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Into All The World: Update on Romania

P Williams

We have now moved to the city of Ploiesti and appreciate having space to work in and storage facilities for literature and other items necessary for the work we are engaged in. With the Lord’s help we have been adjusting to and settling into life in a busy city. One of the advantages of living in Ploiesti is that we have cut down on travel and are nearer some of the areas Paul has been working in over past years. Please do not use the new address until December, 2010 as, God willing, we plan to be in the UK until late November. Please address all mail to Mr P Williams only; this is a rule from the local post office where the post box is located!

Gospel Tent Ministry

Two years ago the Lord provided a large 175 seater tent for gospel work in Romania and it has been used in 26 villages in five counties during the last two summers. This spring the Lord wonderfully provided funds for two more tents for gospel work. They are smaller than the first tent which gives us flexibility in different situations and also helps us meet the demands in the expanding summer gospel tent work throughout Romania. During this summer the three tents were pitched in seven counties. The Sovereign Lord worked in His own unique way in the salvation of a good number of people in many of the places visited. Over 6,000 children plus 600 parents attended the children’s meetings in the tents, and over 7,000 people attended the evening gospel meetings. Visiting 47 villages and towns with the great message of the gospel is a responsibility but also a real joy. A lot of literature and tracts were distributed, including John 3.16 "Seed Sowers" texts. Our desire and prayer is that those who were under the sound of the gospel will not say, "The harvest is past, the summer is ended, and we are not saved" (Jer 8.20).

It was encouraging to work alongside some new workers and also others with more experience, all of whom were dedicated to the outreach in their locality and are responsible for follow-up work. Already we are preparing for the expansion and development of the gospel tent ministry next summer. Brethren from the county of Suceava have requested a tent to use in their county for the whole of the summer. The first tent we bought in 2008 has been given to brethren to use in the county of Botosani. They also have the vision to use it in the Republic of Moldova where there are at least 12 assemblies and some preaching points.

We are very grateful for the provision of visual resources, received from the UK, for teaching Bible lessons to children. Workers and children found them helpful and interesting. Soft toys and other prizes sent out for the work were much appreciated, and believers have asked us to convey their heartfelt thanks. During the winter months we will be sorting through our Bible teaching resources so that we can guide and support those who are working amongst children.

Consecutive Bible Teaching

The intensive Bible studies each Saturday in different regions of Romania - Bacau (1st), Ploiesti (2nd and 4th) and Vaslui (3rd) - from September to the end of May have seen good interest. In Ploiesti especially, numbers increased to 140 believers studying the Word of God from 08.00 to 14.00 on two Saturdays each month. In late February Paul had a week of intensive meetings on the important subject of "Leadership in the local church" in Madrid, Spain, with the Romanian speaking assembly. The rented hall was packed out on Lord’s Day afternoon and it was good to renew fellowship with believers from different areas of Romania that we first met during the 1990s. Visits to assemblies in the Prahova area for Bible teaching and gospel preaching also take place regularly.


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