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Over the summer Alan Smith has been busy with meetings and literature distribution. A few young men came to the short series of Gospel Meetings in Auldgirth in June, then in Douglas (South Lanarkshire) there was a good response during meetings held in the Community Centre and in the open air in August. Over 700 invitations along with a John 3.16 message were distributed there to good effect. During July, with the help of others, gospel literature was distributed in Dalmellington and Straiton, then in August it was towns around Oban on the west coast, and in September in villages between Dumfries and Annan. Pray that although some of the Seed seemed to fall on stony ground, other would find good ground in which to take root and bear fruit.


The small assembly in Musselburgh had three weeks of Gospel Meetings in September - October with Joe Baxter and Martin Hunter preaching. More than 25 visitors, most of whom were probably not saved, came to the meetings. Some appeared to be under conviction of sin, one professed salvation the night after the meetings finished, and another the following week. Good support for the meetings was given from neighbouring companies of believers which was greatly appreciated. Prayer is requested for the assembly in Musselburgh that there will be souls saved and added to it; weekly Gospel Meetings on Lord's Day always have unsaved folk present, some coming in a minibus from a local Care Home. Correspondence continues with many of those contacted during visits made around the town.


In September of this year Holburn Gospel Hall in Aberdeen hosted two weeks of children's gospel outreach. During the first week Gordon McCracken's Bible Exhibition was erected in the Hall. The interactive exhibition was well received by both pupils and teachers who attended. During the week around 300 pupils were present with their teachers and classroom assistants. We were delighted that one school, which had in previous years declined to come, not only attended but asked if we would take a school assembly the following week. Each of the classes was provided with a copy of Building Stones along with a second copy for the school library.

During the second week an After School Bible Club was organised at a local Community Centre with up to 25 pupils and many parents attending, and Gordon was also able to take eight school assemblies – many of them full school assemblies - during that week. In all, during the two weeks over 2,000 pupils heard the gospel together with a significant number of teaching staff.

The assembly have continued to run an After School Bible Club on a weekly basis with a regular attendance of around 10 to 12 pupils and a number of mothers also attending.

The annual Children's Bible Week was held by the assembly at Peterhead in mid October, with an average of 80 children coming each day. God's way of salvation was clearly explained to them by various local brethren, backed up by singing gospel choruses and engaging in crafts, with the help of younger brethren and sisters greatly appreciated. There was great joy when two young children professed faith in the Lord Jesus. A significant proportion of the children came from families with no connection with the assembly.  

Immediately afterwards, at the end of the school holiday week, Gordon McCracken, Howard McCracken and Matthew Cordiner set up the Bible Exhibition in the Gospel Hall. Children from several primary schools visited the exhibition each day and many teachers as well as pupils showed good interest. Some returned in the evening with their parents, and the number of adults who came each evening was really encouraging. Local brethren and sisters contributed well and enjoyed fellowship with these committed visitors, serving the Lord together during the two weeks, and prayer will be appreciated that the Lord will bless His Word.

The assembly in Buckie had remarkable answers to prayer about their October Holiday Kid's Club. Over 100 children came during the week, many of whom had attended last year. Richard Smith (Bridge of Weir) conducted the meetings, presenting the gospel clearly and simply each day. At the Friday evening Parents' Night, over 50 adults were present, most of whom had never been in the Gospel Hall before. A number of these parents now intend to send their children to the regular Wednesday evening "Investigators". The believers are thankful and encouraged, and request prayer for blessing on the Good Seed sown in the hearts of young and old alike. One recently saved couple brought their children to the meetings each day, please pray also for their spiritual progress.



Lungs Gospel Hall: The Annual Conference was held on 3rd October. A full hall enjoyed practical ministry by M Turkington, J Fleck , A Davidson and D Gilliland.

Lungs Gospel Hall: A series of Gospel Meetings commenced on 1st November with S Gillfillan.

Donemana Gospel Hall: During September, the assembly had two weeks children's meetings conducted by R Plant. The assembly was encouraged by the good attendance.

Donemena Gospel Hall: On 20th October, a well attended Conference was held and helpful ministry was given by R Pickering, L Craig, B Glendinning, J Wishart, D Morgan and R Plant.

Omagh Gospel Hall: A series of Gospel Meetings commenced on 1st November in a portable hall erected on the outskirts of the town with D McAllister and L Craig. The area was much visited and hundreds of invitations have been distributed.


Ballinaloob: Gospel Meetings commenced on 1st November with W Fenton (Ballintoy) and I McClean (Ahoghill). Interest and prayer appreciated.

Ballymoney: This year a large number of people from the locality came to hear the gospel in the Town Hall, some for the first time. The gospel was preached with clarity and power each night by P McCauley and David Williamson. It is hoped that many of the contacts will continue to attend weekly Gospel Meetings in the Gospel Hall.

Broughshane Gospel Hall: D Gilliland had two weeks of well attended and very profitable Bible Readings on Philippians.

Portrush: R Plant had a week of well attended Children's Meetings in the Gospel Hall, which were very much appreciated.

Rasharkin: B Currie and J Palmer continue in the gospel. Help from neighbouring assemblies is appreciated and prayer is requested for this difficult area. Quite a few locals have been attending.


Ballylintagh: E Fairfield gave interesting, instructive and practical teaching on the topic of "Ordered by God" - as seen in the Creation, the Calendar, the Community, the Christian and the Congregation. He, with the assembly, was encouraged not only by the large numbers who attended, but in particular by the nightly attendance of many young men (teenagers) to whom he endeavoured to communicate these truths. There was blessing for all!

Coleraine: I Jackson was with the assembly for five nights of ministry on the subject of "Restoration". The teaching proved to be appropriate and timely and was appreciated by all who attended.

Lisachrin: S Brownlee (Scotland) was with the assembly for ministry based on various "Characters from Chronicles".

Magherafelt: S Gilfillan and R Reynolds preached the gospel for four weeks in a portable hall in the village of Desertmartin. The hall was full each night and one of the features of the meetings was the above average attendance of people from the locality. God blessed in salvation!

Straid Gospel Hall: W McBride was with the assembly for five nights of ministry on future events. A number of people from the locality also attended.


Erryroe: Gospel Meetings continue in a portable hall. Speakers: J Fleck and D Strahan.

"If the Lord will..."

Portadown Gospel Hall: Gospel Meetings are expected to commence at the end of January with J Fleck and D Strahan. Prayer valued.


Ballymagarrick: The Gospel Meetings being conducted by J Rogers and A Steele in the hall continue. Some local people have been attending and the assembly has worked hard to bring relatives and friends under the sound of the gospel.

Ballywalter: The assembly had four nights of challenging and very helpful ministry with J Hay on the subject of "Exemplary Christian Behaviour".

Banbridge: Gospel Meetings conducted by D Gilliland and W Martin are being held in a portable hall in Drumnahaire. Numbers are encouraging with some local people attending.

Bangor, Central Hall: B Martin was with the assembly for five nights of heart-warming and encouraging Ministry on the subject of "Some Mountains the Saviour Climbed".

Kilkeel: The Gospel Meetings conducted by N Fleck and A Wilson have concluded. Prayer is requested for blessing on the Seed faithfully sown.

Portavogie, New Road: J Fleck was with the assembly for one week, speaking on the "Servant Songs in Isaiah". The ministry was practical and challenging, and the good numbers who attended were much encouraged.

Shanaghan: D McAlister was with the assembly from 19th-23rd October in ministry on the last three chapters of Hebrews with the subject, "Faith, Hope, and Love". The very profitable exposition was greatly appreciated by the good numbers who attended.

"If the Lord will..."

Ballywalter Gospel Hall: Gospel Meetings are expected to commence early January with A Steele and J Rogers.


Hanslope, Bucks

In October Alan Barber had Gospel Meetings for two weeks helped by local brethren. Prayer is valued for blessing on the Seed sown.

Bexleyheath, Kent

A married couple were baptised in October. Both have recently been saved and are showing a good interest in spiritual things.

Spencer Bridge Road, Northampton

A young man in his twenties and a younger sister were recently baptised bringing joy to the saints. A good number of unsaved friends heard the gospel preached at the baptism.


The 20th residential Yorkshire Bible Study Week was held at Sneaton Castle Centre, Whitby with believers from various parts of the UK in attendance. Alastair Sinclair led Bible Readings on James chs.1&2 and gave ministry on "The emergence of the church in John's Gospel". The sound teaching and warm fellowship was much appreciated.


As many assemblies and individuals take advantage of this seasonal opportunity of reaching out with the gospel, we need to be involved always in prayer in the background and when possible up front on foot, for the task is large. Hundreds of thousands of Christmas tracts and booklets will need to be distributed and tens of thousands of 2016 Gospel Calendars put into many homes. Contacts already established in local communities will be built upon, in institutions ranging from Primary Schools to Care Homes for the elderly, and to the homeless and destitute in many of our towns and cities. As assemblies arrange and advertise Christmas Carol Services they will bring into Gospel Halls many local people who are less willing to come at other times. As they listen to the gospel carefully and faithfully presented, pray that the Good Seed sown accompanied with tangible expressions of kindness and care will yet lead to the salvation of many lost souls in our favoured yet apathetic country.

The end of another year gives every one of us occasion to reflect gratefully on the goodness and grace of God which has brought us to where we are. It is perhaps many years since He saved us, but He calls us still in this continuing day of grace to be channels of this blessing to others in whatever way we can.


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