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The assembly in Ashgill had three weeks’ gospel meetings during April with Joe Baxter and Martin Hunter. Ten different unsaved people came into the hall including six from the village. The door to door work resulted in many good chats and promises, some of which were kept. Other contacts will be followed up in correspondence. Some local believers not in assembly fellowship also attended, with between 21 and 39 people in the hall where only seven are in fellowship. Excellent support was given from surrounding assemblies and there was a very good spirit in the meetings. Whilst it appeared that one lady was under conviction, there were no open professions, but pray that there will be "signs following" the proclamation of the gospel.


The fifth annual Easter Holiday Club in Bethany Hall, Glenburn, Prestwick ran each morning during 2nd-6th April and was themed on the Olympic Games. Blair Martin spoke to the children each day following an hour’s craft activities and juice and crisps. The Bible stories were about different individuals who met the Lord Jesus and were changed as a result. Powerpoint slides illustrated the story and each session ended with a short quiz. Over 100 different children attended during the week, probably the highest number ever, around 65 from Prestwick, Monkton or Ayr without any assembly background. On the Friday about 25 extra parents attended for the second half of the club and heard the story of Paul’s conversion, probably the busiest the hall has been with people sitting listening to the gospel message that morning.

North of Scotland

The assembly at Culloden, Inverness held a special gospel weekend with Stephen Clegg in April, focused on his work in UK prisons, with testimonies to the power of God in the lives of converted prisoners. Attendance was good at each meeting, and it was encouraging to see unbelievers present, some hearing the gospel preached for the first time. The assembly has been further encouraged by two young believers asking to be baptised. Stephen also conducted a Gospel Meeting in Avoch Primary School, where again a good number of unbelievers came. Avoch assembly plans to baptise a man who was saved after their Christmas service, and also his wife who was already a believer. Please pray for the continued blessing of the Lord on His work in these places.

The assembly at Cullen has had two special outreaches in the spring. In March Adrian Ferguson addressed a meeting in the Town Hall giving a gospel message based on their experience of the power and presence of God during Audrey’s illness and subsequent lung transplant. In April Gordon McCracken returned for the third consecutive year for an Easter Holiday Club. Once again the Town Hall was the venue and large numbers of children came. The prize giving was very well attended and the gospel clearly presented to many parents and friends. Prayer is valued that God would bless His Word.

Bible Exhibition

Graeme Paterson has recently been working with the exhibition in Peterborough, Wick and Orkney. The Peterborough week was very enjoyable as the assembly has a good relationship with the local schools, especially Kings High School, a Church of England school with a very strong Christian ethos. There is a freedom to preach the gospel in the school and the response was very good.

The exhibition was in Wick for the first time and seemed to cause a stir in the town, with a greater than average response from the public, especially during the day, and some good conversations and contacts. The schools also were delighted with their visits. In addition a week’s Holiday Bible Club was held in the local community centre to which over 40 children came most days with over 60 in total on the register.

Orkney was a real surprise in relation to the lack of knowledge shown about the Bible and of God, which was truly upsetting. What a privilege it was to be able to direct children and adults round the exhibition and introduce them to Christ. In the following week some schools were visited and children’s meetings were held in Stromness and Kirkwall. Numbers were not large but the children were very enthusiastic and over 30 were able to quote the Bible verse on the last day of the meetings.



Ahoghill Gospel Hall: The Annual Open Air meetings commenced on 7th May for one week in the village with D McGarvey helped by local brethren.

Ballintoy: R Eadie and S Maze held a Bible Exhibition in the Gospel Hall from 22nd-26th May.

Ballymoney: B Currie had ministry meetings for one week from 14th-18th May in the Gospel Hall.

Broughshane Gospel Hall: Gospel Meetings commenced on 15th April and continue in a portable hall on the Ballygarvey Road (site kindly granted by Mr U Davison). Speakers: E Fairfield and W Martin. Large numbers are attending. Interest and prayer appreciated.

Clonkeen Gospel Hall: Special Gospel Meetings commenced on 6th May with L Craig and T Topley. Prayer requested for blessing.


Bleary Gospel Hall: Gospel meetings concluded on 4th May after three weeks with W Fenton and A Steele. Large numbers attended nightly.


Stonewall: B Glendinning and H Milliken have just commenced Gospel Meetings.


Cookstown: During the last week of April, the assembly enjoyed a week’s Bible Readings in 1 Peter with S Jennings. The believers really appreciated the discussions on this portion of the Word of God.

Cookstown Assembly: L Craig had three nights of gospel presentations on the Titanic in the Glenavon Hotel. A large number of people unfamiliar with the gospel came to hear the messages.

Dunmullan: A short series of Gospel Meetings conducted by D McGarvey commenced at the end of April. Good numbers attending with some from the area in the hall for the first time.

Fintona: In mid April the assembly and believers from surrounding assemblies enjoyed four nights of ministry by L Carswell on the book of Nehemiah.

Fintona: During the first week of May the assembly had Ministry Meetings with B Currie.

Fivemiletown (Lungs): Gospel Meetings conducted by J Rogers and D McGarvey finished on 20th April having continued for 6 weeks in a portable hall in the town. The assembly was very much encouraged and overjoyed at the many local people who came to hear the gospel. There were many who attended from the area every night and God was pleased to bless in the salvation of souls. The assembly was further blessed when a young lady in her late teens, who had been saved 6 years previously, requested baptism and fellowship in the assembly. To God be all the glory.

Strabane Gospel Hall: In connection with this assembly, a series of gospel meetings will commence in a portable hall in mid May in the district of Bready. The speakers, S Gilfillan and D McAllister, have requested prayer for this needy area.


Bellaghy: The Annual Conference was held on 5th May. There was a full hall for a very profitable Bible Reading by A Colgan on Luke 24. After the break for refreshments, helpful ministry was given by D Gilliland, S McBride, P McCauley, S Nelson and R Wilson.

Gortade: Gospel Meetings are being held in a portable hall in Maghera on a site kindly granted by "McKees". J Buchanan and J Graham continue into their 3rd week, and prayer would be appreciated. Also, during April, B Eadie and S Maze held a Bible Exhibition in a community hall in Maghera. Very profitable.

Limavady Conference: The Annual Conference was held on 7th May. The school assembly hall was full, and the Bible Reading considering 1 Corinthians 13 conducted by P Coulson was very good. After refreshments, challenging ministry was given by J Hay, L Craig, P Coulson, and J Wishart. After further refreshments, E Fairfield gave a report on the Lord’s work in Japan.

Limavady: D McGarvey and C Law commenced Gospel Meetings on 20th May in a portable hall in Ballykelly.

Magherafelt Gospel Hall: Special Gospel Meetings concluded after five weeks with L Craig and P McCauley. An encouraging number of unbelievers came to the meetings and a few new contacts were made.

Portstewart: R Plant and S Moore are presently continuing in gospel meetings in the Gospel Hall.


Bangor, Ebenezer: S Harper conducted a week of children’s meetings in a former showroom in Conlig. This was followed by Gospel Meetings conducted by S Harper and A Colgan. There was an encouraging response from the children, some of whom continued to attend the Gospel Meetings.

Castlewellan: The assembly arranged three weeks of Gospel Meetings conducted by D Gilliland and S Gilfillan in premises in the town, with encouraging local interest.

Growell Assembly: L Craig had three nights of gospel presentation on the Titanic in Kinallen Primary School. This was in addition to the presentations in local primary schools and the free distribution of John Harper booklets. The assembly also had a weekend of very helpful and well supported Ministry with S Baker on "Family Issues".

Newry: The assembly hosted a Bible Exhibition in the Gospel Hall for one week. Local schools from across the community were contacted and over 600 children and teachers attended. L Craig was with the assembly for three nights in Bessbrook Town Hall, speaking on the Titanic – "Unsinkable", "The Hero" (John Harper), and "Those that reached the farther shore". Over 70 local people attended.

Portavogie (New Road): The Conference was held on 31st March. Good practical and devotional ministry centred on the Lord Jesus seen in His Glory, in His Sonship, in His Sovereignty, in His Priesthood, and in His Shepherd care. Brethren who contributed were Robin McKeown, Dennis Williamson, Walter Boyd, Alan Davidson, Kurien Kurian, Colin Hutchison, Jim Baker. Good numbers at the conference.

Brother Jim Baker continued the following week on the Uniqueness of God’s Assembly from the theme, "Rebuilding the House of God" from the book of Ezra.


The Belfast Easter Conference was held this year in the newly renovated Assembly Buildings. The attendance was the highest for some years and the conference was widely appreciated. We enjoyed the help of two visiting brethren, Mr John Riddle (Cheshunt, England) and Mr John Dennison who labours for the Lord in Mexico. A good number of our local Northern Irish brethren shared with them in the ministry of the Word over the 4 days of conference. The report meetings were enjoyable and challenging. From the Homelands we heard John Fleck, Jim McMaster and Robert Plant, and in the missionary meeting, Lindsay Carswell (Brazil), Stephen Redpath (Venezuela), Toros Pilibosian (Armenia), and John Dennison (Mexico) shared the platform. The final session, on the Wednesday evening, saw the hall well filled for an excellent gospel message by Mr David Gilliland. As Belfast welcomed the thousands of visitors to commemorate the centenary of the sinking of the Titanic it was good to be able to remind ourselves of the blessings of eternal life in Christ our hope and to sing We’ll all gather home in the morning on that shore when not one of those who trusted the Saviour will be missing. The convenors appreciated the help of all who ministered and also those who worked behind the scenes to make the conference a success.

Cregagh St Gospel Hall: John Rogers and Paul McCauley continue in the gospel with the assembly here. Much seed sown both now and over many years will surely bring forth fruit. Prayer valued.

Ebenezer Gospel Hall: Gospel Meetings continue with Paul Andrews and David Williamson. Prayer appreciated for this needy district where God worked mightily in earlier days. He is still able!


North-East England

Ten months ago Ian Campbell ventured into open air work. He uses an easel and magnetic board to illustrate the message being preached. He has been in South Shields, Sunderland, Newcastle, Darlington, Carlisle and Dumfries. Selecting a pedestrianised part of the town centres always throws up contacts. Sunderland is a weekly work each Thursday at noon and a number gather for this outreach. Recently a man in his sixties came to talk and it led to an hour long conversation. He left with two of John Blanchard’s booklets and a Gospel of John. Another good contact is a young student who is a communist and regularly enters into discussions. Recently he was visibly challenged by the gospel. In Newcastle a young man about to become an Anglican Priest listened and spoke a while. Another man, Paul, an alcoholic with deep cuts on his fists from fighting, left with a tract in his pocket to read in his more sober moments.

Recently Ian held four Creation talks at Jarrow. It is many years since the hall has had so many "lost" attending. In the second session there were 20 teenagers from the locality hearing things they would never hear in school. Pray that through the preaching of the Word souls will be saved.

Tyneside Bible Readings. In December Mr Ian Jackson led the reading in Luke 24.1-32 and ministered from Romans, addressing two problems - What we are, and What we do. Mr John Riddle took the January reading in Luke 24.33-53. His ministry was taken from Ezekiel - the time of Ezekiel’s ministry, and his readiness as a servant. February’s reading in John 20 was led by Mr Jim Baker, and in March Mr William Stevely took the final reading in John 21. He took up ministry in Exodus 17 - the smitten rock, a picture of the finished work of Christ, and in Numbers 20 - the theme of the priestly work of Christ which never ceases. The Annual Homeworkers Conference took place in January. Graeme Paterson ministered from Colossians in relation to Epaphras - his salvation, his service, and his supplication. He gave a report of his own ministry working in schools, with the Bible Exhibition, and his acquisition of a bus to use for children’s work.

The Easter Conference took place from 6th-9th April. The speakers were John Grant and Stuart MacDonald. Mr Grant ministered from Philippians 3 speaking of warning, witness and walk; Philippians 2: The great example of the Lord Jesus; Hebrews 1: The greatness of Christ stated and substantiated; and he concluded with practical lessons from Hebrews 12. Mr MacDonald gave practical ministry from Ephesians 1, 4 and 5 and then took up Psalm 122: God’s desire to dwell amongst His people, and Psalm 126: The prospect of recovery. The exercise of the two brethren was greatly appreciated and all who were able to attend received a blessing.

Pallion, Sunderland. The believers were encouraged when 4 people who attend the weekly coffee morning came to the Christmas carol service and 2 attended the service on Easter Sunday. The February Holiday Bible Club was well attended with daily numbers in the mid twenties. In April Ian Campbell had a week of children’s meetings on the theme of the Parables. About 19 children (mostly aged from 9-14) attended each night. They were well behaved and attentive and were able to remember the memory verse and answer questions about the meetings the following Lord’s Day.

Other areas

Stephen Baker had three days’ holiday Bible Club in Liverpool leading up to Easter. After that he was in Barrow in Furness for a weekend of meetings over Easter. He has been encouraged to hear of the salvation of a couple who attended meetings held with the assembly in Southport. Recently he discovered that a man from Manchester who was homeless and had moved to London has been saved. He met Jonathan Black twice when he was preaching in the open air in London and trusted the Saviour.

The believers meeting at Clifton Hall, South Norwood, held a Children’s Easter Holiday Club in the four days leading up to Good Friday. Based on the centenary of the tragedy of the Titanic, they took as a theme sea stories from the Bible. The number of children attending was much bigger than in previous years, beginning with 45 on the first day and building up to 64 by the third day. With parents there were about 80 present for the prizegiving when the gospel message was drawn from the sinking of the Titanic. The believers were further encouraged when on Easter Sunday there were seven mothers and twenty-two children present for the evening Family Service.


David Morgan would value prayer as he plans to continue with a series of tent meetings in different places. It is over 40 years since he started with this tent work and it has been raised 124 times. The assembly in Llanelli is small but has been encouraged to see up to eight souls coming in to hear the gospel each Lord’s Day. He has found that the dock work has become very quiet but when a ship comes in he visits to distribute tracts and Scriptures to the foreign seamen in their own language.


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