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"Be still, and know that I am God" (Ps 46.10)

A Borland

Could wiser advice be given in any circumstance of life? In these words are to be discovered a fact, an experience, and a condition.

The fact is, "I am God". A universe without God is a negation of reason and the denial of revelation. Nations and individuals who discard the idea of God ultimately degenerate into mere machines and have no compunctions about the breach of every moral principle. The Bible and reason, conscience and experience unite to declare, "God is".

The fact is not unrelated to experience. God is not transcendent and indifferent. He may be known, not merely in an intellectual and scientific sense, but in a real personal way. He has been revealed as the "living God" (1 Tim 3.15, etc) and the heart of man thirsts for Him. No life has reached its goal if it falls short of an intimate knowledge of God.

But to know God man must learn to "Be still". Here is cessation from human effort, from senseless pursuit of vague trivialities. The condition is moral rather than physical. Many Christians have evidently lost their sense of God because of their pre-occupation with mundane affairs. One lesson most of us are in sad need of learning is this, that we cannot re-catch our vision of God until in repentance we abandon our worldly ambition and substitute a heavenly for an earthly horizon. We must live with God in the stillness of meditation if we desire to know Him.



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