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May 2005

From the editor: Character Studies in the Assembly (3)
J Grant

The Offerings (1)
J Paton

Stem Cell Research: A Biblical Perspective
D Vallance

Words from the Cross (5)
C Jones

Question Box

Be not ignorant (3)
R Catchpole

Deborah and Barak (Judges 4-5)
J Gibson

Notebook: The Prophets of Israel and Judah
J Grant

Book Review

The First Epistle of John (12)
S Whitmore

Whose faith follow: Dr & Mrs Walter Fisher (1865-1935)

With Christ

The Lord’s Work & Workers


The Lord’s Work & Workers

SCOTLAND Forthcoming


Cowdenbeath: Union Hall. Friday at 7.30pm. Saturday at 10.30am and 7.00pm. C Hutchison.

Cullen: Annual Conference in the Town Hall at 3.00pm. and 6.00pm. JR Baker, S Grant, D Mowat. Lord’s Day in the Gospel Hall, Seatown at 2.15pm. JR Baker, S Grant, D Mowat. S Grant continues in ministry Monday to Thursday at 7.30pm.

Dreghorn: Annual Conference in Greenwood Academy at 3.00pm. P Coulson, J Stubbs, M Radcliffe.

Lanark: Gospel Hall, Smyllum Road. Conference at 3.30pm. R Cameron, N Hamilton, S Jennings. Mr Jennings continues Monday to Thursday at 7.45pm.

Perth: Gospel Hall at 7.00pm. J Dunlop.

MAY 14

Blackburn: Gospel Hall, Bathgate Road. Conference at 3.30pm. R Gamble, R Cargill, S McKenzie.

Greengairs: Annual Conference in the Primary School at 3.30pm. J Grant, JR Baker, B Martin.

Springburn: Glasgow, Gospel Hall, Hillkirk Place. Conference at 7.00pm. S Banks, J Stubbs.

MAY 21

Dunfermline: Abbot Hall. Annual Conference at 3.00pm. J Bathgate, J Campbell, W McKellar.

Forres: Annual Conference in Applegrove Primary School, Orchard Road at 3.00pm and 6.00pm. J Brown, J Grant, W Stevely.

Newmains: Gospel Hall. Conference at 3.30pm. S MacDonald, C Hutchison, D Mowat.

MAY 28

Ballingry: Gospel Hall at 7.00pm. Ministering brethren expected.


Gardenstown: Gospel Hall at 3.00pm. and 6.15pm. C Lacey, D Mowat, S MacDonald.

Mayfield: Gospel Hall, Stone Avenue. Conference Weekend. Friday at 7.30pm. Report Meeting, A McLean (Russia). Saturday, Conference in Combined School at 3.00pm. S Grant, A McLean, J Paterson (snr.). Lord’s Day at 2.30pm. and 6.45pm. A McLean.

Perth: Gospel Hall at 7.00pm. J McMaster.

N. IRELAND Forthcoming


Limavady: Gospel Hall. Annual Conference at 11.30am.

MAY 3-6

Ahoghill: Bible Readings at 8.00pm. (Hebrews chs.1-4), S Jennings.


Bellaghy: Gospel Hall. Annual Conference at 12 noon.

EIRE Forthcoming

MAY 7-8

Dublin: Gospel Hall, Rathmines. Annual Meeting of Believers at 12 noon.

ENGLAND & WALES Forthcoming


Derby: Meeting Room, Curzon Street. Annual Conference at 2.45pm and 6.00pm. J Grant, W Stevely. Mr Grant continues in ministry Tuesday to Thursday at 7.30pm.

Eastbourne: Marine Hall. Conference at 3.00pm and 6.00pm. S Grant, D West. Mr Grant continues in ministry on Tuesday at 7.30pm.

Great Yarmouth: Gospel Hall, Kitchener Road. Conference at 3.00pm and 6.15pm. J Coltman, K Totten.

London: Bermondsey Gospel Hall. Mayday Convention at 4.30pm. I Steeds, A Wiseman.

Ludlow: Cleeview Gospel Hall at 7.00pm. J Hall.

Wallingford: Gospel Hall, Atwell Close. Conference at 3.00pm and 6.00pm. JR Baker, A Carew. Mr Baker continues in ministry Tuesday to Thursday at 7.45pm.


Birmingham, Northfield: Gospel Hall, Quarry Lane. Annual Conference at 3.00pm and 6.00pm. C Roberts, J Holifield.

Corby: Gospel Hall, Rockingham Road at 7.00pm. J Ramsey.

Coventry: Gospel Hall, Church Street at 7.30pm. P Brandon.

Luton: Selbourne Gospel Hall. Annual Conference at 3.15pm and 6.15pm. R Dawes, W Banks.

New Bradwell: Milton Keynes, Gospel Hall. Annual Conference at 3.00pm and 6.15pm. D Richards, D Sampson. Mr Richards continues in ministry until Thursday.

Stoke: Gospel Hall, Fletcher Road at 7.00pm. H Barnes.

Westcliff-on-Sea: Carlton Avenue Gospel Hall at 7.30pm. T Ledger.

Wimborne: Emmanuel Gospel Hall, Welland Road at 7.00pm. J Riddle.

MAY 14

Cheshunt: Mill Lane Chapel at 7.00pm. P Scarsbrook.

Cwmbran: Gospel Hall. Conference at 3.15pm and 6.15pm. H Stewart, A Wiseman.

Ely: Gospel Hall, Ship Lane at 7.00pm. A Sinclair. Mr Sinclair continues in ministry on Lord’s Day at 4.00pm.

Northampton: Osborne Road Gospel Hall. Conference at 3.00pm and 6.30pm. D West, J Wishart. Mr Wishart continues on Lord’s Day at 4.00pm and 6.30pm.

Prestwich: Gospel Hall, Venwood Road. Conference at 3.00pm. I Robertson, A Barnes.

Red Row: Northumberland. Hebron Hall. Annual Conference at 6.00pm. D Gillies (Report and Ministry).

Redditch: Foxlydiate Crescent Gospel Hall at 7.00pm. J Salisbury.

Shillingstone: Gospel Hall. Annual Conference at 3.00pm and 6.15pm. C Roberts, R Dawes.

Teignmouth: The Gospel Hall, St. James Precinct. Annual Missionary Conference at 11.00am. E Mitchell, M Browne.

Tooting: Gospel Hall, 146 Longley Road. Missionary Conference at 3.15pm and 6.15pm. G Hobbs.

Winshill: Burton-on-Trent, Gospel Hall. Annual Conference at 3.00pm and 6.15pm. J Hay. Mr Hay continues in ministry Monday to Thursday at 7.30pm.

MAY 21

Coltishall: Norfolk. Bethesda Gospel Hall at 7.30pm. C Stewart.

Harrow: Belmont Hall at 7.15pm. A Carew.

Leicester: York Street Gospel Hall at 7.30pm. J Coltman.

Luton: Onslow Road Gospel Hall at 6.30pm. P Brandon.

London: North London Missionary Conference, Brook Street Chapel (next to Haringey Council Offices), Brook St, High Road, Bruce Grove, Tottenham, N17 9JG. M Coombes, A Geary, D Stevens. Further details J Frost 020 8801 4403.

Portsmouth: Copnor Gospel Hall. Conference at 3.00pm and 6.15pm. E Parmenter, R Collings. Mr Parmenter will minister Monday 16th to Thursday 19th previous to the conference.

Rhos-on-Sea: Bethany Hall. Annual Conference at 3.00pm and 6.00pm. G Bourne, T Ledger.

MAY 28

Coventry: Gospel Hall, Upper Hill Street at 7.30pm. C Stewart.

Dereham: Toftwood Gospel Hall, Shipdham Road at 7.00pm. R Catchpole.

Helions Bumpstead: Gospel Hall at 7.00pm. M Radcliffe.

London: Hope Hall, 222 Kilburn Lane at 7.00pm. N Patel.

Northampton: Gospel Hall, Spencer Bridge Road. Conference at 3.15pm and 6.15pm. C Lacey.

MAY 30

High Wycombe: Bethany Gospel Hall, Victoria Street. Annual Conference at 3.15pm and 6.00pm. M Horlock, A Carew.


Corby: Gospel Hall, Rockingham Road at 7.00pm. D Bandy.

Great Yarmouth: Gospel Hall, Kitchener Road at 7.30pm. D West.

London: Brook Street Chapel (next to Haringey Council Offices), Brook Street, High Road, Bruce Grove, Tottenham, N17 9JG (Ministry & Report) Mr W Downs.

Ludlow: Cleeview Gospel Hall at 7.30pm. P Scammell.

Saltash: Gospel Hall, Moorlands Lane. Annual Conference at 3.00pm and 6.00pm. J Grant, J Holifield. Mr Grant continues in ministry on Lord’s Day at 8.00pm and Monday to Thursday at 7.30pm.

Tonbridge: Gospel Hall at 7.00pm. A Beer.

Westcliff-on-Sea: Carlton Avenue Gospel Hall at 7.30pm. K Totten.


Around Easter, end of session prizegivings for children’s meetings were held throughout the country, giving another opportunity to relate the message of salvation to the young people and their parents and others. Continue to pray that the Seed sown will take root and bear fruit even while meetings are discontinued meantime.

In Kinross, around forty children attended a Holiday Club arranged each day for the first week of the Easter holidays, and heard the gospel. Pray for blessing on those children, and the parents contacted, and also for a special gospel effort planned by the assembly in Kinross with Robert Revie in May.

In the North-East, Dan Gillies is intending to return to Newmachar then Blackburn (near Aberdeen) with his tent to preach the gospel, from mid July to mid August. Please pray that the Lord will bless His Word as on a similar occasion last summer.

Laurieston, Falkirk: The gospel was faithfully preached by Blair Martin and Jonathan Millar during the first two weeks in February using the chart, "Two roads and two destinations". They were encouraged in seeing a good number of unbelievers coming under the sound of the gospel. There were a few students through from Stirling and a few of Jonathan’s colleagues from Tesco. On the middle Sunday an eight year old girl in the Sunday school was looking at the chart and decided she was on the wrong road and trusted the Lord. Sadly few villagers attended but the assembly was encouraged by the enthusiasm of the brethren and look to the Lord for His blessing on the Word.

Broxburn: Brethren George Meikle and Roy Marshall would value the prayers of the saints for gospel meetings being held in the Community Centre, Broxburn, near Edinburgh, on Monday evenings. There is no assembly or evangelical witness in this village, and we look to the Lord to prosper His Word in visitation and preaching.

Plains: Blair Martin conducted four weeks of Gospel meetings in Plains during the month of March. The meetings were well attended with good numbers of unbelievers there each evening, some being present almost every night. Good interest was shown and some have continued to come to the weekly gospel meeting since the series finished. During the course of the meetings, Blair was responsible for Children’s Meetings each night before the gospel meetings. Good numbers of children were present, and some parents attended each meeting. At the prize giving on the final night there were many parents present, some in the hall for the first time. There was also opportunity to visit the local High School to participate in the R.E. lessons and an invitation has been given to the local assembly to continue this work. Regular visits were also made to two local primary schools where one of the local brethren has an ongoing work.The assembly appreciate the support of neighboring assemblies, many of whom brought unbelievers to the meetings. Please pray that the faithful presentation of the gospel will bring blessing in His time.

N. IRELAND Reports


Ballymena (Harryville): Meetings by D Gilliland and J Fleck continued until Easter (seven weeks). Good numbers of unsaved attended and yet no one confessed Christ as Saviour.

Ballywatermoy: Meetings by D McGarvey and R Reynolds concluded just before Easter after 71/2 weeks. Good numbers attended, including quite a lot of locals, and all concerned were encouraged when near the end of the meetings a middle aged man professed and shows signs of life.

Bushmills: Meetings in a portable hall by W Fenton and M McKillen continued for six weeks and a number professed, and some spoke of getting assurance.

Crosskeys: The assembly enjoyed the meetings in a portable hall in this area, and quite a number of locals responded to the invitations of the preacher, Joe Baxter. The seed was sown but there was no known cases of conversion.


Annaghmore: J Martin and his son W Martin commenced gospel meetings eight weeks ago (continuing at the end of March) in a portable hall in a country district. These meetings have proved to be a rich time of blessing when a good number of people have been saved (some long prayed for) but also those from a non-gospel hall background. This has brought great rejoicing and cheer amongst the Christians who are attending from all around the area.

Newtownhamilton: B Currie and T Wright hope to commence gospel meetings in the Gospel Hall around the middle of April. Prayer valued.

Drumacanver: This border assembly celebrated one hundred years of testimony on 19th March. After opening remarks by T McNeill, Gordon Flanigan gave a brief history of the assembly, recounting the first meetings in 1905 when John T Dickson in his first series of gospel meetings saw the hand of the Lord in great blessing when some thirty souls were saved. (Mr Dickson later moved to Canada in the Lord’s work). Helpful ministry was given by D Gilliland and M Radcliffe to the large company. Tea was served at the close.


Monaghan: Annual Conference on 17th March. Large company present. D Gilliland, WJ Nesbitt, S Nelson, G McKinley, and F McCauley took part.


Comber: J Patterson had two weeks well attended gospel meetings with unsaved present each evening. Local brethren helped by giving a testimony each evening prior to the preaching. The assembly was encouraged.

Poyntzpass: A Aiken and J Rogers are commencing gospel meetings in a portable hall on 10th April. Prayer valued.

Dundonald: I Jackson had a challenging week of ministry during March. The Christians were edified.


Aughrim: Annual Conference on 17th March. The hall was full, and the speakers were D Brown and U Crothers. Ministry was most encouraging and helpful. Local brethren were encouraged by support from other assemblies.

Burnfoot (near Dungiven): D Ussher, D Donaghy and S Gilfillan had six weeks of gospel meetings in a portable hall. The district was faithfully visited and a number from the locality attended the meetings.

Killykergan: M McKillen and W Fenton are expected for gospel meetings in the gospel hall commencing 10th April.

Magheracorran: The numbers attending the Annual Conference were smaller than usual. The teaching was given by U Ussher, D Gilliland, S Nelson, J Wishart and B Glendinning.


Fintona: Well attended gospel meetings conducted by T Wright and N Coulter concluded at the end of March.

Tullycoll: A Aiken and J Rogers ended six weeks of well attended gospel meetings using a portable hall in this isolated area some two miles from Killycurragh assembly. There was rejoicing when a man, long prayed for, was saved. There were other tokens of blessing with a revival of gospel interest and the warming of the hearts of the believers.

Donemana: During March this rural assembly had a week of ministry by R Pickering.

Omagh: At the end of March D Gilliland had one week of ministry. Many listened to his interesting ministry regarding educational visits to Bible prisons.


D Gilliland and J Fleck are commencing gospel meetings in a portable hall in the Bloomfield area of the city in early April. Prayer valued.

EIRE Reports

Dublin: Rathmines Gospel Hall. The assembly was encouraged by two days’ ministry in March by our brother Robin McKeown following the profitable gospel meetings at the end of last year.

Over eighty were present on the second night when two young believers were baptised after the meeting. Many of those attending were unsaved and some had never heard the gospel before. Prayer is valued as we look to the Lord for further blessing.


Winshill: The assembly at Winshill, Burton-on-Trent, had the privilege of having the Ayrshire Bible Exhibition with them during the first two weeks of November. The first week, the exhibition was in the Gospel Hall. 1,000 invitations had been put into the homes of the village, and it had also been advertised in the local paper, and mentioned on local radio stations. The result was that during the first week, 100 outsiders came through the hall. The exhibition was also to coincide with the centenary celebrations.

During the second week we took the exhibition into two local primary schools, and during that time, the gospel was presented to 330 children and teachers. We were well received by the teachers and head teachers and have been asked when we will return with the exhibition. While in the schools we were struck by the ignorance of the children, who seemed to know very little about the Bible, but we were greatly encouraged to see them answering questions in the quiz after having gone round the exhibition.

Following the exhibition, one local man has been coming to all the meetings, has purchased a Bible and has received a correspondence course. Another couple, who have not been to the gospel meeting for many years, have now returned. These two weeks were a great success and we knew much of the Lord’s hand upon us, as the assembly laboured together in unity in this great work. The Bible Exhibition is an essential work in the spread of the gospel and is a must for any assembly with a desire to reach out to children and adults alike with the great news of salvation.

Rugby: Although small in numbers, the outreach work continues regularly in the local area surrounding the Gospel Hall with the distribution of the ‘NOW’/GOOD NEWS leaflets. Between Christmas and New Year around 1,000 homes were visited and calendars with Scriptural texts offered with none being refused. Although, generally, amongst the residents there is a reluctance to discuss spiritual things, we do give thanks for those who acknowledged that they used the previous calendar daily and readily accepted the new one. We pray that God may yet use his Word to touch the hearts and minds of those who received them. Work in the local schools has now been able to start again with David Dalton from the Hill Street Assembly in Coventry volunteering to take on this work that our dear brother John Skingley did so faithfully prior to his home-calling. Two schools were visited by David in February, and he was well received at both and has been asked to return in June. It is hoped that another local school may also soon be added to the list for visiting.

Red Row: Prayer is requested for one week of children’s meetings with I Campbell at the beginning of May.

Broadwas on Teme: The Friday Focus Bible teaching meetings conducted over the winter months have now come to an end. C Lacey has given much help on each occasion. In addition the assembly has continued its monthly Saturday ministry meetings with P Kaye being the speaker in March.

Stowbridge, Wollaston: The Friday Focus meetings on the Tabernacle have been well supported over the past months. C Lacey has worked hard to generate greater interest in this important subject.


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