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Poetry: Golgotha

M J Cordiner

Forth from Jerusalem, His cross now bearing,
All heav'n is bowed to view the sombre scene,
Upon His head the crown of thorns still wearing,
Within His heart deep love as ne'er has been.

Hear from His cross His prayer to God ascending
As fragrant myrrh exuding from the tree.
Sorrows and sweetness here together blending,
Arising in their fullness unto Thee.

Of tender love this is the full expression.
His great concern for others, where we see
His caring counsel, cries and intercession,
Combining in the sweetest harmony.

Darkness descends, the storm clouds now are breaking
Upon the One who will for sin atone.
The awful curse, the cup, the dread forsaking:
He bears it in His body all alone.

"Finished!" His cry, eternally resounding.
His foes lie crushed beneath His piercèd feet.
Finished – we rest where God now rests, abounding
In love so vast and in His work complete.


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