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Ainslie Paterson and Gareth Edwards had two weeks of Gospel Meetings in fellowship with the assembly in Dedridge, Livingston. Invitations were distributed on the Saturday prior to the meetings. Three ladies attended the regular Gospel Meeting, one of whom came to a few of the meetings over the two weeks. Another lady came a few times and has also been back to the regular Gospel Meeting. Give thanks to God for a young man who was brought by believers from Perth and has since trusted the Lord. Over the two weeks some believers who were once in assembly fellowship also came; do pray for restoration as well as salvation. The local saints express their appreciation for the good support from surrounding assemblies.


Joe Baxter and Martin Hunter have been conducting special Gospel Meetings during August in Dennistoun Gospel Hall. The meetings were held on three Wednesdays from 8.00pm to 8.45pm and on three Lord's Days from 7.00pm to 7.45pm. They also visited some of the homes in Dennistoun, speaking face-to-face with people and passing on to them gospel literature. Pray that souls will be saved and that the small assembly will be encouraged.



Ballycastle (Lammas Fair): The Annual Open Air Meetings conducted on the sea front on 25th and 26th August were very well supported. Thousands of tracts were distributed by young brethren. Help was given by J Rogers, T McNeill, E Johnston, and various local brethren which was much appreciated.

Ballymena (Harryville): D McKillen had a week of Children's Meetings in Tullygarley Community Centre during the last week in August. It was a very encouraging time with quite a number of parents attending on the final night.

Carnlough: A week of very favourable weather was enjoyed during the open airs at the harbour with many people attending and listening to the gospel preached. Gospel tracts were distributed and the assembly is very thankful to Alan Smith (Scotland) for his help.

Larne (Craigyhill): The Annual Conference and Bible Readings were held in Larne Leisure Centre from 22nd to 25th August. The subject for the Bible Readings, "Early Evangelism in Europe and Ephesus" (Acts 16-19), created a great interest and provoked active and helpful participation for the benefit and instruction of all present. Encouraging numbers attended with many younger believers present. The gospel was simply and sincerely preached on the Lord's Day, by brethren M Radcliffe and J Black, with quite a few unsaved present. Brethren W Martin, A DeVille, J Fleck and J Grant shared in the opening of the Bible Readings.

Portrush Gospel Hall: S Jennings had a week of well-attended ministry meetings from 11th to 15th August, concluding studies on "The Feasts of Jehovah".


Sandringham Gospel Hall: The assembly enjoyed a visit from brother S Higgins at the end of July for four nights of ministry on Romans 12-15. The challenge of these very practical chapters was clearly presented and its weight was duly felt.

Suitable guidelines were given to all age groups of believers as to how these challenges could be met. The relevance of the epistle's teaching for the 21st century was established and it was felt that the ministry would have lasting profit. We appreciated the help and fellowship of Christians visiting from neighbouring and more distant assemblies.

On 15th August we finished a week of children's meetings with brother Robert Plant in Eden Gospel Hall, which is an outreach from Sandringham assembly. It was a most encouraging week with around 80 children in attendance over the week and roughly 40 each night. We also had about 20 parents in on the last night for the "prize giving" and light refreshments. All of these were locals who brought and collected the children nightly. We felt it to be a very profitable week and Robert, with his unique style and skill in both handling and teaching the children, endeared himself to young and old alike. The assembly purpose continuing a weekly Friday meeting from September through the winter months, DV, and trust that we will yet see in the village of Eden, a river of blessing flow out to water the needy land around these parts.


Tassagh: Gospel tent meetings are continuing into the 5th week with D Gilliland and T Wright. There are very encouraging numbers each night with many strangers from the surrounding areas coming, and several of the believers' families are attending well.


Fintona Gospel Hall: In mid-August, believers gathered for the Annual Conference. Helpful and instructive ministry was given by R McKeown, U Ussher, A Davidson, W J Nesbitt, B Currie and T McNeill.

Kilmore Gospel Hall: The Annual Conference was held on 26th July. Speakers were D Gilliland, G Woods, L Carswell, J McCann, and B Glendinning. The ministry given was considered good.

Kingsmills Gospel Hall: The Annual Conference was held on 12th July. The number of believers attending was an increase from the previous year. Very helpful and practical ministry was given by S Jennings, W Boyd, A Davidson, M Turkington, I McKee, and T Wright.


Bridgetown (Co Donegal): The assembly was much encouraged by the meetings for the ministry of the Word held during early August. A large number attended on the main day (Saturday), many of whom remained for the Lord's Day and ministry on 1st Peter by brother S Higgins, who continued in ministry through to the Thursday evening. The assembly is deeply thankful to God for all that took place, to the speakers who brought helpful ministry, and to all the believers who attended. Particularly heartening was the large number of young people who attended the meetings, and who also helped with tract distribution in the towns of Ballybofey and Stranorlar.

Next year, the meetings are scheduled for 1st to 6th August, in the will of the Lord.

Killykergan: J Fleck and S Gilfillan are in their fifth week of meetings. A 14 year old daughter of a couple, on holiday from Belgium, has made it known that she has been saved.

Portstewart: The annual drive-in open-air meetings at "The Pits" have, once again, proved to be encouraging. They were held each Sunday evening during the months of July and August. A few of the evenings saw over 100 cars in the car park, and it was obvious that some of the people listening in their cars would not have been accustomed to attending gospel meetings. Also, the assembly held open-air meetings on the Portstewart promenade each Saturday evening during July and August. There was "a good ear" for what was being preached, with some listening from the comfort of their cars. Large amounts of literature were distributed.

At the close of these meetings each evening, the Christians then moved to the neighbouring resort of Portrush for another open-air meeting. The assembly would like to thank all those who came and preached and also those who stood with them. R Plant had five mornings of Children's Meeting in the Gospel Hall in July. These were primarily for the children of believers on holiday in the area.


Annalong & Ballykeel (Mourne): B Eadie and S Maze hosted their Bible Exhibition in Ballyinran Community Centre near the Silent Valley. There was an excellent response from surrounding areas, with some 400 people visiting the Exhibition during the week.

Ballynahinch: A Davidson and S Nelson continue in Gospel Meetings in a tent erected in this needy area. Attendance has been encouraging.

Cardy: The assembly held its annual "Cardy Gospel Outreach" in Strangford College, Carrowdore, from 21st-25th July, with N McClarty being the speaker. The large number of children present were very well behaved, with excellent participation and attention. Over 500 parents and children attended on the final evening.

Drumlough: D Gilliland was with the assembly for one week of most encouraging and well-attended Ministry on the subject of "Some 3s in Scripture".

Gransha: U Crothers was with the assembly for four nights of very helpful Ministry on the book of Ruth.

Growell: The assembly held a week of Children's Meetings, conducted by I Shanks, in Beechlawn School, Hillsborough. Good numbers attended with blessing in salvation.

Kilkeel: U Ussher was with the assembly for three nights, two of which were Ministry, and on the other evening he gave a report of his work for the Lord in Venezuela.

Newry: The assembly held open-air meetings, with J Rogers, in several housing estates in Newry. Over 1,000 homes were visited with quite a few useful conversations resulting. Invitations were also given out for the forthcoming Gospel Meetings in Bessbrook Gospel Hall, to be conducted by D McAllister and P McCauley.

Plantation Road, Lisburn: The Gospel Meetings being conducted by B Currie and J Palmer at Sprucefield continue with good attendance.


Newcastle West

Colin and Natalie Burnett have recently been encouraged with door to door work over four weeks in Foynes and Ardagh, small towns near Newcastle West. They had many good talks and were invited into three homes for tea; please pray for these families. Two ladies especially were deeply impressed and tearful to realise what the grace of God had done for them. One of the helpers, Eddie, used to play in a band in the pubs of these towns and was also the local postman, so this was a big deal for him. After the visits in Foynes he said how hard it was as he knew everyone; he felt he would be the talk of the town. Do pray for Eddie as his wife Mary is not yet saved.

D is a young teenager whom they have been trying to help. He is doing well and showing signs of growth although he has still a long way to go. After burning all his demon books he came to the conclusion that the games he plays are also bad and waste huge amounts of time, so he burned all of them too. He also gave up his smartphone to keep temptation out of his way. Colin now meets with him weekly for a Bible study which seems to be going well. He has asked to come out on the doors with them and to help on the market stall, so it is good to see him learning how to share the gospel with others.

Charleyville and Dingle

Andy Shanks has visited the Charleyville Show in North County Cork again, and the West Kerry Show in Dingle for the first time. The Charleyville Show is the biggest two day show in Ireland. Good weather brought out the crowds and a number of believers, only recently saved, came to help. There were many lengthy conversations with people and many took away gospel literature. At the smaller Dingle Show they met many who appeared to be hearing the gospel for the first time. Some seemed sceptical, but pray that their hearts might be opened to the gospel.

Postal Bible Sunday School

In June, Noel McMeekin with others was involved in distributing some 18,000 tracts in the towns and villages of Co Cavan and Co Monaghan. Also, one weekend in June, around 30 young people were taken for a Bible Teaching Weekend and these have been an encouragement. In the last week of June their first Bible Club of the summer was in the village of Newbliss, with 60-70 young people each night, all but one family from a Roman Catholic background.

In July there was the annual PBS Summer Holiday Week Camp at Avoca, Co Wicklow. The weather was tremendous and God really blessed as over 100 campers and leaders joined the camp. David Brown from Carrickfergus was the speaker. Each morning his subject was "People and their prayers", and in the evening "The names of the Lord Jesus Christ". Many young believers spoke of being challenged and encouraged and two young people are known to have trusted the Saviour.

Since then they have had a Holiday Bible Club in Smithborough and then a Bible Activity week in their own assembly in Drum. Please pray that the busy summer will yield fruit in salvation.

Rathmines (Dublin): Gospel Meetings are continuing with T Matthews, E Fairfield and J Rogers. Prayer requested.



The assembly had 3 weeks of Gospel Meetings with I Jackson and M Hall. The meetings were held in a Tent on a housing estate in the town. It was encouraging to see a good number of souls gathered in and some who showed a consistent interest.


Nitish and Ellen Patel continue to be encouraged in their children's work at Wallington. At the bi-annual children's Holiday Club a total of 69 children came, and parents were present to hear the gospel at the prize-giving. One young lad who lived in Thornton Heath and came with friends now comes regularly to the children's club at Clifton Hall on Wednesdays. The Easter Holiday Club there also had good numbers - 82 in total with a daily average of over 60. Many parents and family were present for the prize-giving.

At Wembley, numbers had declined after Christmas. On visiting a family from which four sisters came they were told that the girls didn't enjoy it anymore - there were too many children attending! However, the positive outcome was that the girls returned and continue to attend. Weekly numbers are not as high as last year but are steady at around 30-40 on Saturday mornings and 12-20 for the Teen Club in the afternoon. Since starting this work last year, over 150 children have heard the gospel. However, the parents of a couple of older girls have stopped them from coming - they were told it is a sin to go to a church. Pray that these children will be able to come back.

On an outing to Paradise Park some parents came and one commented that we loved the children more than their parents did! This was a nice thing to say and we trust that the love of God seen in the lives of the believers will be a testimony to them.


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