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North and East

Graeme Smith continues with the Bible Alive sessions in five schools around Newmachar. The pupils, aged 11, have been quite enthusiastic and keen to hear more. Some student teachers present during the lessons found it helpful too. It is such a privilege to plant the seed of the Word of God in young hearts, teaching creation of everything by God when the prevailing indoctrination is about evolution.

In Peterhead at the annual October Bible Week for children during the school holidays the average daily attendance was 86 of which many were from non-Christian homes. Brethren and sisters enjoyed working together to give the children an enjoyable time. Clear and simple messages were given each day by a local brother. In recent weeks three young children have professed salvation, encouraging children’s work in the hall and in the many different schools which are visited. The assembly also enjoyed ministry by Jack Hay over two weeks in November, dealing with subjects related to the family and the responsibilities of husbands and wives, parents and children. The teaching and exhortation relating to Christian life and witness in the world was a challenge and encouragement.

The Culloden assembly held five special gospel meetings in the Inverness Eden Court Theatre complex during November, when the speakers were Andrew Williamson and Douglas Mowat. Although the number of unsaved people who came was not high, several heard the gospel – possibly for the first time. The support of other believers in the area was appreciated by the assembly who are looking to the Lord to bless the preaching of His Word.

Dumfries & Galloway

Malcolm Radcliffe had two weeks’ Gospel Meetings with the assembly in Kirkconnel followed by another week with the assembly at Castle Douglas. Although only a few unbelievers attended it was felt that God was speaking while the gospel was powerfully preached. Both assemblies have been encouraged through the meetings and value prayer that souls will yet be saved.

"If the Lord will…"

God loves Ayrshire intend (D.V.) to distribute gospel literature in Fenwick, Moscow, and Waterside. For further information email:godlovesayrshire@live.co.uk or call 07827 966798.



Antrim Gospel Hall: J Wishart had ministry meetings from 27th-30th November.

Ballymena (Harryville): Gospel Meetings with R McKeown and W Boyd concluded 9th December. The assembly appreciated blessing in salvation.

Ballywatermoy Gospel Hall: G Woods had four very instructive ministry meetings from the Word of God at the end of November on the subject of "Classrooms in the School of God".

Larne (Craigyhill): N Mellish had very helpful ministry meetings during the week commencing 19th November. The assembly enjoyed the visit.

"If the Lord will…"

Rasharkin Gospel Hall: Gospel Meetings are expected to commence in mid January. Speakers: G Woods and A Colgan.


Newtownhamilton Gospel Hall: A series of Gospel Meetings in a portable hall continues into a 8th week with good interest and blessing in salvation. J Fleck and W Martin are the speakers.

"If the Lord will…"

Ballyshiel Gospel Hall: S Wells and J Rogers are to commence a short series of Gospel Meetings in the new hall on 13th January.

Keady Gospel Hall: Gospel Meetings are expected to commence early in the year with T Wright and N Fleck.

Tullyroan: Gospel meetings are expected to commence in this area in early February with D Gilliland and M Campbell.


Ballymagarrick Gospel Hall: D McGarvey and A Steele had a series of Gospel Meetings in a portable hall in Saintfield - it was a very encouraging time which was well supported by many locals and by other assemblies who heard faithful preaching. The area was well visited and there was blessing in salvation.

Bangor: Jonathan Black was with the Ebenezer assembly for one week with his Bible Exhibition. There was a very positive response from local schools and a steady number of visitors attended this most interesting exhibition.

Cardy Gospel Hall: S Grant had a week of very challenging ministry on the subject of "Important Functions of the New Testament Assembly".

Castlewellan: A Caldwell was with the assembly for a week of very well attended children’s meetings.

Newry: J Rogers and D Gilliland have concluded the Gospel Meetings in Newry Gospel Hall. A good number of unsaved attended and several new contacts have been made. The assembly is very thankful for a little blessing. The assembly also holds meetings in several local Old People’s Homes, and C Rogers has been involved in taking assemblies in various local schools.

Portavogie: J Allen conducted a week of very profitable Bible Readings in the New Road assembly on the subject of "Assembly Principles". The readings were very stimulating and well attended.


Fintona Gospel Hall: In mid November S Nelson had a series of ministry meetings in the local Gospel Hall. Attendance was good and the ministry was appreciated.

Omagh Gospel Hall: On 3rd November believers gathered for an excellent conference and heard messages from God’s Word. Speakers were D Gilliland, R Wilson, W J Nesbitt, A Patterson, and E Fairfield. The following week, a packed hall of believers heard ministry from A Patterson (Scotland) from 5th-8th November.

Tullyhogue (Cookstown): A series of Gospel Meetings which commenced on 4th November is being conducted in a local Orange Hall by B Glendinning and A Riddell. A number of locals have attended but not consistently. This is the first series of gospel meetings to be held in this area for 70 years.

"If the Lord will…"

Newtownstewart: Prayer requested for Gospel Meetings (DV) in the New Year with M Radcliffe and D McGarvey.


Whitehouse Gospel Hall: Mr Elton Fairfield and Mr David McCallister are having Gospel Meetings and, although response from the district has been small in spite of extensive distribution of invitations and calendars, some are attending who are showing an interest. Prayer valued that blessing in salvation may be seen. The brethren have enjoyed help in the preaching and Christians attending have been cheered by hearing the gospel well preached, with clarity, compassion, and challenge.


Limavady: J Hay was with the assembly for practical and much appreciated teaching based on Acts 19.

Straid: B Currie and J Palmer preached the gospel for six weeks in the Gospel Hall. The Christians appreciated the fact that a number of people from the locality attended and for some of the latter it was their first time in the hall.



Wesley and Alison Downs have been encouraged recently by a few more new lads coming to the Mill. K is 25 and has spent most of his life in care since he was 7 when Social Services discovered him with his mother, who was an addict and dealer, regularly drugging him to sleep while she dealt drugs in their house. What a great opportunity now to show him the love of God. He hears the gospel each time he comes - please pray that the seed sown will one day produce a harvest in his life. Recently a visitor who used to come and help us spent some time with C and it was a real encouragement when C said to him that he had some good news - that he was now a believer on the Lord Jesus Christ. C has been witnessing to customers of the Mill and also to K, explaining the problem of sin and the answer in Christ. He has begun to attend the Bible time, something that he didn’t do very often in the past. Please pray that he will show evidence of Life and that he will see the need to be baptised. This will be a real challenge for him in view of his unbelieving wife and her family. T had a bad addiction problem but professed faith some years ago. He has really struggled over the years but keeps coming back seeking help. He has asked to come into the full programme of the Mill, living at our house and attending the Mill five days a week as well as the meetings at the hall. He seems to have a growing desire to live God’s way, so please pray that this will be the turning point for him and that he will take this step as we are sure he will find many hindrances.

Berkshire: Gospel Hall, Bracknell. During November Ian Jackson had a much appreciated week of ministry on "The cross of our Lord Jesus Christ". Bracknell holds three meetings over the Christmas period to which numerous townsfolk come. Carols are sung and the gospel is preached. Prayer appreciated for blessing through these efforts.


Jonathan Black continues to visit each week in the Sydenham area and has recently gained access to a nursing home for a short gospel meeting. About 20 come and listen attentively including two members of staff. He also has liberty to preach at Trafalgar Square, Leicester Square, and Covent Garden, and during these open air meetings his wife Joy distributes gospel literature. Pray for the blessing of the Lord on the seed sown. Leslie Craig joined him with the Bible Exhibition which was followed by Gospel Meetings when some local people attended each night, including some from the sheltered accommodation for the homeless next door to the hall.

The assembly in Uxbridge recently had Jonathan Black preaching the gospel along with the Bible Exhibition for a week. Many local people came into the hall and it was encouraging that some who visited the Exhibition returned to the Gospel Meetings. Some good contacts were made which the assembly will follow up.

In Bicester Robert Plant had a week of encouraging children’s meetings and school visits during October.

In Wallingford John Grant had a much appreciated week of ministry during November on "The Life of Joseph", and at Spencer Bridge Road, Northampton he had a few helpful nights on the book of Romans after sharing the conference with Richard Catchpole.


Cardiff, Heath Gospel Hall: Two weeks of special Gospel Meetings were held in October when different brethren from assemblies in South Wales and the West of England were invited to preach. Each night one brother gave his testimony and another preached the gospel - some in need of salvation listened during the two weeks. Several coffee mornings were held and some medical students from the University Hospital of Wales passing along the lane by the Gospel Hall came in, as did a number of older men. All were told the way of salvation and went away with tracts to read. On the middle Lord’s Day a community tea was held to which some parents of the Sunday School children came and stayed on for the preaching of the gospel. During the first week, children’s meetings were also conducted by local brethren who are getting actively involved in this work. Some children came who had never been in the Hall before and mothers came every night and listened. We continue to pray for the salvation of precious souls.


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