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Into All The World: Portstewart Drive-in Gospel Outreach

S Moore, Portstewart

During July and August, 2004, the brethren of Portstewart Gospel Hall, N. Ireland had an exercise to reach with the gospel the local people and the thousands of holidaymakers who come to the area during the summer months. They acquired a large site between Portstewart and Portrush known as the Motor Cycle Pits Area, used annually at the North-West 200 Motor Cycle Road Race. (The Committee of the Coleraine Motor Cycle Club kindly granted them the use of the site for this purpose.) The location was ideal. It is a large open area and sits beside one of the main roads used by those entering or leaving the town. The notice at the side of the road announcing the meetings was easily read and when the meetings were in progress it could be clearly seen by all who were passing.

A forty foot curtain sided trailer was purchased to act as a platform, and was equipped with seating for 35 people. An amplification system was set up which enabled those who attended to hear the preaching clearly from inside their cars even when the windows were closed.

The Sunday evening meetings at 8.30 pm were advertised in various ways. Fliers were handed out in the town and surrounding areas on Saturdays and Lord’s Day afternoons by a team of young people who also visited all the local caravan sites and car parks in the neighbouring towns of Portstewart, Portrush, Coleraine, and Portballintrae.

The response was beyond the expectation of those who made the arrangements, when upwards of 200 cars nightly, with an average of three to four people per vehicle, were present. At least 75% of those who attended were not from an assembly background. When they arrived at the entrance, each driver received a hymn sheet (changed weekly), a gospel tract, and an invitation to the meetings at Portstewart Gospel Hall. A team of young brethren helped to park the vehicles in an orderly fashion to allow all motorists a view of the speakers on the trailer. They were also on hand at the close of the meetings to ensure a speedy and systematic exit from the site.

The seats on the trailer were filled each Sunday evening with brethren and sisters who helped with the hearty singing of good gospel hymns. Each night there were two speakers who preached the gospel simply and plainly or gave a word of testimony. Many spoke of experiencing the Lord’s presence and help in the proclamation of the gospel. The Seed has been sown and only eternity will reveal what has been accomplished for the Master.

In times when it is increasingly difficult to get people to attend gospel meetings in gospel halls it is necessary for us to "go…into all the world". This was a grand opportunity to let many hear the gospel, which was presented clearly. The meeting was arranged reverently and in an orderly way which commended the gospel. The message came over with great clarity and those who preached did not miss their opportunity (Ed).


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