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March 2005

From the editor: Character Studies in the Assembly (1)
J Grant

If there is a God, then why…?
W S Stevely

The Lord’s Coming and Future Events (6)
Albert Leckie

Poetry: If I...

Book Review

Words from the Cross (3)
C Jones

Follow Me (5)
M Wilkie

Question Box

Be not ignorant (1)
R Catchpole

Notebook: The Prophecy of Zephaniah
J Grant

Jacob’s Gift to the Ruler of all Egypt (3)
T Ratcliffe

Whose faith follow: Colonel William Beers (1838-1919)
J G Hutchinson

Into All The World: The spread of the gospel through the ancient land of Egypt
G D Payne

With Christ

The Lord’s Work & Workers


Poetry: If I...

(See Acts 18.6; 20.26)

If I go not to those who have not heard;
If I withhold from them God’s precious Word;
If guilty sinners go to Christless graves,
And never come to know that Jesus saves;
If by my negligence some souls are lost
Despite God’s mercy and Calvary’s untold cost;
If I care not for those in distant lands
Shall not their blood-guilt be upon my hands?

If I pray not for those who witness bear;
If I no intercessory burden share;
If God’s dear servants ne’er are in my heart,
And in their labours, I have not a part;
If by my prayerlessness there comes an hour,
When they lack wisdom, grace, or strength, or power,
And captive souls escape not sin’s strong bands,
Shall not their blood-guilt be upon my hands?

If I give not, and by my selfishness
I cause God’s work and workers sore distress;
If my indifferent heart will hardened be
To needs of others, their necessity;
If by my failure some shall never hear
The message of salvation, then I fear
Mine is the sin, and justice fair demands
That I accept the guilt of bloody hands.

- From the Bible of the late Frank Knox, evangelist.


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