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Thoughts on Prayer

T Fowell Buxton

When I am out of heart I follow David's example and fly for refuge to prayer and he furnishes me with a store of prayer.

I am bound to acknowledge that I have always found that my prayers have been heard and answered. In almost every instance I have received what I asked for. Hence I feel permitted to offer up my prayers for everything that concerns me.

I am inclined to imagine that there are no little things with God. His hand is as manifest in the feathers of a butterfly's scales, in the eye of an insect, in the folding and packing of a blossom, in the curious aqueducts by which a leaf is nourished, as in the creation of the world and in the laws in which planets move.

I understand literally the injunction, "In everything ... let your requests be made known unto God" (Phil 4.6). I cannot but notice how these prayers have been met".


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