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Into All The World: Update on Loloma

Wilma Geddis

We appreciate very much all the help that has been given in the past year. Clothing still meets a great need and is used in so many ways. It also helps us to buy food for the many old people that we clothe and feed. It was also great to get the stationery for Sunday School prizes as Sunday School work and school work is an on-going thing every day. Just now we have no school sweaters and I am praying for some before the cold season starts. I have about 150 new children started in our new school. The shoes were invaluable. It seems so inadequate to say, “Thank you”, but the Lord knows how grateful we are and He alone will richly reward and bless you for your work and labour of love.

As we look back over the past year, even although it has been very difficult we can say, “Hitherto hath the Lord helped us”. At times things seemed to be impossible, but the Lord has brought us through and joy has been restored to many discouraged saints. I am still kept very busy teaching the Scriptures to many children in 2 different schools. We would value your prayers for them that as we prepare them for the State Government Examination we will be able to present the gospel clearly to them and that many will trust Christ as their Saviour early in life. It is a real joy and privilege to teach them. The work is great but the labourers are few. We have over 70 schools that we could have entrance to with the gospel but we are only touching on the fringe of things.

We give thanks to all of you who help us provide Sunday school prizes for approximately 6,000 children each year. Over the past year the seed has been sown and memory verses learned, and we can only leave the results with the Lord.

We have had many conferences in various Assemblies over the year and also during the Christmas and New Year period. The Lord gave help and the ministry was both profitable and encouraging. Give thanks to God for safety in travel as this is our rainy season and roads are very bad. We transported not only the believers but tents and chairs etc. to the various conferences. This is a real time of fellowship for them. The lorry broke down on Christmas morning but they were on their way by 11am rejoicing.

We will also value your prayers as the Assembly at Loloma is planning a big conference in August, God willing. The immensity of the task is great so the Assembly, and especially the elders, would value your prayers as they start making plans for this. It is not just a matter of making sandwiches, but of buying cattle, maize, and other items to feed the thousands, and building grass enclosures for them to sleep in as it will probably continue for a few days. The last big conference was the Jubilee one in 2001 which Charlie had the joy in helping with.

Thank you so much for your prayerful and practical support throughout another year. We do not know what the year holds but we know who holds the future. I will value your prayers for my continual malarial problem which is now with me 90% of the time but I have experienced “My grace is sufficient for thee”, and when I am weak then am I strong.



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