25th April and to continue for a number of weeks.

Kingsmoss: Gospel Meetings are planned (DV) to commence on 18th April with W Fenton and P McClarty. Prayer appreciated.


Armagh Gospel Hall: D Gilliland had a week during December of much appreciated and very profitable ministry.

Tassagh Gospel Hall: Gospel meetings commenced here in mid January with R McKeown and J Fleck.


Ballykeel Gospel Hall (Mourne): D McGarvey and F McCauley commenced gospel meetings on 24th January. A prayerful interest would be appreciated.

Ballymagarrick Gospel Hall: From 5th-11th December M Radcliffe gave very profitable teaching on the subject of "The Tabernacle" which was illustrated by a model and chart. Good interest was shown.

Banbridge Gospel Hall: B Currie and J Palmer conducted a series of gospel meetings in November and part of December. It was difficult to interest the townspeople to attend and have a consistent interest.

Dromore Gospel Hall: M Radcliffe and W Fenton are expected for gospel meetings (DV) in February. Please pray for blessing.


Aughrim: D Gooding will be present for teaching on "The Approach to God" using his own model of the Tabernacle. The meetings are expected to run from 15th to 26th February, but there will be no meeting on Saturday, 20th February.

Limavady: The assembly was greatly encouraged by four nights of teaching by P Coulson.

Magherafelt: P Coulson was with the believers for one week of much appreciated teaching. J Rogers and R Kirkpatrick intend commencing gospel meetings on 10th February.

Moneydig: The assembly had good support from surrounding assemblies when J Fleck was present for helpful and practical teaching.


Cookstown Gospel Hall: D McGarvey, who had received help from other brethren, concluded seven weeks in the gospel on 20th December. The town and surrounding area was well visited and a good response was seen in the number of people who came, some being in the hall for the first time. The presence of God in a great measure was experienced in the preaching of the gospel, and the hand of the Lord was opened in blessing and salvation. There was great joy among the saints in that some of those who were saved had been long prayed for. Please pray that those who have been saved may be preserved and make progress in the things of the Lord. Give thanks to God for this time of visitation.

Fintona Gospel Hall: N Fleck was with the assembly here for ministry during the first week in December. Good numbers attended and were helped by the profitable words.

Lungs Gospel Hall: D Gilliland ministered the word to much profit for one week at the beginning of December.

The assembly here hope to have J Martin and W Martin for a gospel series commencing in mid March (DV). Prayer appreciated.

Newtownstewart: The Annual New Year’s Day Conference was held in the Model School. Good numbers were in attendance and received profitable teaching and exposition of the Word. The Bible Reading on Hebrews 1 was conducted by R McKeown. The ministry was shared by J G Hutchinson, W J Nesbitt, M Radcliffe, and W Martin.

Gospel meetings commenced here on 17th January with L Craig and G Woods.

Omagh Gospel Hall: Four evenings of end of year ministry from 28th-31st December by G Woods was a time of spiritual profit. Good numbers attended.

Sion Mills Gospel Hall: A Colgan had two weeks at the beginning of the year speaking on "Future Events".


Monaghan Gospel Hall: D Gilliland and S Gilfillan commenced gospel meetings in this needy town in January. Pray for blessing in visitation of the area and on the preaching of the Word.


Cheltenham: The assembly at Cheltenham has been greatly encouraged in its witness and work for the Lord over the last three months in particular.

Since changing the day and the time of the Bethany Kids Klub and visits made by the leaders to parents and guardians of the children, the result has been a definite growth in numbers, as in interest. Also the enthusiasm of the children, with the help of a brother from Northern Ireland who has come to the assembly, has greatly thrilled us with the way things are developing, and we would value prayer for this work.

The prize giving for the Kids Klub took place in the Carol Service which really boosted the number of outsiders, and at which Frank Lonney gave a simple message, with the gospel explained so well. Many contacts were made and re-kindled with the visitors, and we hope to see these people coming again soon to our Gospel Meeting on Sunday afternoons.

In October we had our Annual Conference with J Grant and R Rabey, and an excellent number turned out on the day to hear Christ exalting and challenging and instructive ministry. Brother Grant continued with some beautiful truth on Christ in John’s Gospel which warmed the hearts of the saints. These meetings were further encouraging by the fellowship of believers from surrounding counties.

The Saturday rallies of November and December were a further encouragement with the ministry from A Carew and F Lonney excellent. The fellowship from around the area was greatly appreciated.

We enter the New Year, which is our jubilee year of the testimony in the hall at Hesters Way, looking to the Lord for His continued goodness to us as an assembly and to further develop the fellowship with our Missionary Conference on 16th January with Brian Howden, Martin Baker, Wesley Downs, and Harry Reid as the speakers.


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