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Newmachar, Aberdeen

The first contact many children in schools around Aberdeen have had with the gospel recently has been through Graeme Smith. Hundreds of pupils have heard stories of Christ and His miracles, the lost sheep and the lost son. Please pray that they will understand the message of forgiveness through our Lord Jesus Christ. Some have been singing the Bible songs at home and during the visits many have been asking questions. Another cohort of primary 5 pupils (aged 10) has finished the Bible Alive Old Testament review. Pray that the Lord will open their hearts to understand the way of salvation as the New Testament review begins in March. Pray too for preparations for the Aberdeenshire Bible Exhibition in May and for wisdom to know what to give away in the Exit Packs.

A local Club group doing their "Faith Badge" has chosen Inverurie Gospel Hall to "investigate" - pray that God will bless as they hear His Word. The Good News Club there has 8 – 10 who attend and one young girl has trusted the Saviour. Pray that she may go on to serve the Lord. Around 20 attend the Newmachar Good News Club currently held in Graeme and Fiona's living room, as the old Village Hall has been demolished and the new one is not yet complete.

In Aberdeen, Woodside School has a small group of around 8 pupils attending regularly. Another Scripture Union group has 60 – 100 pupils each Friday. Dyce Academy SU group (ages 12 – 18) has 6 – 8 regular pupils. Along with a Christian Pupil Support Assistant there has been good discussion about who the Lord Jesus is and the importance of His death and resurrection. Pray for guidance as to future studies since some pupils are saved and baptized whilst others know very little about the Bible.


In the latter part of 2013 the assembly in Perth was saying with the Psalmist, "the Lord hath done great things for us; whereof we are glad".

The development of the upstairs level of the Gospel Hall was completed last June and has proved a very useful resource during Bible Study Week, the Christianity Explored Course, and regular Sunday School work.

After their Annual Conference in September, some evenings were given to prayer when the presence of God was really felt. Prayer was answered when over the next few months they had the thrill and encouragement of seeing some profess faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. Two of these new believers have been baptised, and three have been received into fellowship and are already well integrated and involved in the work of the assembly.

The regular work in the Toddlers' Group, school visits, and Care Home services continues to be an encouragement. The weekly Gospel Meeting always has several unsaved people present and the Sunday School/Youth work continues to be strong.

During the last few months of the year Stephen Grant spent two weeks visiting local schools with the message of the Bible. Another Christianity Explored Course was run and saw God's blessing, both numerically and spiritually. Good numbers attended the Christmas Services in the Sunday Schools at Perth and at Comrie.

During February Ian Campbell visited for a few days and spent some time in street evangelism on Perth High Street. Gordon McCracken is now expected to visit local schools and also run a "Children's Superclub". A further Christianity/Discipleship Explored Course is also planned, focussing on new believers and the contacts made. Also in the exercise of local believers a short series of Gospel Meetings is planned in Bridge of Earn in April and Comrie in May.

The assembly is gratefully marvelling at what God has done: He is "able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think".

"If the Lord will…"

God loves Ayrshire intend (D.V.) to distribute gospel literature in Troon on 12th April. For further information call 07827 966798.



Ballymena (Harryville): Gospel Meetings commenced on 3rd March in Ballee Community Centre (kindly granted) with A Steele and D Williamson. Prayer and support appreciated.

Ballyvaddy Gospel Hall: On Friday, 28th February, a meeting was held in the new hall for all the workmen involved in the construction and also for neighbours. A large number attended and the meeting was opened by D Davidson with a clear message of what we believe and practise in the Gospel Hall followed by a challenging message in the gospel by W Fenton. The new hall was officially opened on Saturday, 1st March. The building was packed to capacity with an overflow extending into a temporary building. The meeting was introduced by James and Andrew McNeill and then ministry from D Gilliland and T McNeill followed by an interval for refreshments. Concluding ministry was given by L Ballantine and J Fleck. A very happy, profitable time was enjoyed by the very many who attended from various places. D Gilliland followed with three nights of helpful and encouraging ministry.

Ballywatermoy Gospel Hall: There has been a very encouraging start to Gospel Meetings which commenced on 2nd March with W Fenton and S Gilfillan.

Bushmills Gospel Hall: Gospel Meetings commenced on 12th January and continued to 28th February with S Gilfillan and A Caldwell. The assembly was encouraged by the good numbers attending, with unsaved present nightly. A man, who in early days had attended Sunday School in the outreach hall in the village of Dervock, professed salvation - a great encouragement to the preachers and to the assembly.

Clough Gospel Hall (with the support of the Broughshane assembly) held four weeks of very well attended Gospel Meetings in a disused car showroom on the Cushendall Road. E Fairfield and D Strahan were the speakers. The response from the community was most encouraging with many visitors listening to the gospel faithfully preached. There was much joy and thanksgiving as a result of the Lord blessing in salvation.

Kingsmoss Gospel Hall: The Annual Conference took place on 15th February. The speakers were S Jennings, E Fairfield and W Fenton. There was an excellent attendance, and the local assembly in Kingsmoss, together with many visitors from other assemblies, were much cheered, and also challenged by the ministry given.


Kilmore Gospel Hall: Gospel Meetings commenced in mid-February with W Martin and J Fleck. The area has been well visited and many invitations given out. The local assembly are looking to God for blessing and in this respect much prayer is requested.

Lungs Gospel Hall: The short series of Gospel Meetings conducted by D McGarvey and G Woods concluded in the last week of February. People from the local district were present and one man who attended well professed salvation.


Glenburn Gospel Hall: J Rogers and T Armstrong are expected for Gospel Meetings commencing on 16th March.

Newtownbreda Gospel Hall: Four weeks of Gospel Meetings with M Radcliffe and A Steele concluded on 21st February. Attendance was encouraging and the assembly rejoiced that God graciously blessed with salvation.

Sandringham Assembly: The assembly enjoyed a week of profitable ministry in early February with Wesley Martin on the subject: "Truths relating to the Local Assembly". This continued our theme of "Things most surely believed among us", and was judged helpful especially to the many younger believers who attended with interest. Support from other assemblies in the locality and also further afield was greatly appreciated.


Ballyshiel Gospel Hall: J Rogers and I Gordon have concluded seven weeks of Gospel Meetings which were very well attended with good support from other assemblies. Some showed concern.

Drumacanver Gospel Hall: T Meekin and J Bingham have concluded 7 weeks of Gospel Meetings. The area was well visited and quite a number came from the district. Support from local assemblies was appreciated, and the hall was filled nightly.

Lurgan Gospel Hall: Gospel Meetings commenced on 2nd March with M Turkington and C Beresford. Prayer valued.


Annalong: The Gospel meetings conducted by R Pickering and D Radcliffe in Ballyvea School House have concluded. Attendance throughout the meetings was most encouraging.

Craigavad: W Boyd was with the assembly for a week of very helpful and challenging ministry on Romans Chapters 12-16.

Drumaness: B Currie and J Palmer have concluded five weeks of Gospel Meetings. The assembly worked most diligently and quite a few local people attended. Prayer requested for blessing in salvation.

Growell: J McMaster was with the assembly for three nights on the subject: "Evangelism – Who is my Neighbour". He also gave a report on his work for the Lord.

Newtownards (James St): A Davidson and S Nelson continue in the gospel in a portable hall at the West Winds estate with good interest and support from neighbouring assemblies.


Limavady: R McKeown was with the assembly for five nights of teaching on the features of a New Testament assembly. These meetings followed the recent series of gospel meetings in the town hall. The assembly was encouraged, not only by the teaching, but also by the fact that some who had attended the gospel meetings attended the ministry meetings – this being their first time to be in the Gospel Hall.



The Lord has graciously provided a van for Alan Barber to use in his work in the gospel. Verses of Scripture are painted on it and it will be used to visit agricultural shows with gospel literature. The local market in Hartlepool and other town centres in the area also provide opportunities for gospel witness. The work in schools continues to give encouragement. An invitation has already been received from one local school to speak at the Easter Service when pupils, staff and parents will be present.


Stephen Baker visits five local schools, mainly to take assemblies. As a result of building up relationships he has the opportunity to teach classes for a six week period in three different schools. The format is similar to that of a children's meeting, lasting around 45 minutes. Topics such as creation, sin, rules, respecting authority, and courage are covered using the Bible as the textbook. In each class there are at least 3 adults as well as children. He also visits a local High School to give Bible teaching to a group of Christian pupils.

In Liverpool city centre, open airs on Tuesdays and Fridays are effective in reaching out with the gospel. It is encouraging to have other local believers helping with this work even when Stephen is not available. Prayer would be appreciated for some recent contacts: K, a Russian lady who was at first very antagonistic; E initially refused a leaflet but then accepted one after a chat (it turned out he is attending church with the sole purpose of getting his son into a church school); N and R are both carers - N takes foster children to a local Baptist Church every Sunday, and although he put up a polite smokescreen he seemed to be quite interested.


Andy Mullan has had contact with M who has been in and out of prison. Time spent with him over a week gave opportunities for the gospel, but, sadly, after that week he was back inside. Released again over Christmas, he got to stay at a hostel. Since then there has been little contact with him but this led to an opportunity to share the gospel with other residents on a one to one basis each Sunday for half an hour. Pray for E and S who have shown an interest and taken a Bible.

This term again has given a tremendous opportunity in taking the Key Stage 2 assembly each Wednesday at Yorkmead School Hall Green. This is the school where Andy taught and it is wonderful to continue contact with staff and pupils on this regular basis. The intake at Yorkmead is 90% Muslim Pakistani yet complete freedom is given - pray for wisdom to share the gospel yet not abuse this liberty.

The weekly routine continues in personal tract work on the streets, open airs and door to door visitation of long term contacts. Of these please pray for F as conversations held have been profitable. His wife S has now arrived in this country but he has since lost his job. We believe these things happen for a purpose and we long to hear of their salvation. Also further opportunity has been given to reach out to S and L. S thinks of the Gospel Hall as her "church" and had cards for people and presents for the children at Christmas. Pray that they will pursue a relationship with Christ above social relationships with people.


Jonathan Black had a week of children's meetings, and the assembly was encouraged to see a good number of children and parents in the Hall.


Robert Plant had 2 weeks of children's meetings in February/March with good interest and attendance.


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