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From the editor: "Give me…springs of water" (Judges 1.12-15)

J Grant

There are well known names in Scripture which, when quoted, require no explanation. Achsah is not among them, but she is one of the women of the Bible who deserves more attention than she is given. The daughter of well-known Caleb, the son of Jephunneh, she was given in marriage to Othniel, after he had captured Kirjath-sepher.

The desire she expressed at the time of her marriage is one that is worthy of note by all young believers about to take this major step in life. Good it would be if every young groom heard such a wish from his bride: "She moved him to ask…a field". Her wish was that there should be a part of the land that would be theirs, for which they would assume responsibility, and on which their labour would be expended. Here is an example well worth following. For those who are newly married, to seek to live where they can find in their local assembly an area of work in which they will share responsibility is a good start on the pathway of life together.

It can also be said that she desired to have a marriage that was sustained by the produce of the land, which they themselves had sown. Today, "the land" speaks to us of the blessings that are ours in the heavenlies. A marriage will be stronger and spiritually fresh when the determination of husband and wife is to feed on the good of "the land". To seek to sustain the marriage from any other source, not only is to feed on what is worldly but also exposes the relationship to risks which may lead to catastrophic results. It is vital to ensure that labour for the Lord is backed up by feeding on the Word of God.

But the reader will note that in addition to what she asked through her husband, there was a request that she made directly to her father (v.15). She asked, "Give me also springs of water", but Caleb, with the wisdom born out of age and experience, was very specific in what he gave - not just springs, but "the upper springs and the nether (lower) springs". This would meet the need of all their land, the high ground and the low.

The land required watering, else the produce would not flourish. So it is with us! Those who have travelled the pathway of life know that there are periods when the high ground is enjoyed and all that can be appreciated from that elevated position is a delight. Many of the Lord’s people will be enjoying that today, feeling the warmth, and taking in the great expanse which high ground enables us to view. In such a place there is still the need of refreshment and the upper springs provide that. The spiritual refreshment that He gives is not only necessary but keeps the saint fresh in the enjoyment of God.

Others, however, possibly some of whom are reading these words, are standing today on lower ground. Caleb, the aged, faithful servant of God, knew from his own experience that his daughter would at some time stand where he had stood. One such occasion must have been when the people refused the land (Num 13-14): an example of low ground where the view is more restricted, where the sun seems far away in the distance, and where, perhaps, the spiritual will to climb again is absent. In such circumstances refreshment is necessary and the lower springs can provide it.

If you are on low ground presently, remember that the Lord does provide for the situation. He knows that Christian life will not all be lived in the heights and that the problems, worries, and pressures of life will take their toll, some of them worsened by their unexpected arrival. He feels for His people and does not fail, as Eli did, to recognise the pain and hurt behind the tears (1 Sam 1.14). Take heart today! Provision has been made and there are springs of water available for those on low ground, not there by accident, but by His design. Drink from the Scriptures, enjoy them, linger in prayer, and be refreshed by what He has provided in the "nether springs" of the Word of God. Learn, and, Caleb like, never forget that from such a source will strength be given to ascend once again.


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