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The Minor Prophets and The End Times by Donald C B Cameron; published 2010 by and available from John Ritchie Ltd; 253 pages; price £7.99. (9781907731099)

The contents of this book took shape from a series of articles on the Minor Prophets by Donald Cameron, who has written extensively on prophetic themes, with The Minor Propets and The End Times being his fourth book.

The Foreword is written by Dr Thomas Ice from the USA, a highly respected teacher on prophetic subjects from a firmly premillennial standpoint. He highly recommends the book "to anyone interested in biblical studies, whether at the highest scholarly level or for simple personal edification". The Foreword concludes with Dr Ice stating that Donald Cameron has produced "a valuable aid to Bible study that is God-honouring and treats the text as if it really is the Word of God".

The first chapter is entitled "Exploring The Minor Prophets" in which the author presents his purpose, not only to expound the text, but to bring practical challenges before the reader. "Periodically we shall encounter practical and spiritual lessons particularly pertinent to the Church in the dark days in which we live."

Proceeding into the prophecy of Hosea, well-known names such as J N Darby, F A Tatford and John Riddle are quoted. In his consideration of the prophecy, the author shows that "Replacement Theology is an invention of men and affronts God’s love". He states that "Few books are as lethal to Replacement Theology as Hosea".

The remaining eleven prophetic books are all concisely considered from the same premillennial position. Numerous Scriptural references to pertinent passages are drawn from Genesis to Revelation, substantiating expositional and practical points made by the author.

Donald Cameron is concerned by the "growing influential secular humanist lobby jeering at the absolute truths and standards of the Bible". Here is a book that prompts us to listen again to the resonating voices of the prophets and to stand steadfastly upon the unerring Word of God.


Anticipating the End Times by Malcolm C Davis; published by and available from John Ritchie Ltd; 144 pages; price £6.99. (9781907731020)

In recent years Believer’s Magazine has published reviews of works dealing with the book of Daniel, one of the most intriguing prophetic books in the Bible. Described as "a concise commentary", Anticipating the End Times is a worthy addition to concise commentaries on a book that for many is demanding from ch.7 onwards. The author writes in delightfully clear prose. He also balances carefully the demands of being concise with the need to provide the reader with the key to an understanding of the principal lessons of the passage under consideration.

The 21-page Introduction to this paperback may seem relatively long, but in the reviewer’s judgment is extremely valuable. Indeed few commentaries on Daniel provide the reader with such a clear perspective, at the beginning of a study of Daniel. The four keys to interpretation he offers are to be commended, and are applicable in the study of other prophetic Scriptures.

The author’s interpretation of chs.7-12 are based firmly on "the Premillennial interpretation of Scripture" and the recognition that the Old Testament "never includes predictions of the New Testament Church age". He boldly assists readers in identifying Scriptures in both Testaments that treat of the key personages of the End Times. In so doing he distinguishes clearly the role of Alexander the Great, Antiochus Epiphanes, and others from the Beast and False Prophet of a future day. He notes the questions that have arisen in respect of Sir Robert Anderson’s calculations of the end of the 69th week of years (Dan 9.25-26). Anderson’s calculations (made in 1895), he concludes, "remain substantially established as the basis of a literal interpretation of the prophecy".

Davis also sets out briefly the differing views "held by reputable Bible teachers" in respect of a coming "king of fierce countenance" (Dan 8.23-25). He notes the implications for the translation and interpretation of Daniel 11.40. Daniel 11.40-45 is the only section of the work where the reviewer would have valued a fuller commentary. Hopefully, Anticipating the End Times will have a fuller treatment of that section in its second edition (DV).



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