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Forthcoming Meetings (DV)


MAY 27

Whitburn: West End Gospel Hall. Annual Conference in South Church, 5 Mansewood Crescent, Whitburn EH47 8HA at 3.00pm. A Gamble, J Holifield, A Sinclair.


Mayfield: Gospel Hall. Bible Reading at 7.30pm. Subject: Revelation 1. Jack Hay.


Gardenstown: Gospel Hall, Annual Conference at 3.00pm. C Hutchison, A J Strachan, J Scarsbrook.

Kirkmuirhill (Lanarkshire Gospel Work): Prayer at 3.30pm. Open-Air Meeting at 4.00pm. Tea at 5.15pm. Ministry at 6.00pm. J Thompson.

Mayfield: Annual Conference to be held in Newbattle Community High School (EH22 4EW) from 3.00pm to 7.00pm. Speakers: Jack Hay, Iain Lewis, John Fleck. Mr Hay continues in ministry on Lord’s Day, and from Monday 5th to Thursday 8th at 7.30pm.

Perth: Gospel Hall, Huntingtower Road, West Edge at 7.00pm. P Coulson.

Prestwick: Saturday Morning Prayer Meeting. 9.00am to 10.00am in Bethany Hall, Shaw Road. All welcome.

JUNE 9-11

Peterhead: York Street Hall. Friday 9th at 7.30pm; Saturday 10th at 7.30pm; Lord’s Day 11th at 3.00pm. C Munro.


Overtown (Lanarkshire Gospel Work): Prayer at 3.30pm; Open-Air Meeting at 4.00pm; Tea at 5.15pm; Ministry at 6.00pm. W Houston.

JUNE 23-24

Kilmarnock: Elim Hall, Cuthbert Place. Friday at 7.30pm; Saturday at 3.00pm. Studies on ‘Probing the Major Prophets’. C Munro. (See box advert.)


Prestwick: Saturday Morning Prayer Meeting. 9.00am to 10.00am in Bethany Hall, Shaw Road. All welcome.

JULY 1-7

Perth: Gospel Hall, Huntingtower Road, West Edge. Bible Study Week. A Gamble. Saturday at 7.00pm; Lord’s Day, Gospel at 12.30pm, Bible Teaching at 6.15pm; Monday to Thursday at 10.30am and 7.30pm; Friday at 10.30am.

Northern Ireland

MAY 26-30

Lurgan: Malcom Road Gospel Hall. Annual Conference and Bible Readings. Friday evening 26th to Tuesday 30th. ‘The Good Shepherd and His Renown’, John 10.1-30; ‘Local Shepherds and their Responsibilities’, Acts 20.17-38; ‘The Chief Shepherd and His Rewards’, 1 Peter 5.1-14; ‘The One Shepherd and His Rule’, Ezekiel 34:1-31. D Gilliland, C Munro, M Sweetnam, T Wilson.


Cardy: Gospel Hall. The proposed Bible Teaching Day has been cancelled.


Ballymena (Cambridge Avenue): Gospel Meetings are expected to commence in a tent on the Old Park Road with J Rogers and A Steele.

JUNE 5-9

Ballyclare: Gospel Hall. Ministry Meetings. Subject: ‘The Messianic Psalms’. D Strahan.

JUNE 12-16

Bellaghy: Gospel Hall at 8.00pm. Ministry. E Fairfield.

JUNE 19-22

Broomhedge: Gospel Hall. Ministry. Subject: ‘Topics from the Book of Revelation’ (illustrated using a large chart). S Wells.

JUNE 19-30

Bloomfield: Gospel Hall. Open-Air Meetings at 7.00pm; Gospel Meetings in the Gospel Hall, Monday to Friday at 8.15pm and Lord’s Day at 7.00pm. S Baker.


Ballykeel (Mourne), Kilkeel: Annual Conference. 12.00pm  - 1.00pm, Prayer Meeting; 1.45pm - 5.00pm, Ministry. Refreshments at 1.00pm and 5.00pm. All will be made very welcome.


Bleary: Gospel Hall. Annual Conference commencing at 12 noon. Bible Reading, 12.30pm - 2.00pm (1 Timothy chapter 6, conducted by W Martin); Interval for refreshments; Ministry, 2.45pm - 5.00pm. Old Gospel Hymn Book used.

Bloomfield: Gospel Hall. The believers intend to distribute 5,000 tracts at the annual Somme Parade. This has been done for a number of years, and they have always been well received. Please pray for the Lord’s blessing on His Word as it goes forth in East Belfast.

JULY 10-14

Portrush: Gospel Hall. Children’s Meetings at 11.00am. R Plant.

JULY 10-21

Bushmills: Gospel Hall. Bible Readings commencing at 1 Corinthians 5.1. A Summers. (See box advert).


Ballybollan: Annual Conference, 12.00pm - 5.30pm. Interval for refreshments at 2.30pm. Ministry by various speakers.

Dunmullan: Annual Meeting for Believers to be held in a marquee beside the Hall. 1.00pm - 1.30pm, Thanksgiving and Prayer; 1.30pm - 5.00pm, Ministry of the Word; 3.00pm - 3.30pm, Refreshments.

Kingsmills: Annual Meeting for Believers commences at 12.30pm.


Ballymagarrick: Annual Meeting for Believers in our Lord Jesus Christ. 12.00pm - 2.00pm, Ministry; 2.00pm  - 2.45pm, Refreshments; 2.45pm - 4.30pm, Ministry.

JULY 23-28

Portrush: Ministry Meetings in Carnairidge Primary School with M Penfold. (Please note new venue.) Monday: ‘The Seven Dispensations’; Tuesday: ‘The Five Covenants’; Wednesday: ‘Israel, the Church and the Nations’; Thursday: ‘Daniel’s 70 Weeks’; Friday: ‘Will the Church go through the Tribulation?’

JULY 24-28

Carrowdore: Children’s Gospel Outreach, 6.30pm - 8.30pm.


Kilmore: Annual Conference at 1.00pm. Ministry, 1.30pm - 5.15pm; Refreshments at 3.00pm.


Ballycastle: Gospel Hall. 100-Year Anniversary Conference.


Portrush: D Gilliland and J Rogers are expected for three weeks of Gospel Meetings in a marquee in Causeway Street, Portrush.

AUGUST 25-28

Larne (Craigyhill): Annual Conference and Bible Readings, Friday, 25th to Monday 28th August (inclusive) in Larne Leisure Centre, Tower Road, Larne. Subject for Bible Readings: ‘The Burial and Resurrection of Christ in the Four Gospels’. ‘The Contrast in the Two Reports and Messages’ (Matthew 27.62 - 28.20); ‘The Continued Responsibility for the Ministry’ (Mark 15.42 - 16.20); ‘The Companion along Life’s Road and His Mercy’ (Luke 23.50 - 24.43); ‘The Culmination of His Revelation and Manifestation’ (John 19.38 - 20.31). (See box advert.)

Republic of Ireland


Letterkenny: Gospel Hall at 8.00pm. Ministry. D McGarvey.


Bridgetown: Gospel Hall. Gospel Meetings commence with J Fleck and S Gilfillan. Lord’s Day at 7.00pm, weeknights at 8.00pm. We would appreciate the prayers of the Lord’s people.


Bridgetown: Gospel Hall. Annual Conference. Saturday 5th, 2.00pm - 4.00pm and 5.00pm - 7.00pm. J Fleck, S Gilfillan, P McCauley, D West. Lord’s Day at 3.30pm, Ministry and Report; Gospel Meeting at 7.00pm. Mr West continues in ministry Monday 7th - Thursday 10th August. New Gospel Hymn Book used.


MAY 27

Helions Bumpstead: Gospel Hall at 7.00pm. T Miller.

London: Hope Hall, 222 Kilburn Lane at 7.00pm. S Buckeridge.

Northampton: Spencer Bridge Road Gospel Hall at 7.30pm. T Briercliffe.

MAY 29

Bournemouth: Drummond Gospel Hall. Annual Conference at 4.00pm and 6.00pm. J Salisbury.


Ash Vale: Christian Assembly at 6.45pm. J Colledge.

Corby: Gospel Hall, Rockingham Road at 7.00pm. J Coltman.

Ely: Gospel Hall, Ship Lane. Missionary and Homeworkers Report Meetings at 3.00pm and 6.15pm. Speakers expected: W Downs, J McPhail, A Mullan, W Webb.

Great Yarmouth: Gospel Hall, Kitchener Road at 7.30pm. K Totton.

Westcliff-on-Sea: Gospel Hall, Carlton Avenue at 7.30pm. J Black.


Cheshunt: Mill Lane Chapel at 7.00pm. M Hall.

Coventry: Gospel Hall, Church Street at 7.30pm. D Rudge. Mr Rudge continues Monday to Wednesday at 8.00pm.

Leicester: York Street Gospel Hall at 7.30pm. D Scarsbrook.

Norwich: Hebron Chapel, Sunny Grove NR5 0EJ at 7.30pm. J Scarsbrook. Subject: ‘Statements of Faith’ - “I am filled with comfort, I am exceeding joyful” (2 Cor 7.4).

Nutley: Forest Hall Chapel at 3.30pm. J Wishart.

Saltash: Gospel Hall, Moorlands Lane at 3.30pm and 6.00pm. P Coulson. Mr Coulson continues on Lord’s Day at 6.00pm and Monday at 7.30pm.

Wylam: Old Schools, Woodcroft Road at 7.00pm. J Hay.


Coltishall: Bethesda Gospel Hall at 7.30pm. S Buckeridge.

Hurst: Gospel Hall. Near Reading, Whistley Green, Hurst RG10 0GS. Annual Conference at 6.00pm and 8.00pm. R Catchpole, D Tinkler.

West Mersea: Assembly Hall, East Road. Annual Conference at 4.00pm and 6.00pm. J Riddle.


Coventry: Gospel Hall, Upper Hill Street at 7.30pm. P Dryden.

Helions Bumpstead: Gospel Hall at 7.00pm. D Hands.

Northampton: Spencer Bridge Road Gospel Hall at 7.30pm. D Dalton.

Redcar: Gospel Hall, Edenhall Grove, Redcar TS10 4PR. Report of the Lord’s Work at 4.00pm; Ministry of God’s Word at 6.15pm. J McMaster.


Ash Vale: Ash Vale Christian Assembly at 6.45pm. D Hall.

Great Yarmouth: Gospel Hall, Kitchener Road at 7.30pm. D Rudge.

JULY 24-28

Birmingham: Hope Chapel, Reddings Road at 7.30pm. ‘The Attributes of Christ’. L Craig.


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