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Mid Scotland: For three Friday evenings in February, the assembly in Grangemouth hosted a series of informal seminars entitled “Creation Explored”, conducted by Bert Cargill from St Monans. Power Point presentations were given each evening, the first one showing that evolution is not a fact but a theory which is actually contradicted by many of the laws of science.

The second dealt with the fossil record and showed how it does not support evolution theory either, and the third that the laws of life and genetics firmly indicate the fixity of species, not the evolution of new species over long periods of time. It was shown how the observations and facts of science in these areas are much more supportive of the Biblical doctrine of a perfect and complete creation as described in Genesis 1 which was then followed by a world wide flood some time later as described in Genesis 6 – 7.

Each session ended with a relevant and pointed challenge in the gospel based upon a displayed gospel text. Following extensive publicity in the area by the local believers, a good number of people attended each of the seminars, many of them unconnected with the assembly, and also a few unsaved folks came. During public question time some genuine enquiries were made and answers given, and individual conversations at the end led to profitable discussions and opportunity for follow up, with many items of literature also taken away. 

Work in Central Scotland: Roy Marshall and George Meikle have been visiting some parts of the country where as far as they know there has been no gospel input. In the villages of Castlecary, Allandale, and High Bonnybridge they have not found believers in the hundreds of homes they have visited. In an estate in Bonnybridge Roy spoke in passing to a young man who said “he had been brought up in a brethren assembly”. They discovered he had been in an assembly nearby but had left. Pray that the Lord will use their visit to awaken him and others. They have also visited in the villages of Haggs, which has a very small testimony, and Banknock which has no evangelical witness. The wintry weather has hindered them somewhat, but they are glad to remember that the work of the Holy Spirit knows no such obstacles. Prayer is valued that interest may be aroused in the hearts of the people in these villages.

Residential Homes for the elderly: Many assemblies throughout the country are able to have weekly or monthly services in “Old Folks’ Homes”, some of them privately run and others run by the Local Authorities. These “open doors” provide great opportunities to bring the gospel to residents and often members of staff in an informal setting. Although some older folks may not be able to follow all that is said, the old hymns which many of them can still sing well provide a focus and a message themselves. This can be followed by preferably short and simple messages from the Word of God.

The general experience is that these services are much appreciated by the management of the homes, and by the residents themselves who are cheered by the visits and the friendship which is shown. Who knows but that near the end of life some of them may take that final step of faith and trust in Christ, perhaps based on something they heard or learned in earlier life in a Sunday School or in a godly upbringing. That is what many are praying for as they engage in this work.

Easter Opportunities: The first weekend of April is the recognized Easter weekend this year. Again it brings an added opportunity of challenging people in our secular society with the gospel message, based on why such a thing as Easter exists. Many suitable and readable tracts are available to distribute systematically or randomly, “sowing the seed beside all waters”. Pray that as the message and meaning of the death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus is again made known by lip and by literature, many will believe and be saved.



Antrim: J Wishart and R Pickering concluded on 28th February.

Ballymena (Cambridge Avenue): D Gilliland is to have 4 special meetings from 28th – 31st March.

28th – “Martin Luther’s favourite text”

29th – “Reformation in Europe”

30th – “Revival in Ulster”

31st – “Recovery in Dublin and Beyond”.

Kells: Bible Readings (DV) with R McKeown are to take place from 12th – 16th April considering Ephesians. All welcome.

Kells: D McGarvey plans to commence (DV) in the Gospel on Lord’s Day, 25th April and continue for a number of weeks.

Kingsmoss: Gospel Meetings are planned (DV) to commence on 18th April. W Fenton and P McClarty expected. Prayer appreciated.

Crosskeys: Ministry by G Woods from 28th – 31st March.


Annaghmore: Gospel meetings commenced in this district in a portable hall on 21st February with B Glendinning and H Milliken Prayer valued.

Bleary Gospel Hall: A gospel effort is planned for mid April (God willing). The preachers will be J Rogers and R Reynolds.

Kilmore Gospel Hall: The gospel series is continuing into a seventh week at 21st February with good interest to date. The speakers are B Currie and J Palmer.

Tassagh Gospel Hall: R McKeown and J Fleck were in the sixth week of meetings at the end of February. The attendance is good with many unsaved present on a regular basis.

Portadown Gospel Hall: The assembly had a week of profitable ministry from W Boyd.


Bangor (Ebenezer Gospel Hall): A Colgan and P McCauley concluded four weeks of gospel meetings on 12th February. The gospel was simply and clearly presented with good numbers of unsaved in attendance over the period, with some showing a measure of interest.

The assembly here continue in outreach to the nearby village of Conlig where for many years they have worked hard in spreading the good news to young and old.

On the last Wednesday of the month a gospel meeting is held in the village hall. The interest has been good with a number of unsaved local people in attendance. Please pray for this ongoing testimony that much fruit may abound to the glory of God.

Bangor (Central Hall): The assembly here arranged four public lectures in the Marine Court Hotel in mid January addressing the subject of Creation and Evolution.

The lectures were given by Ian Campbell (Newcastle-on-Tyne) who ably presented the gospel at the end of each evening. The subject created an interest and good numbers attended including quite a number of unsaved who felt more comfortable in a neutral venue.

ln mid February in the Gospel Hall Ian Jackson conducted five evenings on the subject of “Untangling the Threads of Life”. Good numbers of unsaved attended each night. The Lord helped much as the Word was in power and no doubt His promise will be fulfilled - Isaiah 55.10-11.

Ballykeel Gospel Hall (Mourne): D McGarvey and F McCauley were continuing into the sixth week of gospel meetings at the end of February. The area has been well visited and numbers attending have been encouraging with some showing a measure of interest.

Dromore Gospel Hall: M Radcliffe and W Fenton were continuing the series of gospel meetings into March with good numbers, including many unsaved. The interest is encouraging. Expecting blessing in salvation.

Lisburn: Four assemblies in this area are combining for a series of gospel meetings to be held (God willing) in the Logan Valley Civic Centre commencing on 25th April. Speakers D Gilliland and D Alves. Prayer much appreciated for this united effort that many may come to this neutral public venue to hear the life giving message.


Aughrim: D Gooding was with the saints for two weeks of teaching on “The Approach to God” using his own model of the Tabernacle. The Tabernacle, in its totality, was used to illustrate not only the lost condition of man through sin but also the rich provision of God in the person of Christ. The meetings were very well attended and the Christians left each evening occupied with the comprehensiveness and the completeness of “so great salvation”. The lectures were professionally recorded each evening for the eventual distribution of CDs and DVDs.

Ballylintagh: S Jennings had one week of interesting teaching on “Great men in the Book of Acts”. Good numbers attended and the saints were helped.

Limavady: J Martin and W Martin preached the gospel for six weeks in the Gospel Hall. The Christians were greatly encouraged because three of the Christians’ children made it know that they had been saved.

Magherafelt: J Rogers and R Kirkpatrick had encouraging gospel meetings in the Gospel Hall. One young woman and two young men professed to have trusted in the Lord Jesus. R Kirkpatrick teaches in the local grammar school and this resulted in several teachers and a number of pupils attending the meetings.


Cregagh Street Gospel Hall: P McCauley and B Martin commenced a series in the the gospel here on 14th February. Pray that this populous area in east Belfast may respond to the invitations and come to hear the Word as it is being sounded out simply and clearly nightly.

Parkgate Gospel Hall: The assembly here arranged for gospel meetings in a Youth Leisure centre in Lomond Avenue. A good number of local unsaved people attended over the four weeks with some showing an interest. The gospel was faithfully preached by R Eadie and E Johnston. The precious seed sown no doubt will bear fruit.

Bloomfield Gospel Hall: Good interest was shown and attendance encouraging during five evenings of ministry on Assembly Principles given by D West. The saints profited much from the teaching.


Monaghan Gospel Hall: D Gilliland and S Gilfillan continue in the gospel in this difficult border town. Although much visiting has been done, it is proving very disappointing as the local people are not interested in attending. Christians from other assemblies are giving support. Prayer much needed.


Liverpool City Centre: Please pray for some of the following work in which Stephen Baker is involved.

An outreach to the homeless is run mainly by a brother from the Larkhill assembly with a number of others helping from time to time. Between 30 and 50 people come in each week and are given a meal, then listen to a short gospel message. They need our prayers that they will live long enough to repent of their sin and believe the gospel as life for these people is very uncertain. Open air meetings in Liverpool have been a great encouragement, with a number of people contacting us after receiving a tract. Some time ago a man stopped to hear the gospel. Over the following weeks he came under conviction of his sin and was saved. It is quite a story: he was on the run from prison in Northern Ireland and has since given himself up and gone back into prison. I’ve visited him there, and he seems to have the “real thing” for which we praise the Lord. CDs with five short gospel messages are handed out at these meetings and also hand delivered to homes where we have an established contact. I know that they are listened to from the feedback received on later visits.

Winshill, Burton-on-Trent

At the Missionary/Homeworkers’ Conference on 20th February, Robert Plant reported on the following areas.  

Extensive tract distribution is supplemented by using audio CDs both as prizes and as another means of getting the gospel into homes. Many are being updated and the range developed.

A trailer equipped with literature and audio visual presentations on Biblical themes is used to make known the gospel within the town centre of Harrogate and at events across the country.

Work in the schools continues both in the locality and wherever he is asked to take children’s meetings. This has proved valuable in getting children to attend meetings as well as the immediate opportunity to present the gospel in the school assemblies.


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