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December 2005

From the editor: Adverbs, Adjectives, and the Judgment Seat
J Grant

The Enemy Within (2)
Malcolm C Davies

The Offerings (8)
J Paton

Book Review

The First Book of Samuel (7)
J Riddle

Poetry: Because I May
W Blane

Into All The World: Witnessing (5)
L McHugh

Question Box

Psalm 22
J Gibson

Notebook: The Kings of Israel
J Grant

Whose faith follow: Samuel Wright (1862-1951)
J G Hutchinson

The Lord Looked upon Peter (2)
C Jones

The Finished Work (1)
E A R Shotter

With Christ

The Lord’s Work & Workers


Poetry: Because I May

W Blane

I thank Thee, Lord, that I may live
A simple life of childlike trust;
Believe, obey, receive, and give,
Because I may - not that I must.
What bliss in perfect love to dwell -
What ease to live from day to day!
All can be only always well
That’s left to Thee, because I may.

Tried, tempted oft, and suffering still,
Since all my life is planned by Thee,
I would accept Thy perfect will
As love’s best, only thing for me;
For I, with unencumbered heart,
Would let Thee ever have Thy way,
And cultivate the artless art
Of trusting Thee because I may.

Sweet life of trust! May it be mine,
In foretaste of the ease above,
Each care and burden to resign,
And lean and rest on perfect love;
Nor would I bow because I must,
But, pleased to yield, glad to obey,
In loving, fearless, constant trust,
I’d serve, and sing because I may.


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