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The Millennium by Donald C B Cameron; published and available from John Ritchie Ltd; 271 pages. Price £8.99 (9781910513064)

Donald Cameron's works on prophecy are carefully researched and clearly presented. This volume maintains those standards. It deals with Biblical truth that has been under attack for centuries, so much so that today not all Christians would understand the term "millennium". The sub-title of The Millennium sets out the standpoint from which the author proceeds – "Restoration After Retribution". The back cover elaborates helpfully on those two points. Restoration is the future age when the Lord Jesus will rule unchallenged in righteousness in the world in which He was despised, rejected and crucified. Retribution climaxes in Christ's visible intervention in power and glory at the Battle of Armageddon.

The book begins by providing answers to five basic questions about the millennium: What? Where? Why? When? and Who? Clear answers are provided. In the Introduction, before addressing the five questions, the author states: "My stance is known as pre-Millennial/Pre-Tribulational, and this will be reflected throughout the book". He does not avoid terms like The Rapture, a clear definition of which term he provides within the main body of The Millennium and within the six-page Glossary. (The Glossary contains 34 definitions, not all of which might be classified as "technical expressions", but also terms that teachers often assume are widely understood, including Antichrist, Beast, Church Age, Diaspora, Judgment of the Nations, Messiah, Remnant and Tribulation Period.)

One interesting feature of Donald Cameron's book is a paragraph, not quite a page in length in which he comments on those who, before and after the Reformation, were champions of Pre-millennialism including John Napier, the Edinburgh mathematician who invented logarithms, who developed a chart of seven dispensations ending with the Millennium. Others listed include John Nelson Darby, John Milton, Sir Isaac Newton, Charles Wesley and Augustus Toplady.

The Millennium is an eminently readable book, which assists those who are unfamiliar with the Biblical truth it endorses and will be refreshing to those who, from early youth, have had a familiarity with the themes the author addresses.


Tell me more about the Lord Jesus by Bert Cargill; published by and available from John Ritchie Ltd; 100 pages. Price £7.99 (9781910513163)

This is a new release in the series Tell me more about... specifically designed for readers whose first language is not English. Its clarity of expression will commend it to readers of all ages, and it will prove helpful to a wide age range of young believers and those seeking to understand what Christians believe.

This book comprises ten chapters. Interestingly, the author begins with an introductory chapter that seeks to establish the relationship between the reader and the Lord Jesus. It questions whether the Lord is the reader's Saviour, Lord, Friend, and Hope, immediately showing the importance of the contents that follow in the remaining chapters. In common with the other chapters, the Introduction concludes with commonly asked questions, suggested further reading, and a list of points to remember.

Tell me more about the Lord Jesus deals with the Lord's eternality, His deity, His real humanity, His perfect life among men, His sacrificial death, His glorious resurrection, His present session in heaven, His promised return, and His millennial reign. In handling each aspect of what should be told about the Lord Jesus, the author evidences his awareness of the limited, even erroneous, views held by those who have only brushed shoulders with Christians. Therefore, in writing of Christ's death, he sets aside a number of viewpoints: "He was not forced into death as a martyr might be…He did not die for the same reason other men die". The chapter on Christ's resurrection sweeps away conclusively the fallacies that have been spread from the first century onwards.

Tell me more about the Lord Jesus is a welcome addition to the Tell me more about... series. It will prove helpful to both those seeking to learn, including those young in the faith and those not yet saved.



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