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Mr John Anderson, late of Korea, was called home on 14th November, aged 85. Our dear brother John was saved as a lad of sixteen and was blessed by the Lord throughout his life. He was highly qualified, working as an engineer, and through his employment he made many contacts in the workplace. He married René in Banbury sixty years ago. In York he visited the camps of displaced East Europeans (learning German), and later, in London, he assisted the Sneidrooks and Martin Baker (learning Russian). Between 1960 and 1966, he was diligent in Japanese language study in Yokohama. Working in Tokyo, Hitachi, and other cities, he sought to teach the gospel in Bible studies and through personal contacts. He first studied the Korean language when he was a UN advisor in Saudi Arabia. John and René were commended to the Lord’s work from Belfast in 1968. He endeavoured to teach the gospel in the large cities and villages and the islands. He also travelled amongst the Koreans who were employed in Germany. He encouraged Bro Lee in the Philippines, and to the end he supported and was well acquainted with the gospel outreach in South-East Asia, Mongolia, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, and Thailand, recently being able even to detail Korean workers and locations on a map of China. John and René settled in latter years in the assembly at Glengormley, Co Antrim. His ministry and advice were always appreciated and along with his dear wife he was a succourer of many. Despite ill health he was always in attendance and uncomplaining. What characterised him until his homecall was a marked sense of peace. As an assembly we will miss him greatly. Prayer will be much appreciated for his dear wife along with his two sons and two daughters.

Mrs Florence Barefoot, on 7th January, aged 93 years. She was not saved until 1998 at meetings in Magherafelt Gospel Hall, conducted by Mr A Aiken and Mr L Carswell. Shortly afterwards she was received into the Magherafelt assembly, and was faithful in her attendance at the meetings, although, latterly, she was unable to be present because of illness. She was tenderly cared for by family relations until her homecall. Many locals heard the gospel at her large funeral. Prayer is requested for the family circle.

Mr James Burnett, called home on 19th June, aged 70. Jim, as he was known, was saved at the age of 22 whilst on national service in the land of Egypt. He lived to prove it, immediately becoming involved in service for his Lord. Resident in Dunfermline, his name became synonymous with the Hospital Hill assembly where he was in happy fellowship for over 40 years. He loved and lived for his Lord and for the assembly. For many years he faithfully laboured in ministry and gospel both at home and abroad. His was a very practical, exhortative and uplifting ministry. A man who practised what he preached. Highly regarded, he has left a great spiritual legacy, and will be sadly missed by family, friends and fellow-believers.

Mrs Olive Clarke, on 3rd January, aged 91 years. Our sister was saved at meetings in Lurgan conducted by the late W P Nicholson. Initially, she was received into Waringstown assembly, but for the greater part of her Christian life she was in fellowship in the Donaghcloney assembly. Latterly, she was unable to attend the meetings because of illness. Her funeral was large and representative, and was taken by Mr S McBride and Mr J Lennox. Prayer is requested for the large family circle some of whom are not saved.

Mrs Kathleen Crompton, on 20th December, aged 91, suddenly, although she had been in failing health for some time. She was saved in 1962 at meetings in Ballyclare conducted by Mr A McShane. On moving later to the Clones district, Co Monaghan, she was received into the assembly there, and remained a member until her homecall, although advancing years prevented her gathering with the saints collectively. At the representative funeral there was a very attentive ear to a clear word of gospel in the Gospel Hall, and at the grave. There were words of comfort, too, for the bereaved. Messrs Robin McKeown, S McBride, and S Nelson shared the funeral service. She is survived by nephews, and nieces, some needing salvation. Please pray for them.

Miss Martha Jane Crooks, suddenly, on 28th November , aged 85. Saved for over seventy years and received into the Clonroot assembly where she was a very faithful and highly esteemed member. Latterly, however, because of frailty, she was resident in Faith House, Finaghy. She bore a godly, consistent testimony, with clarity of mind, to the end. The large funeral was shared by Messrs Jim and Wesley Martin, S McBride and R Bingham. There were words of comfort and gospel to an attentive audience, and many unsaved heard tidings of salvation. Survived by brothers, sisters-in-law, nephews and nieces, some needing salvation. Please pray for all the relatives.

Mrs Adelaide Heenan, on 26th January, aged 91. Our sister was saved in 1937 when attending meetings in Kilkeel conducted by Mr Robert Love, and was in fellowship there until her marriage. Subsequently she was in fellowship in Ballywillwill, and for many years in Castlewellan. Widowed in 1959, she returned to Kilkeel in 1991. She was an encourager of many, and a faithful witness to the unsaved. Good health was enjoyed right to the end. The service in the home was conducted by her nephews Robert and John Shannon, and by Mr Sam Ferguson at the graveside.

Mr Rea Kirkpatrick, called home on 18th January, aged 68. He was saved at eighteen, the lovely hymn, "It is finished, yes indeed", bringing peace to his soul. In fellowship in Derriaghy, he was later in Australia, and then returned to the Portadown assembly in 1990. He was highly respected and appreciated by all. He loved and studied his Bible during many years of sickness. His cheery smile and interest in others will be greatly missed. His large funeral showed the high esteem in which Rea was held by neighbours and the Lord’s people. The funeral services were conducted by David Gilliland, John Callaghan, Alan Davidson and John Rogers. Please remember his wife Naomi.

Mr Joseph McClean, aged 90. He was saved in 1935 when Mr R Beattie had meetings in the family home. Our brother was soon baptised and received into the Monaghan assembly, where he continued stedfastly as long as health permitted. While not a public speaker, his godly testimony spoke to many. All who knew him were aware that he was a saved man who loved the Lord. He was kind, sincere and a perfect gentleman at all times. His very large funeral from the family residence was conducted by JG Hutchinson and WJ Nesbitt, assisted by J Wishart and S McBride. As well as words of appreciation and comfort, the gospel was made clear. Prayer valued for his widow and family, all in Christ.

Mrs Elizabeth Naismith, called home on 17th January. She was saved in her teens and later baptised and received into fellowship at Dalry Gospel Hall. After her marriage to Dr W E F Naismith, she enjoyed fellowship in assemblies at Cambridge, Dumfries, Harrogate, Redcar, and latterly Largs. In each of these places, she was given to hospitality and loved to entertain the Lord’s people. She was also keenly interested in missionary work. Her funeral service at Brisbane Evangelical Church, Largs was ably conducted by Mr R McMillan and Mr A Naismith, and the large number of people who attended was a testimony to the esteem and affection in which she was held. She will be sadly missed by her family circle and friends.

Mrs Edna Eileen Parmenter, called home on 6th December by the Lord she loved and served, after a long illness borne with dignity and courage. Beloved and devoted wife of Eric, Edna was a godly and gracious lady with a warmth and gentleness that endeared her to so many, including scores of children and young people who adopted her as a favourite aunt. The well-attended funeral service displayed the affection with which Edna was held both from near and far. Eric and her sister Ruth would value continued prayers, especially as Eric continues in his service for the Lord.


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