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Poetry: A Threefold Blessing

R Benn

Thou hast said it, Lord and Master,
Sweetest promise to Thine own;
Sanctifying, blessing, guiding,
Gatherings in Thy name alone.
Oh! What cordial love should bind us,
All who meet in His dear Name;
Let's ensure He'll never find us
Disunited, loveless, lame.

"In the midst" for sinners dying,
Life poured out that they might live;
Now behold Him! crowned with thorns,
Nailed and pierced, that life to give.
Still He comes with earnest pleading,
Seeking sinners for His home:
Will you yet resist unheeding?
Wandering sinner, listen and come.

"In the midst" now crowned with glory,
Throned in splendour, yet the same;
Lamb and Leader, Shepherd, Feeder,
Centrepoint, His glorious Name.
Even there they cannot spare Him,
Lord of all the countless throng;
"In the midst" 'tis Jesus only,
Theme of heaven's eternal song.

-R Benn


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