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SCOTLAND Forthcoming


Cullen: Annual Conference in Town Hall at 3.00pm and 6.00pm. I Jackson, B Martin, C Munro. Also on Lord’s Day at 2.15pm in the Gospel Hall, Seatown. Mr Jackson continues in ministry Monday to Thursday at 7.30pm.

Dreghorn: Ebenezer Hall, Annual Conference to be held in Greenwood Academy at 3.00pm. W Banks, J Riddle, D West. Mr Banks continues on Lord’s Day at 2.00pm and 6.30pm.

Lanark: Gospel Hall, Smyllum Road. Conference at 3.30pm. S Arbuthnot, R Cargill, A Foster.

Perth: Gospel Hall at 7.00pm. R Miller.

MAY 13

Blackburn: Gospel Hall. Annual Conference at 3.30pm. J Gamble, I Naismith, D Locke.

Cowdenbeath: Union Hall, Friday at 7.30pm. Saturday at 10.30am and 7.00pm. W Stevely.

Greengairs: Back Brae Gospel Hall. Annual Conference in the Greengairs Primary School at 3.30pm. R Cargill, J Paterson (jun), R Cameron.

Springburn: Glasgow, Gospel Hall, Hillkirk Place. Annual Conference at 7.00pm. H Barnes, A Cameron.

MAY 20

Forres: Gospel Hall, Conference in Applegrove Primary School, Orchard Road at 3.00pm and 6.00pm. R Cargill, J Paterson, F Reid.

Newmains: Gospel Hall. Conference at 3.30pm. A Gamble, A McLean, S McKenzie.

MAY 27

Ballingry: Gospel Hall, Southfield Avenue. Ministry at 7.00pm. Ministering brethren expected.

Muirhead: Moorpark Gospel Hall. Lanarkshire Gospel Work. Prayer at 3.30pm. Open Air preaching at 4.00pm. Tea at 5.15pm. Ministry at 6.00pm. R Pickering, R Marshall.


Perth: Gospel Hall at 7.00pm. W McKeller.

N. IRELAND Forthcoming


Limavady: Annual Bible Reading (J Allen) and Conference at 11.30am.


Bellaghy: Annual Conference at 12 noon.

MAY 13

Mullafernaghan: Gospel Hall. Annual Conference at 7.00pm. R Hill, R Pickering.

EIRE Forthcoming

MAY 6-7

Dublin: Rathmines Gospel Hall. Annual Meeting of Believers. The assembly appreciates those with an exercise to attend and have fellowship with us around the Word of God at conference time.

ENGLAND & WALES Forthcoming

APRIL 29 - MAY 1

Derby: The Meeting Room, Curzon Street. Saturday at 7.15pm. JR Baker. Monday, Annual Conference at 2.45pm. and 6.00pm. JR Baker, D Gilliland. Mr Baker continues Tuesday to Thursday at 7.30pm.

Wallingford: Gospel Hall, Atwell Close. Saturday at 7.00pm. M Radcliffe (Tabernacle with chart). Monday, Conference at 3.00pm. and 6.00pm. M Radcliffe, N Mellish. Mr Radcliffe continues Tuesday to Thursday at 7.45pm.

APRIL 29 - MAY 3

Swinton, Manchester: Bethesda Hall. Annual Conference. Saturday at 6.00pm. J Campbell, S Grant. Lord’s Day at 8.00pm. Mr Grant continues Monday to Wednesday at 8.00pm.


Eastbourne: Marine Hall, 85 Seaside. Conference at 3.00pm and 6.00pm. R Hill, B Martin. Mr Martin continues on Tuesday at 7.30pm.

Great Yarmouth: Gospel Hall, Kitchener Road. Annual Conference at 3.00pm and 6.15pm. J Scarsbrook, A Maunder.

London: Bermondsey Gospel Hall, 97 St James’s Road. Mayday Convention at 4.30pm. T Proffit, R Carnall.


Birmingham, Northfield: Gospel Hall, Quarry Lane. Annual Conference at 3.00pm and 6.00pm. J Coltman, D Gillies.

Butt Lane: Ebenezer Gospel Hall, Banbury Street at 7.00pm. R Hoffman.

Corby: Gospel Hall, 182 Rockingham Road at 7.00pm. S Downs.

Liverpool: David Street Gospel Hall, David Street. Missionary Conference at 3.00pm. and 6.00pm. T Topley (Eire), G Forbes (Scotland), P Coulson (Singapore, India, Sri Lanka). Continues on Monday at 7.30pm.

Luton: Selbourne Gospel Hall, Waller Avenue. Conference at 3.15pm and 6.15pm. A Cundick, R Catchpole.

New Bradwell: Milton Keynes, Gospel Hall, Caledonian Road. Annual Conference at 3.00pm and 6.15pm. I Rees, R Revie. Mr Revie continues until Thursday at 7.45pm (Tuesday night will be at Gold Street Hall, Hanslope).

Westcliff-on-Sea: Gospel Hall, Carlton Avenue at 7.30pm. C Lacey.

Wimborne: Emmanuel Gospel Hall, Welland Road at 7.00pm. D Williams.

MAY 13

Burton-on-Trent: Winshill Gospel Hall. Conference at 3.00pm and 6.15pm. S Grant, J Salisbury.

Cheshunt: Mill Lane Chapel at 7.00pm. C Lacey.

Ely: Gospel Hall, Ship Lane at 7.00pm. E Hughes. Mr Hughes continues in ministry on Lord’s Day at 4.00pm and Monday at 7.30pm.

Northampton: Osborne Road Gospel Hall. Conference at 3.00pm and 6.30pm. B Osborne, J Scarsbrook. Mr Osborne continues in ministry on Lord’s day at 4.00pm and Monday to Thursday at 7.30pm.

Prestwich: Gospel Hall, Venwood Road. Conference at 3.00pm. J Grant, J Holifield. Mr Grant continues Monday and Tuesday at 8.00pm.

Redditch: Foxlydiate Crescent Gospel Hall at 7.00pm. C Hutchison. Mr Hutchison continues Monday and Tuesday at 7.45pm.

Red Row: Northumberland. Hebron Hall. Annual Conference at 6.00pm. J Baxter (Report & Ministry).

Teignmouth: Gospel Hall. Missionary Conference at 10.30am. Reports from India, Egypt and Sudan.

Tooting: London, Longley Road Gospel Hall. Missionary Conference at 3.15pm and 6.15pm.

MAY 20

Coltishall: Bethesda Gospel Hall at 7.30pm. K Totton.

Cwmbran: Gospel Hall, Oakfield Road. Annual Conference at 3.15pm and 6.15pm. D Williams, P Davies.

Harrow: Belmont Hall at 7.15pm. N Osborne.

Leicester: York Street Gospel Hall at 7.30pm. D Clapham.

Luton: Onslow Road Gospel Hall at 6.30pm. C Roberts.

Mitcham Junction: Gospel Hall, Percy Road. Conference at 3.15pm and 6.15pm. I Jackson, C Lacey.

Rhos on Sea: Bethany, Annual Conference at 3.00pm and 6.00pm. J Griffith, T Galilee.

MAY 27

Coventry: Gospel Hall, Upper Hill Street at 7.30pm. A Baguley.

Dereham: Toftwood Gospel Hall, Shipdham Road at 7.00pm. J Riddle.

Helions Bumpstead: Gospel Hall at 7.00pm. I Robertson.

London: Hope Hall, 222 Kilburn Lane at 7.00pm. P Scarsbrook.

Northampton: Gospel Hall, Spencer Bridge Road. Conference at 3.15pm. J McMaster.

MAY 29

High Wycombe: Bethany Gospel Hall, Victoria Street. Annual Conference at 3.15pm and 6.00pm. I Jackson, J Riddle.


Corby: Gospel Hall at 7.00pm. J Bennett.

Gt Yarmouth: Gospel Hall, Kitchener Road at 7.30pm. J Riddle.

Saltash: Gospel Hall, Moorlands Lane. Annual Conference at 3.00pm and 6.00pm. J R Baker, H Hatt. Mr Baker continues in ministry on Lord’s Day at 8.00pm and Monday to Thursday at 7.30pm.

Tottenham, London: Brook Street Chapel, Brook Street, High Road. Annual Conference at 3.30pm and 6.30pm. J Ramsey (ministry and report).

Westcliff-on-Sea: Gospel Hall, Carlton Avenue at 7.30pm. A Griffiths.


George Meikle and Roy Marshall are moving on to visit door-to-door in the Thornhill area of Falkirk, near the Gospel Hall, after being in Culross in Fife for a few weeks where there were a few interested souls in what was otherwise a very difficult village. The number of friendly people with no concern about spiritual things whatever is a cause for deep exercise before God. Prayer would be valued for blessing that the Lord would awaken a few.


In Peterhead at present there are many Eastern European workers who feel a pressing need to learn to speak better English. The assembly has taken the opportunity to help with this by meeting every Tuesday evening with around 20 Latvian and Lithuanian folks to help them with basic English and introduce them to the Scriptures and the gospel.

The enthusiasm of these foreign friends to come to the hall and learn our language, hear the gospel message, and enjoy some hospitality and friendship is most encouraging. The whole assembly is supportive of this work, with some 20 brethren and sisters actively involved in the teaching, all finding it both enjoyable and rewarding.

Prayer would be very much appreciated for the continuation of this work and for blessing especially in salvation.

N. IRELAND Reports


Burnside: Gospel meetings continue with S Ferguson and M Turkington. Prayer requested for this needy area, and for blessing.

Randalstown: New Street Gospel Hall (in association with Clonkeen Assembly). Gospel meetings are continuing with good interest. Speakers: E McCullough and M Radcliffe.

Ahoghill: Annual Missionary Conference on Friday 7th April. Speakers were M Baker (Eastern Europe), S Harper (Malawi) and D McKillen (Botswana).

Ballyclare: Monday 20th to Friday 31st March. Ministry meetings with T Bentley. Subject, "The Return from Babylon". Good interest and much appreciated.

Ballywatermoy: Monday 27th to Friday 31st March. Ministry meetings with S Jennings. Romans chapter 4.

Rasharkin: Ministry meetings with B Currie Monday 27th to Wednesday 29th March.

Kells: Monday 27th to Thursday 30th March. Ministry meetings with J Grant. "Lessons from the Book of Numbers".


Kilmore: J McCann and S Nelson concluded an eleven week encouraging series on 31st March, knowing of four persons having professed faith in Christ, and they also had the joy of baptising a number of believers on the closing evening.

Bleary: The Annual Conference which has been held on 13th July for many years is to be brought forward, God willing, this year to the first Sunday in July.


Banbridge (Drumnahare Gospel Hall): J Bingham and T Meekin concluded 10 weeks of gospel meetings on 17th March. Large numbers attended nightly when the gospel was clearly presented, and sinners were blessed with salvation.

Newtownards (James Street): T Wright and A McKee commenced a gospel series here on 26th March. Prayer appreciated for blessing in the town.


Killykergan: J Rogers and R McKeown are expected for gospel meetings commencing on 2nd April.

Limavady: While A Colgan and L Craig worked hard at visiting the town there was not the hoped for response. However, the gospel was faithfully preached for seven weeks and the good seed has been sown.

Letterkenny: Well attended children’s meetings were held in the Gospel Hall throughout the winter, when the speaker was J Howe. Over half of those present were from a Catholic background.

Aughrim: The Annual Conference on 17th March was well attended and supported by many from other assemblies. Ministry, which was considered both challenging and encouraging, was given by J Kelso and J McQuoid. The saints were blessed.

Magheracorran: The Annual Conference was smaller than usual, with ministry given by D Ussher, B Glendinning, G Stewart, S Patterson and S McBride.


Monaghan: The assembly held their Annual Conference on 17th March, which was well attended and considered profitable. The ministry was shared by E Dover, A Davidson, E McCullough (USA), D Ussher, B Glendinning, J McCann and WJ Nesbitt.


Kilmore: D McGarvey and N Woods concluded seven weeks of gospel meetings in early April. There was good attendance and interest nightly, the area being well visited with invitations and tracts. The believers were encouraged to see people from the locality, many in the hall for the first time, to hear simple gospel messages each evening. Other local assemblies gave good support. It brought much joy to hear of blessing in salvation.

Newmills: Gospel meetings have commenced here with N Coulter and S Gilfillan.

Fintona: An excellent series of ministry on the Passover with J Fleck.


Glenburn: D Gilliland gave profitable ministry during the last week in March to the edifying of the believers.



Coventry, Church Street: J Baker came up from South Wales in March to minister the Word and encourage the saints.

Crowle: J Baxter and D Dalton faithfully ministered the Word at the Annual Conference. Helpful, challenging and encouraging for all present. J Baxter stayed on for further ministry which was greatly appreciated.

Redditch, Southcrest: C Morris spent a weekend at Southcrest during a short visit from the USA. He ministered the Word at the Annual Conference and gave reports of the Lord’s Work. A helpful time for the assembly.


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