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The Innerleven assembly had two weeks of gospel meetings with Dan Gillies in November, including a week of children’s meetings when over 30 children came, and a few parents at the prize giving. Four unsaved adults came to the meetings, three of them for the first time. One of them came only once but since has been to the Coffee Morning and has talked about the gospel. One younger man made a profession of salvation after the last meeting. Visiting round the area was possible most days, with a few longer conversations, but most houses were unoccupied. We look to the Lord for lasting fruit.

Alistair Young paid his annual visit to the Cowdenbeath assembly for two weeks in November. During this time he visited 18 schools in Cowdenbeath, Lochgelly, Ballingry, Kelty, Crossgates, and Dunfermline and was well received, taking whole school assemblies and some individual classes. There was also a week of children’s meetings in Union Hall. The small group of children who came were often different each night but all paid good attention to the messages. He also gave help over a weekend and during the midweek meetings, and the believers were greatly encouraged.

New Year Conferences

The many conferences for the ministry of the Word of God held at the turn of the year were times of encouragement, challenge and stimulus, and valuable fellowship. At them all in Ayrshire, Lanarkshire, Lothians, Fife, and Aberdeen attendances were high, the relatively mild weather helping travel. It was especially good to see a large proportion of the audiences made up of younger believers who had made the effort to attend and who clearly appreciated the teaching of the Scriptures. We should pray for them particularly that in future days they will go on to support, continue and expand the work of God wherever He may locate them.

"If the Lord will…"

God loves Ayrshire intend (D.V.) to distribute gospel literature in Symington. For further information email:godlovesayrshire@live.co.uk or call 07827 966798.



Ballymena Gospel Hall (Cambridge Avenue): R Plant had a week of children’s meetings commencing on 14th January.

Buckna Gospel Hall: The Annual Conference was held on 26th December. The hall was packed. Appreciated words were given by D Gilliland, R McKeown, G Woods and D Ussher. After the break for refreshments, W Martin and W Skates continued in ministry.

Larne (Craigyhill): James Armstrong (Brazil) was with the assembly for Ministry and Report from 7th-9th January.

If the Lord will…"

Buckna Gospel Hall: Gospel Meetings have been arranged to commence on 27th January (DV) and continue with J Fleck and J Rogers. Prayer appreciated.

Carnlough Gospel Hall: The assembly held its 46th Annual Missionary Conference on 12th January in Glenlough Community Centre. The speakers were D McAllister (Zambia and Donegal), J McMaster (Gateshead), C Davidson (Sri Lanka) and R Pickering (India).

Rasharkin Gospel Hall: Gospel Meetings commenced in mid January and are continuing. Speakers: G Woods and A Colgan.


Keady Gospel Hall: Gospel Meetings commenced in the New Year with T Wright and N Fleck.


Lungs Gospel Hall: In very wintry conditions, believers gathered in the hall from Monday 10th-Thursday 13th December to hear Ministry by D Gilliland. His subjects were key texts and truths of the New Testament church.

Newtownstewart: Prayer is requested for Gospel Meetings arranged to commence on 27th January with M Radcliffe and D McGarvey.


Aughrim: N Emerson was with the assembly for one week of teaching on the "Seven churches of Asia". The meetings were well attended and the ministry was regarded as "a word in season".

Magherafelt: P McClarty was with the assembly for ministry on "The Dangers of Division" as seen in 1 Corinthians chs. 1-4. The teaching was much appreciated and the attendance was encouraging.


The Belmont Bible Exhibition visited the hall for four and a half days in October. The assembly was greatly encouraged by the attendance of over 400 people which included 160 children and teenagers. Bobbie Eadie and Sammy Maze gave tours of the 66 display panels and models leaving the unsaved in no doubt of God’s way of salvation. The assembly deeply appreciated their help and are look to God for future blessing."To God be the glory..."


Hampshire: In November, Rowland Pickering spent over a week with the assembly at the Gospel Hall, Millbrook Road, Southampton for both Ministry and Gospel Meetings. Up to 21 unsaved people were present on the Lord’s Days for the teas, but there was less interest in the week-night Gospel Meetings. The Word of God was clearly and faithfully presented, supported by tracting, invitations and visitation in the district. Please pray that God will bless His Word and that interest will continue.

Dorset: The small assembly at Shillingstone continues with door-to-door tracting and visitation, but sadly the local population shows little interest in spiritual things. However, the gospel seed is regularly sown. The message of salvation has been presented in the bi-monthly village magazine for nearly forty years, and it appears from conversations that some people at least read it. Please pray that as a result of these efforts and the Holy Spirit’s work folk will be saved and the assembly encouraged.

The assembly at Bethany Chapel, Lyme Regis continues its work in the town. Many elderly ladies are being contacted and some have made confessions of faith since attending the meetings. A couple saved and baptised in 2010 have moved away from Lyme. As a result of doorstep conversations a backslider often attends and brings other members of her unsaved family, recently including her husband and teenage son whom she is keen to see saved. Two young people from one of the assembly families have been baptised and received into fellowship, and an older couple have come from an assembly that closed, now giving 16 in fellowship. Their building needs some changes and an extension to make it more versatile and user friendly. Planning permission has been obtained and quotes from builders are being sought. Your interest and your prayers are coveted.


Jim and Janet McMaster in Gateshead have found 2012 to be one of their most challenging years. The soup kitchens now have the highest attendance ever, with more younger people among the homeless, some as young as 15, regularly coming for help. M had been helped both inside jail and on the streets but was vehemently opposed to the gospel. However, three weeks after his release he appeared at the soup kitchen. He had a serious heart attack in the courtroom and an emergency procedure just saved his life. He was terrified at the thought of dying and wanted to find out about what happens after death. Since then he has kept his promise to attend the gospel meeting.

The Prison Work still gives unrestricted access to the men at all times, with the Bible Class being particularly blessed by the Lord. About two months ago, while looking for a street contact, Jim inexplicably entered the wrong cell and found two men he had never met before. Explaining why he had come, he was told by the younger man that two months ago when sent to jail he decided to read the Bible. One night he understood his need and trusted Christ as his Saviour. He prayed to be paired up with someone who would be sympathetic. Transferred to another wing he saw a Bible in the cell and discovered his cell mate had been a backslider who had determined to return to the Lord. Pray that these men will receive the Lord’s guidance as they move on in their new lives.

Janet continues to be busy supplying Children’s Bible Hour materials and has recently launched a new web site, www.childrensbiblehour.co.uk. There is a steady stream of new contacts which brings encouragement.

The Tyneside Missionary Conference in September heard reports from Michael McKillen (Republic of Ireland), Terry Blackman (Brazil), and Jack Hay (Sri Lanka). Then the Bible Study Conference recommenced in October, and major events/themes in the Lord’s life were considered. On the evenings up to December ministry was given by A Sinclair on Anna in Luke 2, R Hill on 1 Peter, and T Hill on John the Baptist.

The assembly at Pallion held its annual conference in October, with ministry from W Banks (Rev 19) and J Hay (Acts 19) who continued during the next week with ministry from Acts 2.The conference and these meetings were well supported by other assemblies and much blessing was enjoyed. The October Holiday Bible Club was very encouraging and since then Sunday School numbers have increased. Throughout December the assembly visited three Care Homes for carol services with good audiences on each occasion. They were further encouraged when eight visitors attended the assembly carol service, some from the weekly coffee morning, others by invitation.


Wesley and Alison Downs in Wythenshaw ask for prayer for G in his late 40s who was placed at the Mill for two weeks. He came very troubled having lost his HGV licence due to a drink-driving offence. His drink problems had started with the breakdown of his marriage and as a result he had lost almost all he valued. He heard the gospel for two weeks, four days a week and was shown a lot of kindness and compassion. He said he would continue to visit the Mill after he finished. Please pray that the seed sown will bring him new life for God’s glory. Please pray for M also, another man in his 40s, who also heard the gospel over six weeks. He came very downcast having just lost his father and having had no money to pay for his cremation. He said he had professed faith some years earlier and was baptised, but had stopped attending the church because he had fallen out with someone there. He was shown the love of Christ and encouraged in the things of the Lord. He did become more confident and participated in the Bible time. He promised to come to us for tea and then to the hall, but on the day had to go for an interview. Please pray that the Lord will continue to work in his life as well.


Stephen and Carole Baker at Bethany Hall, Huyton value prayer for the work there. A good number of unsaved contacts continue to come to the Community Gospel Teas. A man from Pakistan is reading through the Bible for a third time; he and his family hear the gospel regularly. The after-school children’s work takes place fortnightly on a Friday and is encouraging. There are not large numbers but a couple of mothers and older brothers and sisters come and sit with the children. Some believers are helping to support the Street Work and prayer is valued for some individuals. One is disabled and cared for by his mother; they listened to the gospel for over 40 minutes one Friday lunchtime. A Romanian man broke down in tears when given a John 3.16 leaflet - he said he needed time to think and no doubt has some issues in his life. A man whose child has cystic fibrosis made it clear he was very angry with God, but given a tract he listened to an explanation of the gospel. He has a past history of drug abuse but says he has been clean for some months. Pray that these souls may come to trust the Saviour.


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