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End of year opportunities

In December, altogether many thousands of Gospel Tracts with a Christmas theme were distributed from many assemblies across the UK, in the streets and into homes, and invitations to special Christmas Services accompanied them. It was gratifying to find how many local people were willing, even keen, to come to these. They could join in singing the beautiful traditional Christmas carols and many found them very moving. Others also spoke appreciatively of the welcome they received and the way that the meaning of our Lord's coming into the world was described and applied in usually short and relevant messages. Such opportunities to have our local people come into our Gospel Halls are to be seized and valued, even although they happen too infrequently. We can all pray that even yet the Lord will bless how His Word was presented and listened to in this appropriate and friendly setting.

Another once a year opportunity used to get the Word of God into people's homes is the distribution of Gospel Calendars obtained from a variety of sources. They will probably hang on the walls of many homes where they will be noticed in days to come and their message read. May the Holy Spirit use these challenging and inviting verses of Scripture to the conviction and conversion of not a few. This is another worthwhile exercise we cannot afford to overlook, and will support it during the year with our prayers. This work in the UK is well spread out among many people, but in some overseas countries the effort is on a much larger scale although it is shared by fewer workers. To quote but two examples out of many more: in Armenia 20,000 calendars were distributed throughout that country by a very small number of Christians, and in Ukraine it was again 20,000 in the region around the assembly in Lutsk. Let's remember to pray for this work abroad also.

New Year Conferences

For many years some Scottish assemblies have arranged their conferences to take place at New Year time. It is a convenient and traditional holiday period but it also gives a valuable opportunity to look back and be thankful for the Lord's goodness in the past year, and also be motivated to look forward with an anticipation of further help from the Lord to continue for Him until He comes again. This year these conferences from Aberdeen in the north, through Fife on the east and into Lanarkshire and Ayrshire on the west were times of refreshing and blessing. It was especially encouraging to find that nearly half of the audiences in some cases were made up of younger believers, many of whom had travelled from quite distant parts of the UK to be present where the Word of God was taught. They were not disappointed, for God enabled His servants to bring timely and encouraging ministry which they, and all other age groups too, need to hear and heed. The relatively mild weather helped to make travelling easier, and the total number at these conferences was as large as it has been for many years.



Ballymena Gospel Hall (Cambridge Avenue): A very profitable meeting was held at 11.00pm on New Year's Eve, known as "The last meeting of the year". The large building was packed to capacity and D Gilliland gave excellent ministry using the subject, "Where do we go from here". The meeting concluded at 12.15am with refreshments.


Omagh Gospel Hall: As in previous years, a week of Ministry Meetings was held in the hall over the year end and New Year period. On this occasion the speaker was D McAllister. His interesting subject was entitled "Looking backward - Looking forward" as seen in the life of the Apostle Paul. The Scripture under consideration was 2 Timothy. The assembly was most encouraged as the hall was filled each night to capacity.

Newtownstewart: The Annual Conference was held in a schoolhouse on 1st January. A large number of believers gathered to hear ministry by B Glendinning E Fairfield, W Martin and M Penfold. Mr Penfold was responsible for the Bible Reading on Hebrews 7.

The conference was counted to be a profitable one with timely ministry given.


Ardmore Gospel Hall: The Ministry Meeting on 1st January was taken by J Finnigan and J Black. The meeting was large and most profitable.

Kilmore Gospel Hall: Special Gospel Meetings commenced on 11th January with T Wright and N Fleck.

Teaguy Gospel Hall: The assembly had 3 weeks of Gospel Meetings. The speakers were B Glendinning and H Milliken.


Ballywalter: P Coulson was with the assembly in November for very encouraging and well supported ministry on the subject of "Servants, Sons, Shepherds and Saints".

Edenderry: The assembly had a week of much appreciated ministry with P Coulson on the subject of "The Kingdom of God".

Kilkeel: The assembly held its Annual Conference on 26th December when helpful ministry was given by A Davidson, J McCann, B Currie, S Harper, A Nesbitt and M Penfold. The Gospel Meetings being conducted in the hall by C Beresford and A Nesbitt have continued into January, stopping only on 26th and 27th December. Prayer is requested for blessing in salvation.

Newtownards (James Street): B Currie had two weeks of ministry from 12th-23rd January on "Studies on the Tabernacle".


Monaghan Gospel Hall: Gospel Meetings commenced on 11th January. Speakers: S Nelson, T McKinley.


Glengormley Gospel Hall: J Fleck had a week of Practical Bible Teaching from 12th-16th January on "Keeping the Lamb Burning at Ephesus".

Sandringham Gospel Hall: The annual New Year's Eve Ministry Meeting was probably the largest ever. Both the main hall and the anteroom were filled to capacity and the ministry was excellent. We were privileged to have Dr Clark Logan (Botswana) and Mr Jonathan Black (London) to share the meeting. It was especially gratifying to see representatives from no less than 22 assemblies in attendance. We trust that God will bless His Word. Our thanks to all who supported us.


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