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Poetry: Emptied - Filled

Into my poverty pour in Thy wealth,
Into my sickness Thy glorious health.
Come in Thy purity, purging each stain,
Come as a king comes, a sovereign to reign.

Come as the dawn comes, suffusing with light;
Come as the wind comes, all viewless to sight.
Drive out each passion, all envy, all pride;
Fill me, oh fill me, whatever betide.

Come as the dew that in silence distils;
Come till Thy fullness my whole being fills.
Body and spirit, yes, heart, will, and mind,
Till not one rival a cranny can find.

Thou canst not fill me till emptied I be,
Emptied of self and all yielded to Thee.
Tame me and make me, yes, make me Thine own,
Myself Thy vassal, my being Thy throne.


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