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Graeme Paterson reports on recent work in Lanarkshire. In the weeks leading up to Christmas, he was able to speak at many assemblies in local schools. As usual, Plains Primary School had their Christmas service in the Gospel Hall. It was very encouraging to see so many children, teachers and parents present, and at our Bible Club Christmas Service many new people attended. This year, for the first time, we had a stall at the Plains Community Christmas Fayre and many tracts, framed texts, Bibles and children’s goodies were distributed and many new contacts were made. As a result, approval has been given for the bus to be used at the Gala Day this year for tract distribution and Bible stories. The bus will be used similarly in Airdrie and Coatbridge town centre.

The Bible Exhibition was busy over 12 weeks last year, and Graeme had over 20 weeks of children’s meetings and camps along with the regular school work in the local area. Pray for all who heard, and we look to the Lord for the salvation of some. Another busy year is planned in 2013. The Exhibition is booked out for 10 weeks and has already been in Newtonbreda where around 400 children attended. It is due in Plains for the first week in March after which two weeks of gospel meetings are planned. This year is the 200th anniversary of the birth of David Livingstone, so he has offered schools a special classroom lesson on this topic. There is good interest in this and he has been able to access some schools for the first time through it. The Exhibition will be in Northampton for two weeks in February, then follows an intensive few weeks of schools and meetings locally before moving further afield for the rest of the year.

"If the Lord will…"

God loves Ayrshire intend (D.V.) to distribute gospel literature in West Kilbride. For further information email:godlovesayrshire@live.co.uk or call 07827 966798.



Ballymena Gospel Hall (Cambridge Avenue): D Gilliland had an excellent meeting on New Year’s Eve. The large hall was packed with many visitors included in the numbers. People came long distances to hear excellent ministry. Very much appreciated.

Ballymoney Gospel Hall: J Hay had ministry meetings from 4th-7th February on "A Simple Summary of Bible Prophecy".

Buckna Gospel Hall: Gospel Meetings commenced on 27th January and are continuing with J Fleck and J Rogers. Many unsaved are attending and prayer would be greatly valued for loved ones and locals during this series.

Kingsmoss Gospel Hall: The Conference was held on 16th February. Speakers: P McCauley, D Radcliffe and D Williamson. Report to follow.

Rasharkin Gospel Hall: Gospel Meetings commenced in mid January and are continuing at 29th January. Interest difficult and help from other areas appreciated. Longing for blessing.

"If the Lord will…"

Kingsmoss Gospel Hall: Gospel Meetings are expected to commence with L Craig and A N Other.


Sandringham Gospel Hall: The annual New Year’s Eve ministry meeting was among the best attended in recent years. The ministry was shared by brethren Malcolm Radcliffe and Paul McCauley who both gave an excellent word. Paul McCauley had very kindly stood in at the last minute for Paul McClarty who had taken ill with flu. The assembly greatly appreciated his willing help.

Sandringham Gospel Hall: Ministry meetings with David Gilliland. While the wintry weather in January may have hindered some from attending the meetings, it gave opportunity for some timely ministry on "Bible lessons in winter weather". We were treated to a fresh approach each evening to some of the things we are well accustomed to in this land and what the Scriptures had to say about them: Monday - The treasures of the Snow, Tuesday - A decree for the Rain, Wednesday - The weight for the Winds, and Thursday - The balancings of the Clouds. Covering a wide spectrum of Bible references on these subjects, our brother ably dealt with aspects of ministry both topical and informative, as well as encouraging and challenging. The presentation of truth covering our past, present and future ensured that all who braved the adverse conditions left with their hearts warmed.

Belfast: Gospel meetings commenced in mid January in a community centre in the Highfield Estate. It was encouraging to hear of some local people in attendance in the first week and it is hoped that blessing will follow. Brethren Paul McCauley and David Williamson are the preachers and will value prayer for the seed sown in these meetings.

Bloomfield Gospel Hall: J Riddle was with the assembly for four nights on Ezra. Excellent – very practical, helpful and enjoyable.

Laganvale Gopsel Hall: D Gilliland had very well attended meetings with the assembly from 28th-31st January. Good numbers attended and visitors from other assemblies were appreciated. The ministry was based on "The Compelling Christ of Colossions". Very much appreciated.

Newtownbreda Gospel Hall: The Ayrshire Bible Exhibition was held during the third week in January. Children from local schools with their teachers attended and a very profitable time was enjoyed by all. Robert Plant and Jackson Patterson were assisted by local brethren. Robert continued during the following week with a special series of meetings for children and spoke in the assemblies of seven local schools. The children and teachers greatly enjoyed his telling and application of the story of Jonah.

Windsor Gospel Hall: Gospel Meetings commenced on 3rd February. Speakers: R Reynolds, P Kaestner.

Glengormley Gospel Hall: Brethren Paul McCauley and Paul McClarty are expected for gospel meetings commencing the week after Easter DV. It is hoped that ground will be available for a portable hall in the New Mossley area. Our two brethren have previously had a series of meetings in the Gospel Hall in recent times and it is hoped that some of those contacted at that time can be encouraged to come again. Prayer valued.


Clones Gospel Hall: Stephen Gilfillan commenced a gospel outreach in a portable hall in Lisaskea on 20th January and is continuing for a number of weeks. Good numbers attending.


Ardmore Gospel Hall: The annual New Year’s night meeting was taken by B Currie and M Radcliffe. The Ministry was profitable, and the hall was full.

Armagh Gospel Hall: R McKeown was here for one week of Bible teaching which proved to be most instructive, helpful and profitable to all.

Keady Gospel Hall: Gospel Meetings are now in a 2nd week with T Wright and N Fleck. This is a small assembly in a border town. Much prayer valued.

Ballyshiel Gospel Hall: Two weeks of Gospel Meetings in the new hall, with large numbers attending nightly, have just concluded. About 900 invitations were given out in this country district. The response was outstanding with over 80 from the surrounding countryside coming along. A young lady has professed salvation, giving great encouragement. Speakers: S Wells and J Rogers.

Tullyroan: D Gilliland and M Campbell commenced a gospel effort on 3rd February in a portable hall 1 mile from the Gospel Hall.


Omagh Gospel Hall: A very successful series of ministry meetings were held by D Gilliland from 1st-4th January. Capacity crowds filled the hall every evening.

Newtownstewart Gospel Hall: The usual New Year conference was held in a local school. Ministry was given by R McKeown, D Gilliland, W McBride and A Summers. The Bible Readings on Hebrews 5 (God’s Perfect Priest) were conducted by D Gilliland.

Newtownstewart Gospel Hall: A series of Gospel Meetings commenced on 27th January with M Radcliffe and D McGarvey. Prayer requested for Blessing and Salvation.


Killykergan: B Currie gave one week of practical teaching on "Assembly Principles". The meetings were well supported by Christians from neighbouring assemblies, including quite a number of the believers’ children.

Limavady: D McAllister was with the assembly for five nights of teaching based on the book of Amos. The teaching was both practical and instructive.


Ballymagarrick: P Coulson was with the assembly for one week of very well attended and most encouraging ministry on the subject "Levite Lessons".

Banbridge: B Currie gave much appreciated ministry on "The Life of Samuel" from 14th-18th January.

Bangor, Central Hall: P Coulson was with the assembly for three nights of very uplifting ministry on "The Sinlessness, Sonship and Sovereignty of the Lord Jesus". He also gave a most interesting and challenging report on his recent visit to India.

Growell: M Radcliffe had one week of much appreciated ministry from 14th-18th January on "The Life of Elijah" .

Dromore: W Boyd conducted Bible Readings on Revelation chapters 1-3 over eight nights between 7th and 17th January. Very profitable readings with an excellent spirit of participation.

Newry: The Assembly was greatly encouraged by one week of excellent ministry with L Craig on "The Person and Work of the Holy Spirit".

Ballykeel, Lough Road, Dromore: E Fairfield and W Martin have commenced Gospel Meetings with the assembly. Prayer requested.

"If the Lord will…"

Gransha, Rathfriland: D Gilliland and J Rogers are expected for gospel meetings after Easter in Windsor Toal’s store in Rathfriland.


Nitish and Ellen Patel have been encouraged in their work for the Lord last year at Wembley, London. Personal work outside the hall during the week allowed many Gospels of John and thousands of tracts to be distributed. Many good conversations were held and some unsaved people attended the meetings as a result. During a time of mission, four Moslems showed genuine interest in the gospel and came in to ask serious questions. Two were young lads from Afghanistan, and the other two were Shia Moslem men from Iraq and Pakistan fleeing from their Sunni Moslem brothers who are trying to kill them! They do not believe they need a sacrifice for sins, and Allah can forgive without the need for a righteous basis. All took literature and said they would like to meet again to discuss spiritual things. Usually Moslems are argumentative, but these were polite and often agreed with what we were saying.

A group of Roman Catholic men from Daman in Gujarat stood every day listening to the message on the loudspeakers. They gladly took literature and one asked for a Bible and an Emmaus study course. He told us of a message I had preached last Christmas that he and his father had listened to outside and were much impressed. He went home and told his children my story illustrating the incarnation of the Lord Jesus. How often people are listening and we don’t even realise it! One Saturday we had nine unsaved people at our Hindi gospel meeting. A Roman Catholic man has been coming regularly since last year but is not yet saved. He brought a lady friend who is a Hindu along with him. We plan to commence a new children’s work on Saturday mornings with the help of various brethren from assemblies in the area. The assembly at Wembley is numerically weak and much prayer that it will not close is sought.

Easter Opportunities

Pray that there will be many thousands of specially produced Easter tracts distributed at the end of March and stir up an interest in those who receive them to realise that Easter is more than a holiday weekend. May the wonderful message of Christ crucified and risen again be proclaimed widely and confidently – there is not another message like it!


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