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Summer Opportunities.

During the recent summer months, many activities have taken place throughout the country in furtherance of the gospel. The Lord’s people are requested to follow these up with their prayers for blessing on the seed sown. Specifically, we should pray for the following matters and thank the Lord that such doors are still open to us these days.

Youth Camps: For a whole week at a time, hundreds of children and teenagers have been listening to the Word of God brought to them. Some have professed salvation, and others who are saved are seeking baptism when they return home. Pray especially for new believers who will get little or no encouragement in their own homes, that they will be preserved and shepherded by caring believers where they live.

Holiday Bible Clubs: In many assemblies a special week of the holidays has been used to bring in local children for consecutive days or mornings of Bible based teaching and related activities. Many parents and friends of the children have also heard the gospel in this way while invited to prizegivings. Among others, such clubs were held during the first week of August in Eastpark, Glasgow; Abbott Hall, Dunfermline; Lochee, Dundee; and St Monans, Fife.

Literature distribution: In addition to extensive and regular tract distribution to individuals on the streets and around neighbourhoods, many book stalls have been set up and used as focal points for conversation in holiday venues, local fairs and gala days. May the printed page be used to convict many of their need of Christ and point needy souls to Him.

Open air meetings: When the weather allowed, many assemblies were able to hold gospel services outside in parks, shopping centres and on street corners, with varying numbers of people stopping to listen, and some good conversations have followed.

Girvan: Dan Gillies had two weeks of gospel meetings in the Gospel Hall in Girvan at the beginning of July. Good interest was shown with good numbers of outsiders coming along, some on a regular basis. The small assembly was greatly encouraged by this effort in the gospel and the visit of our brother, and prayer is requested that souls will be saved.

Kilmarnock, Elim Hall: The assembly held their annual Holiday Club for the children at the end of July. Gordon McCracken was again responsible, and large numbers of children attended. A great interest was shown by the children and a number of parents came along for the prize giving on the Friday evening.

Ayrshire Youth Camp: This took place during July at Faskally with Stephen Baker having the responsibility to speak to the young people in the evenings. Other brethren took sessions with different age groups and the gospel was clearly presented. A number of young people made professions of faith, and the Lord blessed the leaders and campers as well.

Lockerbie: Gospel Meetings are expected to commence on Lord’s Day, 4th September in Ebenezer Hall, Bridge Street, Lockerbie. Speakers: J Ritchie, T Jenkinson. Every Lord’s Day at 3.00pm and every Wednesday at 7.30pm. The meetings are to continue until further notice.



Ballybollan: The Annual Conference, which was held on 12th July, was smaller than usual. Helpful ministry was enjoyed from M Radcliffe, B Glendinning, S Ferguson, J Fleck, A Davidson, and B Smith.

Broughshane: Gospel Meetings commenced on 31st July for three weeks in the Community Centre. Speakers: J Fleck and Marvin Derkson (Canada).

Bushmills: Very large crowds attended the annual Bible Readings on 11th-22nd July. The school assembly hall was filled. R McKeown led the Bible Readings considering 1 Timothy 2, 3, and 4, helped by local brethren and visitors. The teaching was very much appreciated.

Kells: The annual Open Air Meetings were held in the village at the beginning of August with J Rogers and local brethren giving help.

Portrush: D Gilliland had 1 week of excellent ministry on Bible Brooks from 25th-29th July. The hall was packed to capacity each night. The believers were greatly encouraged.

"If the Lord will…"

Ballymoney: The assembly plans (DV) to have special Gospel Meetings for the month of October in Ballymoney Town Hall (kindly granted). Speakers: A Colgan and T Meekin. Prayer appreciated for this special effort.


Cookstown: Gospel Meetings in a tent commenced on 24th July with S Maze and G Maze.

Dunmullan Gospel Hall: The Annual Conference was held on 12th July. A capacity crowd gathered in the tent to enjoy ministry by S Jennings, S McBride, I Jackson, P Coulson, W J Nesbitt, and J Hutchinson.

Kilmore Gospel Hall: The Annual Conference was held in the Gospel Hall on 27th July. Good practical ministry was given by W J Nesbitt, S McBride, M Radcliffe, S Nelson, and J Hutchinson.

Kingsmills: The Annual Meeting for believers was held on 12th July. A good company gathered. Ministry was given by W Taylor, S Gilfillan, R Eadie, N McKeown, and R Pickering.


Clones Gospel Hall: The Annual Conference, which was full to capacity, was held on 1st August. Profitable ministry was given by M Radcliffe, B Currie, W J Nesbitt, D Gilliland, N McKeown, and F McCauley.

Lurgan Gospel Tent Meetings: commenced on 31st July. Speakers: J Smith (USA) and D Gilliland (Lurgan).

"If the Lord will…"

Erryroe Gospel Hall: Gospel Meetings are expected to commence in early October. Speakers: T Meekin and J Preston.


Limavady: S Gilfillan and A Steele are expected to commence Gospel Meetings in a portable hall on 14th August.

Limavady: One week of profitable Open Air Meetings were arranged around different estates in the town with J Rogers helped by local brethren. Quite a number of people listened to the gospel being preached.

Magheracorran: The assembly here is very weak numerically. During the last week in July S Patterson and S Gilfillan had one week of Open Air Meetings in the neighbouring towns of Convoy and Raphoe. The purpose of the meetings was not only to preach the gospel but also to distribute leaflets which drew attention to the existence and location of Magheracorran Gospel Hall, assuring the people that they were invited to attend the various meetings conducted in the hall.

Moneydig: J Martin and W Martin are expected to commence Gospel Meetings on 31st August in a portable hall in the townland of Aghadowey.


Whitehouse Gospel Hall: Gary Woods (Omagh) and David Williamson (Belfast) finished 8 weeks of Gospel Meetings on 22nd July. Despite extensive visitation, the local response was disappointing. However, over the weeks a good number listened to the gospel, some, it was felt, with a measure of interest. We trust there will yet be reaping.


Ballymagarrick: This is the 5th year that the assembly has held a week of meetings for children in Carryduff Primary School. The speaker was G Davidson (Cardy). The meetings were most encouraging with over 90 children present each evening.

Ballymagarrick Gospel Hall: The Annual Conference was held on 13th July. It was very well attended with challenging and helpful ministry from J G Hutchinson, P Coulson, I Jackson, J Rogers, S Jennings, and W Martin.

Ballywalter Gospel Hall: The assembly had a stall at the Ballywalter Fair Day on Friday, 22nd July. Much literature etc. was distributed.

Cardy Gospel Hall: The assembly held its annual summer children’s outreach from 23rd-29th July in Strangford College, Carrowdore. Over 400 children attended during the week, learning and hearing the Word of God presented by S Grant.

Central Hall, Bangor: The annual Open Air Meetings were held by the assembly in the Bangor Marine Gardens each afternoon from 1st-14th July. They were conducted by R Plant and M Shanks. The weather was very favourable and many people heard the gospel clearly presented. A large number of tracts were distributed.


Newsham Park Chapel, Liverpool: had two weeks of intense gospel outreach, led by Thomas Jennings (The Ministry for Europe Trust), Northern Ireland. The combined team of eleven, from USA, Canada, Ireland and Northern Ireland, personally contacted 11,000 homes in the immediate neighbourhood of the hall, had conversations regarding spiritual issues with hundreds of people, and distributed some 50 Bibles, as well as assisting and encouraging in the ongoing assembly activities.

A number of people from the area came to hear the gospel presented, via Powerpoint presentations on astronomy, and one dear man came to a personal faith in the Lord Jesus.

To date, some 20 people have written for more information on spiritual matters. Please keep on praying that the Lord will continue to save to the honour of His name.

A great sense of unity and prayer was tangible throughout and only eternity will reveal the full impact it has made on the hearts and lives of both the believers and unbelievers.

Thomas and his wife, Dietburg, have been invited back in early September to lead a second outreach, and the Newsham Park Chapel Assembly would greatly value your prayers and help by joining the team.

The saints who gather at the Rehoboth Gospel Hall, Johnstown, North Wales are happy to announce the opening of the new hall, and an opening meeting has been arranged for Saturday, 27th August at 5.00pm. The Bromborough Bible Exhibition will follow from Tuesday, 30th August until Thursday, 1st September. Children’s Meetings and Gospel Meetings are expected to commence on Sunday, 4th September until Friday, 9th September with Mr Norman Mellish. For further details phone 01978820623.

Bromborough: Regular outreach activities have continued throughout the year, with good numbers  attending the  Girls’ Class and the  Activity Night for boys during term time. The boys particularly have asked  questions which led to good discussions about spiritual things. During the summer months a monthly Afternoon Tea is held when local residents are invited to the hall. Recently over 25 unsaved visitors have been present on each occasion. Literature is freely available along with an invitation to attend the Gospel meeting. In the summer holidays there was a two week "special" Gospel effort for children, conducted by Graeme Paterson. A total of 24 children came and new contacts were made with promises to come to the weekly Sunday Special. The support of the older local believers for this work was most encouraging. The assembly at Bromborough has also designed and built a Bible Exhibition, primarily for use in schools, providing a half day programme of activities aimed at 9-11 year olds. Local schools are showing an interest and a number of bookings are already in place. The Exhibition can also be used in local Gospel Halls and two assemblies have already committed to this. It is expected that this work will expand over time.

Derby, Curzon Street: Norman Mellish had two weeks in the gospel in Curzon Street, Derby at the end of July. One teenage girl professed to be saved, while a good number of unsaved people came in.

Bicester: Another lady has been saved as a result of the meetings at Bicester with Gene Higgins in April. She listened to recordings of the gospel messages on the Hebron Gospel Hall website, and as a result she has trusted the Saviour.


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