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July 2005

From the editor: Character Studies in the Assembly (5)
J Grant

The First Book of Samuel (2)
J Riddle

The Offerings (3)
J Paton

How People met the Saviour (1)
W Ferguson

Book Review

Eternal Punishment (2)
E W Rogers

Question Box

Supper at Simon’s
J Gibson

Notebook: Jephthah the Judge
J Grant

Be not ignorant (5)
R Catchpole

Words from the Cross (7)
C Jones

Whose faith follow: Andrew Reid Ruddock (1865-1945)
J G Hutchinson

The Fall
W W Fereday

With Christ

The Lord’s Work & Workers


The Lord’s Work & Workers

SCOTLAND Forthcoming

JULY 2-8

Perth: Gospel Hall. Bible Study Week. J Hay.

JULY 3-4

Kilbirnie: Gospel Hall. Lord’s Day at 8.00pm. P Brandon. Mr Brandon continues on Monday at 7.30pm.


Girvan: Stair Park Gospel Hall, Henrietta Street. Annual Conference at 3.00pm. R Cameron, J Harrison, A Sinclair.


Inverurie: Gospel Hall. Annual Conference in the Town Hall at 3.00pm and 6.00pm. S Arbuthnott, R Cargill, W Harrison.

Irvine: Central Gospel Hall, High Street. Annual Conference at 3.15pm. W Hannay, S Gillespie, S Jennings. Mr Jennings continues in ministry Monday to Thursday each evening at 7.30pm.

N. IRELAND Forthcoming


Dunmullan: Gospel Hall. Annual Conference at 1.30pm.

Kingsmills: Gospel Hall. Annual Meeting for Believers at 12.30pm.


Bleary: Gospel Hall. Annual Conference at 12 noon.

JULY 24-29

Portrush: Gospel Hall. Ministry, D Gilliland.

JULY 25-29

Aughrim: Gospel Hall at 8.00pm. Ministry, P Brandon.


Portrush: Gospel Hall. Ministry, D West.

AUGUST 26-30

Larne: Craigyhill Gospel Hall. Annual Conference and Bible Readings in Larne Leisure Centre, Tower Road, Larne. Subject for Bible Readings: Concluding and Climactic Chapters of the New Testament (Matt 28, 2 Tim 4, 2 Pet 3 & Rev 22). JR Baker, F Tornaquindici, D Gilliland, J Flanigan. For details of accommodation in Rathmore House contact: Brian Gribben, 14 Drumnadonaghy Road, Larne, BT40 2TD. Tel: 028 2827 7289.


Lungs: Gospel Hall at 8.00pm. Ministry, D Gilliland.

ENGLAND & WALES Forthcoming


Great Yarmouth: Gospel Hall, Kitchener Road at 7.30pm. M Radcliffe. Mr Radcliffe continues Monday to Wednesday at 7.30pm and Thursday at 8.00pm.

Hurst (nr Reading): Gospel Hall at 3.30pm and 6.30pm. D Tinkler and P Keel.

Ludlow: Cleeview Gospel Hall at 7.30pm. A Maunder.


Tooting: London, 146 Longley Road at 7.00pm. I Jackson.


Coltishall: Bethesda Gospel Hall, Rectory Road at 7.30pm. D West.

Eastbourne: Marine Hall, 85 Seaside. Missionary Conference at 3.00pm and 6.00pm.


Northampton: Gospel Hall, Spencer Bridge Road at 7.30pm. P Brandon.


Ludlow: Cleeview Gospel Hall at 7.30pm. D West.

Tonbridge: Gospel Hall at 7.00pm. P Coulson.


Kinross: Two weeks of gospel meetings were held in May with Robert Revie as the evangelist. Before and during the meetings, the area was well covered with tracts and invitations, with some very good contacts and conversations at the doors. Unsaved folks attended the meetings each night, some came more than once, and heard a simple and clear presentation of the gospel. A few people continue to attend the weekly gospel meeting, and the believers work on and pray that the Lord will yet bless His Word to those who heard it.

St Andrews: Prayer is requested for the annual week of gospel outreach from the small assembly in this busy town during 30 July to 5 August, with Jim McMaster as the evangelist. Outdoor and indoor meetings are planned daily for children and adults.

Camps: July is a busy month for Camps throughout the country. Please pray for help in every aspect of these, including the safety and welfare of the young people on site and when travelling, the provision of keen and committed leaders and helpers, and for the guidance and perception needed by those who will teach the Word of God to the children and teenagers. As they are brought under the influence of the gospel by the spoken word, and with some of them away from ungodly homes and companions for a week into an atmosphere of Christian love and care, pray that the Lord will touch and save many in the early impressionable years of their lives, and that young believers may be challenged and encouraged to live for Christ. From north to south, Camps are planned for three weeks at the Shetland Camp site, for five weeks at Faskally House, Pitlochry, with different groups from Ayrshire, Tayside and the Postal Sunday School, and from Aberdeen and the Northeast. Also another Ayrshire group will be using Hamilton College, and a group from Ladybank, Fife intend to travel well south into England for their Camp.

Lockerbie: Joe Baxter conducted a two week gospel campaign at Ebenezer Hall, Lockerbie during the month of April. Prior to the campaign a special leaflet was distributed to every home in Lockerbie. A number of unsaved attended the meetings. One man came in response to the leaflet and was obviously affected by the gospel message. Joe visited him at his home and he made a profession of faith. He returned on other evenings and said how much his life had changed. He has been attending the assembly gatherings. There was also a Friends and Neighbours Hour on the two Thursday afternoons of the campaign where hymns were sung and refreshments were given, followed by a short gospel message from Joe. Eight unsaved attended the first week and ten the second week. The assembly are planning to continue with this meeting on a monthly basis on Thursday afternoons.

N. IRELAND Reports


Ballynure: A portable hall has been erected in this village near Ballyclare. L Craig and A Colgan are in their fourth week in the gospel at the end of May, and are getting good support.

Islandmagee: George Leslie, Bangor and John Howie, Limavady are expected to share Children’s Tent Meetings at Brown’s Bay, Islandmagee from 9th to 18th July inclusive each night at 7.00pm. Both Sundays will be "parents nights" and a special bus has been contracted to bring local children as well as the regular holidaymakers staying in the nearby caravan area.

Kilnock: For many years the assembly at Clonkeen has carried on a children’s work, a few miles from the assembly. A gospel tent has been erected there. W Martin and J Fleck have commenced in the gospel. Numbers are encouraging, with some interest.


Newtownhamilton: T Wright and B Currie continue in the gospel into the sixth week. Prayer valued, as the response to visitation has been disappointing.

Poyntzpass: Gospel meetings in a portable hall continue with very good interest, including quite a number of locals coming. J Rogers is preaching on his own, with blessing in salvation.


Stonewall: D Armstrong and T Topley are in their third week of gospel meetings. A number of unsaved have been attending, although numbers are small.


Bellaghy: The Annual Conference was considered a good conference when teaching was given by D Ussher, B Currie, D Kane, J Martin, T Bentley, S Ferguson and W Boyd.

Killykergan: M McKillen and W Fenton had seven weeks of gospel meetings in the Gospel Hall. The meetings were well supported by the surrounding assemblies, and there was also a good response from the neighbourhood, with some people coming into the hall for the first time. One married woman, long prayed for, was saved. A sister in the meeting faithfully brought along an unsaved person who lives in the district and she too professed Christ as Saviour and Lord. The assembly was encouraged in that two professed to be saved and also through hearing the gospel clearly presented. Prayer is requested for others who showed an interest in their soul’s salvation.

Lifford: G Stewart and S Gilfillan had three weeks of meetings in a neutral building in this border town in Co. Donegal. It is many years since any gospel outreach was tried here. The town was faithfully visited with invitations and there was a most encouraging response.

Limavady: Good numbers attended the Annual Conference. J Baker was responsible for the Bible Reading and J Wishart, G Woods, J Baker and S Ferguson gave ministry in the afternoon. In the evening part of the conference G Woods gave an informative and honest report of his service for the Lord in the Isle of Man.


Currien: D McGarvey and N Woods concluded a series of encouraging gospel meetings in the third week of May. The area was well visited door to door, with good reception. The assembly was encouraged with the good number of locals who attended, with quite a few coming for the first time. Other assemblies gave nice support.


Lungs: Gospel meetings are expected to commence on 2nd October with D McGarvey.


Fortwilliam: S Ferguson and W Boyd conducted three weeks of gospel meetings during May. The assembly worked hard, with some 4,000 invitations given out. There was a very encouraging local response, with some coming who had never been in the hall before. The gospel was faithfully presented nightly.

EIRE Reports

Dublin: The Annual Conference was held in Rathmines Gospel Hall on 7th and 8th May. There was a capacity audience, including a large number of younger folk. The ministry was excellent. The speakers on Saturday were: T McNeill, WJ Nesbitt, R Marshall (Scotland), D Williamson and W Turkington. There was the largest number ever breaking bread and a good number sitting behind, including some ‘strangers’. There were a number of unsaved present at the gospel meeting. T McNeill and R Marshall preached the gospel with help from the Lord. The assembly is thankful to the Lord for his blessing.



Birmingham, Northfield: The Annual Conference was a time of spiritual help and blessing. C Roberts and J Holifield gave profitable ministry to the saints, some of whom had travelled a considerable distance to be present.

Broadwas on Teme: J Lee took the final Saturday monthly ministry meeting of a series which had been running since September last year. The ministry was good and practical, the younger believers especially finding it most helpful.


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