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Christ, the Perfect Man: The Excellency of His Character and Ways

C H Mackintosh

The Lord Jesus, when here on earth, was the only perfect man this world has ever seen. He was all and always perfect, under the eye of God and before men. He was perfect in thought, perfect in word, and perfect in action. In Him every moral quality was seen in perfect proportion and manifestation. No single feature predominated. In the "man Christ Jesus" there were perfectly blended a majesty which overawed, and a gentleness which gave perfect ease in His presence. The Scribes and Pharisees met His withering rebukes, while the poor Samaritan, and the woman that was a sinner found themselves unaccountably yet irresistibly attracted to Him. No one feature in His character displaced another, for all was in fair and comely proportion. He could say in reference to five thousand hungry people that followed Him in the barren desert, "Give ye them to eat", and when they were filled He commanded, "Gather up the fragments that remain, that nothing be lost". The benevolence and the economy are seen to be equally perfect, and neither interferes with the other. Each shines in its own proper sphere. He could not send away a hungry people unfed, nor could He suffer a fragment of God's creation to be wasted. He could bountifully meet the need of men with a full and liberal hand, and when that was done He could see to every atom of that which was not required, so that nothing provided by God for human need should be lost. The self-same hand that was widely opened to every form of human need was firmly closed against all prodigality and waste. There was nothing meagre in His measure of supply, nor was there any extravagance in the manner of His providing for man's need. In this, as in all else in which the Lord Jesus appears, He is ever absolutely perfect in His character and ways. He was perfect in all He did and gave, and equally so in that which He refused to sanction. How blessed and refreshing to the soul it is to be so occupied with Him in all the perfections of His character throughout His earthly course.



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