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Aberdeen: Holburn Gospel Hall hosted the Aberdeenshire Bible Exhibition from 10th-14th September. This time the focus was principally on children from local schools. Over 300 pupils attended as well as the usual number of adults accompanying them. The children listened well, and responded positively in the quiz sessions which followed each tour of the Exhibition. For the first time, each of the eight schools was offered a comprehensive set of Bible teaching aids and it was encouraging to see them all willing to accept these. Please pray that what our visitors saw and heard will bear fruit for eternity.

Campbeltown, Scotland: Portavogie Assembly, Northern Ireland (assisted by others). With much gratitude we thank the Believer’s Magazine for advertising the gospel outreach in August, 2012.

We were very warmly received by the local people in Campbeltown, and during extensive door to door work we had many good and fruitful conversations.

2,000 John’s Gospels and up to 3,000 tracts were delivered into homes and distributed throughout Campbeltown, Southend, Drumlemble and Machrihanish as well as some open-air work. Campbeltown was certainly aware we were there as our visit was talked about by the townsfolk, from whom we received encouragement. We certainly knew the Lord’s presence and guidance throughout the week. We thank everyone for their support and prayers and encourage you to continue to pray for the Word of God distributed in this area.

Salsburgh: Two weeks of gospel meetings were held with Roy Marshall and Blair Martin as the speakers. The assembly here is very small but regular series of gospel meetings have been conducted in recent years. The village was well visited by our brethren, and a couple of men who have serious alcohol problems attended the meetings regularly, along with a few other unbelievers. Pray that the Lord will visit this village with salvation so that the testimony might be maintained.

Scotlandwell: The two weeks’ tent meetings with Craig Munro and Jack Hay were encouraging. Some came who had attended the previous venue at Crosshill with a few new people also showing an interest. The brethren felt that the Lord was working, and over the two series He graciously visited with salvation.

Kilmarnock: Graeme Paterson was with the assembly at Elim Hall Kilmarnock for a week’s Bible Exhibition. Much preparatory work was done by the assembly to arrange visits from the local schools and several classes attended daily. They were conducted round the exhibition by local brethren and sisters and it was felt a real impact was made. Invitations were also given to people who had former links with the assembly through Sunday School or Bible Class, and to relatives who were unsaved or had lapsed in their interest in spiritual things. Some of these contacts attended the evening sessions.

Baptisms: It has been encouraging to report that a number of young believers in Ayrshire and one in Renfrewshire have recently been baptised. A young man at Kilmarnock and another at Dreghorn, a young woman at Stevenston, and two young men and a young woman at Kilwinning, as well as a young woman at Gourock have all been obedient to the Lord in baptism. Large numbers of young people attended these baptisms and were challenged by the Word of God. Pray that those who have been baptised might be encouraged and preserved to bear a good testimony for their Lord.

Regular Tracting Work in Ayrshire: Those who organize monthly Saturday morning tract distribution have seen support building up from young people in the assemblies, so that they have been able to cover around 40 towns and villages with gospel literature. Many of these places have no assembly testimony and some have not received gospel literature for many years. The web site, www.Godlovesayrshire.co.uk, continues to receive regular but low levels of hits. It also contains audio gospel messages and the possibility of requesting further literature. Since this work commenced some 18 months ago God has provided for all its needs, and prayer is requested that through the seed sown the Lord will receive the glory in souls coming to Him in repentance to salvation.

"If the Lord will…"

Port Seton: The Ayrshire Bible Exhibition is expected from: 19th-23rd November. To date over 300 schoolchildren from 4 local schools are expected to come and visit. Prayer would be appreciated.



Antrim Gospel Hall: J McBride had children’s meetings from 1st-5th October.

Ballyvaddy Gospel Hall: J Hay had ministry meetings from 8th-11th October.

Ballymoney Gospel Hall: The assembly has arranged special meetings in the town hall (kindly granted) with G Woods and A Colgan which commenced on Lord’s Day, 30th September. Interest, attendance and prayer would be appreciated.

Kells Gospel Hall: From 24th-27th September M Radcliffe had a week of very well attended and helpful ministry meetings on "Lessons from Luke".


Ballymagarrick: On 7th October D McGarvey and A Steele commenced special Gospel Meetings in a portable hall on Station Road, Saintfield. Prayer valued.

Bangor: J Rogers and J Fleck are continuing in the gospel with the Ebenezer assembly. A very good number of unsaved have been present and the assembly has been greatly encouraged with blessing in salvation.

Dromore: R McKeown was with the assembly for one week of very profitable and well attended ministry meetings on the subject of "Lessons from the Psalms".

Gransha: D Radcliffe had three nights of much appreciated ministry with the assembly.

Kilkeel: The Gospel Meetings conducted by C Beresford and A Nesbitt continue with good local interest.

Portavogie: The Ebenezer assembly held its Annual Conference on 15th September. It was well attended and encouraging. Very challenging ministry was given by C Law, D Radcliffe, M McGaughan and J Wishart. J Wishart continued with the assembly for a week of very helpful ministry from 1 Corinthians.


Aughavey Gospel Hall: K Roy (Kells) held ministry meetings from 1st-5th October.

Cookstown Gospel Hall: J Allen held Bible Readings each evening from 24th-28th September on 1 Thessalonians.


Ballylintagh: This summer the assembly had two children’s outreaches to neighbouring housing estates. The meetings were held in a small marquee pitched on the local greens. It was so encouraging to see not only children attending but also many parents and friends.

Coleraine: T Wright and S Gilfillan are in their third week of meetings in a portable hall situated at the Wattstown Business Centre on the outskirts of Coleraine (end September). The people living in the surrounding area are being visited and offered an invitation and a gospel tract; so far a few locals have attended the meetings.

Garvagh: The Killykergan assembly had two weeks of Gospel Meetings conducted in the Garvagh Community Centre. The speakers were J Davidson (Larne) and H Gilmore (Killykergan). Most nights saw a number of people from the town and surrounding area present listening to the gospel. Prayer is requested that the gospel preached, and the literature distributed, will yet result in salvation.

Londonderry: B Glendinning and B Smyth commenced Gospel Meetings on 24th September in the Lapwing Way Gospel Hall.

Magheracorran: S Patterson, G Stewart and D McAllister have finished a five-week series of meetings in a mobile hall in the neighbouring townland of Calhame. There was disappointment that some who were expected to attend did not, and yet others did attend and for some of them it was their first gospel meeting. One of the most encouraging features of the series was the conversations and contacts made at the doors.

Portstewart: The assembly had one week of children’s meetings with Robert Plant as the speaker. It was encouraging to see the children listen attentively. A different outreach involved Robert taking the Gospel Trailer to the annual Portrush Air Show in August where eight to ten thousand gospel leaflets were distributed.


Derriaghy Gospel Hall: T McKillen held a week of children’s meetings from 1st-5th October. Good numbers attended.

Glengormley Gospel Hall: Sandy Higgins (USA) had four nights of profitable meetings taking for his subjects, "Big Lessons from Little Letters" - Philemon, 2 John, 3 John and Jude. The ministry was excellent and the meetings were well supported by other assemblies. It was a pity his visit was so short. He spent the following weekend at Ballymagarrick where he took up lessons from the lives of Sarah and Leah - again excellent meetings, well attended. Because of the sudden death of Bill Oliver (Brwyn Mawr) he had to cut short his stay. He was expected in Gortade for 5 nights’ meetings but has promised to return soon to fulfill that commitment.

Parkgate: D McGarvey and P McCauley concluded four weeks of gospel meetings at the end of September. The area around the hall was well visited with invitations. Good numbers attended each evening with people from the district coming into the hall to hear the gospel clearly preached. The other local assemblies gave good support, and the believers at Parkgate along with the speakers were delighted to hear of souls professing salvation.

Sandringham Gospel Hall: J Allen is expected for two weeks of Bible Readings on 1 and 2 Thessalonians from 8th-18th October (Monday-Thursday both weeks). Elton Fairfield is also expected to visit in October.

"If the Lord will…"

Whitehouse Gospel Hall: Gospel Meetings are planned (DV) in a suitable location. Speakers: D McAllister, E Fairfield. Further information will follow.


Bicester: Bert Cargill was with the assembly at Bicester for 3 nights in early September dealing with topics relating to "Christian Apologetics", under the general heading Obstacles to Atheism. There was good interest from young Christians who were helped and reassured by what was presented, and a sprinkling of townsfolk attended the meetings. This was a profitable return visit from Bert which was much appreciated.


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