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Special Gospel Meetings were held in Harley Street Gospel Hall for 3 weeks in May with Joe Baxter and Martin Hunter. About twenty different people came to the meetings, the majority of whom do not appear to make any profession of salvation. Two people professed to be saved, one an African girl called Dorcas. The visitation work was very good, with many discussions, and invitations into some homes as well. The support from Barrhead and Linwood assemblies, and from some other saints was particularly uplifting and helpful. There are only four believers in fellowship at Harley Street; they anticipated blessing right from the beginning of the series of meetings, and between 19 and 30 were present most nights. Please pray that this company will have the energy they need for the six to eight open air meetings they have on Sunday afternoons.

In Barrhead Blair Martin had two weeks' Gospel Meetings during May and had the opportunity to speak to a number of parents at the children's prize giving. He was also able to visit the local nursing home and present the gospel to the older folk and the staff. It was difficult to encourage local people to come into the hall to hear the message, but the seed was sown in other ways.


A special baptismal service was planned in Auchinleck on the first Saturday of June. Those being baptized were the daughter of a family in assembly fellowship, and two men who have been staying with Ian and Mary Robertson who have given them a lot of support. This is a great source of joy to the assembly and an encouragement to those who have helped these believers.

The assembly at Kirkconnel held a series of Gospel Meetings at the end of May into June with Dan Gilles and Aaron Colgan. The children's meetings were excellent with a number of mothers waiting with the children and listening to the messages presented. Only a few attended the adult meetings but the gospel was faithfully preached and the assembly was encouraged.


In May, Graeme Paterson visited Orkney for the third time. His first visit was at Easter last year with the Bible Exhibition in Kirkwall Sports Centre, followed by an after-school club in Stromness and children's meetings in Kirkwall Gospel Hall. This year the visit was very encouraging: in Stromness, although the numbers were not large, most were older boys who really enjoyed coming and showed good interest. One of these was baptised last year and is very keen. Others attend Stromness Baptist Church with their parents and so have some basic Bible knowledge. The attendance at the Kirkwall meetings has improved with each visit. On the last night 20 children came, which is most heartening, considering this work started with no-one coming. Here too the children's response and enthusiasm was a joy to see. All are keen to have more meetings.

School work is also showing encouraging signs. Graeme contacted the Islands Council Head of Education, who passed his details around the schools, and this resulted in Graeme giving talks on the life David Livingstone and a visit to a Scripture Union lunchtime group. Other schools, including Kirkwall Secondary, have promised access next time he visits the Islands. This is planned, God willing, for November. In the longer term (summer, 2014) Graeme intends to take his bus to Orkney for two weeks, to use as a base for tract distribution and outreach during the Stromness Shopping Week in July and for Bible Clubs at two other locations. It is good to see how the Lord is opening doors for the gospel in this way, and prayer is greatly valued.

Summer Camps

Please remember to pray for the many hundreds of children and teenagers expected at the Camps planned over six weeks in July and August in Scotland, and also for some weeks later in England. Faskally House, Pitlochry will again be the venue for six Camps from Ayrshire, Tayside, and North-east Scotland. The Shetland Camps will use their own well-developed site near Sumburgh Airport, and the Fife Camp travels again well south into England. Do pray that all these and other similar Camps will be effective in reaching many precious young people with the gospel, and also as a means of challenging and encouraging young believers to go in for spiritual and eternal things in an increasingly difficult and hostile world. Pray for wisdom and guidance for organizers, for safety for everyone, and for help to preachers to make God's Word clear and relevant to the campers. Pray especially for much spiritual blessing upon these young people along with their leaders and helpers, that hearing about Christ and seeing Christianity in action may truly impact their lives for good.



Ahoghill Gospel Hall: David McGarvey joined with the believers in the assembly at Ahoghill for one week of open air meetings from 3rd-7th June. Interest was shown as the gospel was preached each evening.

Ballymena (Cambridge Avenue): J Allen assisted in the local Bible Readings during May and June considering Revelation chapter 6 onwards. Very interesting and profitable. The teaching was much enjoyed.

I McClean held Children's Meetings in Galgorm Community Centre from 3rd-7th June.

Harryville Gospel Hall: Open air meetings took place in the surrounding housing estates over two and a half weeks during May and June. This annual event included calling at each home with a gospel booklet. A large number from the assembly attended each evening.


Glenanne Gospel Hall: Gospel Meetings outside Markethill in a tent are into a 4th week. A good number are attending nightly. Speakers: T Wright and E Fairfield.

"If the Lord will…"

Bleary: T Armstrong and J Rogers are expected in early September (DV) for Gospel Meetings.


Aughavey Gospel Hall: The Annual Ministry Meeting was held on 18th May. A packed hall heard choice words from S Jennings and David Williamson. Refreshments at the close were appreciated.

Killycurragh Gospel Hall: S Maze and R Eadie had 4 weeks of Gospel Meetings in May. The gospel was faithfully preached each night and the district was well visited. The saints were encouraged by blessing in salvation.


Donegal Town: D McAllister and G Woods continue to preach the gospel in the local community centre (end May). Two weeks have passed and a number of people from the locality have been attending.


Dunmurry Gospel Hall: Gospel Meetings with M Radcliffe and A Steele are continuing at 7th June. Very good interest. Pray for blessing.

Glengormley Gospel Hall: The meetings in the Portable Hall in New Mossley, in association with the Glengormley assembly, were encouraging with a good attendance of locals from the estate, many of whom had never been to the Gospel Hall. The gospel was clearly preached nightly by brethren Paul McCauley and Paul McClarty and we trust that the good seed sown will bear fruit in salvation.

Sandringham Gospel Hall: The assembly here enjoyed two weeks of Gospel Meetings with Elton Fairfield. The meetings had been preceded by a week of prayer and 2,000 invitations were distributed in the week before the meetings started. While response from the district was small, it was nevertheless gratifying to see some come to the hall who had never been before. Brother Fairfield took up "12 Portraits from Scripture" in the 12 nights of meetings, ably illustrating the sinner's need from "Real people in real places with real problems". Each night an accompanying "Portrait of Christ the Saviour" was clearly presented showing God's answers to man's need in every age. The saints were refreshed by the gospel faithfully and warmly preached and it is hoped that blessing to sinners will yet result. Brother Fairfield's ministry on the Lord's Days and his help in the Bible Class was also greatly appreciated.

Whitehouse Gospel Hall: Gospel Meetings in Whitehouse Primary School (kindly granted) with W Martin and S Gilfillan commenced on 9th June and continue to 30th June.


Ballymacashan: The Annual Conference was held on 25th May. Helpful ministry was given by S Jennings, W Boyd, David Williamson, S McBride and T McNeil.

Banbridge: G Williams was with the assembly for ministry on the subject of "7 Men, 7 Mountains and 7 Principles of Christian Living" from the Old Testament. Very good and well attended meetings.

Bangor, Central Hall: A Gamble was with the assembly for uplifting and challenging ministry from the Epistle to Philippians.

Bangor, Ebenezer: L Craig gave excellent and edifying ministry to the assembly over two weeks, on the subject "The Feasts of Jehovah".

Cardy: The three meetings conducted by D Gilliland on the subject of "The Bible - How it came to us" and, "How we should come to it," were very challenging and well attended with many young believers present. The assembly also hosted the Ayrshire Bible Exhibition with G Paterson and saw an excellent response from local schools during the day, and from adults in the evenings.

Craigavad: The assembly held Gospel Meetings in the former Country Club in Crawfordsburn Village with J Fleck and W Martin. The meetings were well attended and the assembly was greatly encouraged by blessing in salvation.

Crossgar: S Gilfillan and C Beresford held Gospel Meetings in a portable hall in Crossgar, with good support from near-by assemblies and some local people attending.

Drumlough: The Annual Conference was well attended with helpful ministry given by D Gilliland, A Davidson, T Meekin (Burnside), B Currie, E Fairfield and B Glendinning.

Gransha: The Annual Conference heard ministry from J Wishart, G Williams, B Glendinning, W Martin, S McBride and B Currie. A good conference and well supported.

Mullaghfernaghan: The Gospel Meetings conducted by R Pickering and T Wallace have concluded. The meetings were well attended and prayer is requested for blessing in salvation.

The assembly held its Annual Conference on 11th May and heard encouraging ministry from S MacDonald and R Pickering.

Portavogie: The New Road assembly held their Annual Conference exactly 100 years after the erection of the hall in 1913. There was a very good attendance, with profitable ministry given by W Nesbitt, D Gilliland, J Paterson, B Curie, David Williamson and E Fairfield. J Paterson continued the following week in ministry on "The Exodus from Egypt".

Rathfriland (Gransha): D Gilliland and J Rogers have concluded six and a half weeks of Gospel Meetings remarkably well attended as a result of local Christian testimony over many years. The assemblies of Drumlough and Gransha combined in this effort with the local Christians working exceptionally well together, and their efforts were visible in the large number from the area which attended. Much help enabled thousands of tracts and invitations to be distributed in the town and the surrounding area. God was pleased to bless in the salvation of souls and prayer would still be valued for some that showed an interest in salvation that the seed sown would bring further fruit to the glory of God.

Rostrevor: K Newell and R Shannon commenced Gospel Meetings on 10th June (Monday-Friday only) in Rostrevor House, Greenpark Road, Rostrevor, a former convent. Prayer requested.

"If the Lord will…"

Portavogie: D Gilliland and J Rogers are expected early in November (DV) for Gospel Meetings.


Ballinamallard: D McGarvey spent several weeks in June preaching the gospel nightly, and engaging in conversation with local people on their doorsteps during the day. Continue to pray for God's blessing on the seed sown.



Stephen Baker has a regular monthly event to reach people in business circles. Recently he was contacted by quite a successful businessman who asked if they could meet. He wanted to know why Stephen was doing this work and what the essence of the message of the gospel was. The hour flew past and he said he would keep in touch. A number of other contacts were made at the same event, and Stephen is hopeful they will read, watch or listen to his online gospel outreach. An average of 135 people read these online articles and many more listen to the audio messages or watch the videos. In total he has contact with over 9,000 people each week. From what can be measured, over 27,000 have accessed the gospel message in this format to date. For over 10 weeks now he has also been broadcasting a program for an hour each week on the local university radio. Pray for this potentially fruitful means of reaching many others with the gospel. Recently he had a week of schools' work in Salisbury when over 1,500 children heard the gospel. Please pray for the assembly in Salisbury where there are only four believers in fellowship.


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