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Mrs Nan Binnie. On 1st May, in her 100th year, our beloved sister was called home into the presence of the Lord she loved and served. Saved in her teens and baptised, she subsequently married and was received into fellowship in the Albert Hall, Grangemouth. Her husband, David, was called home in an accident fifty-three years ago, leaving her to bring up two boys. Since that time she has shown a love for the Lord, His service, His assembly, and the gatherings of His people that has been an example to all, even in weakness of body. The words of Paul, "These hands have ministered to my necessities and to them that were with me", were true of her. She lived looking for His appearing. After a short illness, she received the call. A full hall showed the love of the saints and neighbours for her. Remember in prayer her two sons, daughters-in-law, grand- and great grandchildren, brother, and nieces.

Mr James Boyd was called home on 17th May aged 89, after a short term in hospital. Saved in 1947 through the preaching of W P Nicholson, he was baptised and in fellowship for a period in the Gospel Tabernacle. After personal exercise and conviction in 1959 he was received into the assembly at Wellington Street, Ballymena, now known as Cambridge Avenue, where he was a faithful brother to the end. He loved to hear the gospel preached and the ministry of God’s Word. His large funeral, conducted by brethren M McKillen and D McMullan, with J McMullan and T Marcus, was a testimony to the respect in which he was held.

Mr Robbie Cairns passed into the presence of his Lord on 18th May, the day following his 93rd birthday, after a short illness. He was brought up in Greenock where, still a boy, he came to know the Lord as his personal Saviour. After the war he moved, with his wife Barbara, to Campbeltown and later to Ardrishaig before settling in Oban. Glencampa, his home and guest house, soon became well known, especially among assembly believers, many of whom enjoyed its hospitality and Christian atmosphere for many years. He was instrumental in setting up the Oban Assembly which continued as long as he was there. On his retiral he moved with Barbara to Largs where his devoted wife was called home to Glory. He then spent a time in Ardrossan in fellowship with the saints there, before moving to Glenluce in 1993. He was greatly loved in North Street Hall where his help in all aspects of assembly witness was deeply appreciated, especially in the large Sunday School carried on by the late Adam Hannah. His latter years were spent in the comfort of Machermore Home, Newton Stewart. He was laid to rest in Largs Cemetery where a fitting tribute and most appropriate service was conducted by Mr John Church of Greenock at the graveside. He was a wonderful man - a precious and faithful brother. He will be sadly missed in this corner. Robbie and Barbara had no family, though he is survived by nephews and nieces who loved him dearly.

Mrs Rebecca (Ruby) Lennox fell asleep on 18th May. She was saved at eleven, and was later baptised and in fellowship at Bellaghy. A widow for nineteen years, she was godly sister, who dearly loved the assembly, the Word of God and the gospel. Her family of eight professed faith in our Lord Jesus Christ. Pray for family members still strangers to the Lord. The services were conducted by brethren W Nesbitt, and C McDowell in the home, and D McNeill and S Davidson at the graveside. She will be sadly missed.

Miss Grace McCormick, called home on 4th April. Born in 1917, she was born again through the preaching of David Walker of Aberdeen in 1933. Our sister was truly an example of one who adorned the doctrine of God our Saviour in all things. After baptism she was received into the assembly in Lurgan where she was happy with the saints for seventy years. The assembly in Lurgan is much the poorer of her passing, as corner stones like these are not easily found. Grace had a God-honouring funeral with David Gilliland and Jack Lennox speaking words of comfort and warning.

Mrs May McLellan, called home on 11th March, aged 74. Saved in early teens listening to an address on John 3.36 by the late Peter Horne of Bolivia, May exemplified a consistent Christian life in Lanarkshire and latterly at Woodpark Assembly, Ayr. Always popular due to her friendly personality, she was actively involved in local assembly activities, undertaking hospitality and visitation with great warmth. As a Gideon auxiliary, she particularly enjoyed distributing Testaments to student nurses. The large gathering at her funeral testified to the esteem in which she was held - she was truly "a disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ". Prayer is requested for her husband Lawrence and the rest of the family.

Mr George Megaughin, on 23rd April, aged 90. Saved in Ahogill when he was twelve, he moved to Port Glasgow in 1938 where he remained in fellowship up until the closure of Hebron Hall in 1999. He took a deep interest in the things of God and devoted all his years to his Lord and the assembly, being actively engaged in all aspects of its work. In 1965 he was instrumental in commencing Hebron Hall youth camp which is still going today. His race has been run and he will be missed.

Mr Ian Ross. With regret we record the passing of this servant of Christ. Ian’s life for the Lord began in Aden, having served in the Army in Burma, India and Germany and risen to the rank of Captain. It was in Aden he became disillusioned with his way of life.  Just then his wife wrote to him telling him she had got saved at a Billy Graham campaign in Glasgow.  The quotation at the head of her letter led Ian that same night - 5th May, 1955 - to accept Christ.  A posting to Cyprus was to shape the greater part of his life.  Living in Scotland, having left the army and in secular employment, their morning reading on one occasion was in Micah 2.10: "Arise and depart for this is not your rest". This exercised Ian all morning  and finally settled his ever growing thoughts about Cyprus.

He sold his home and put the proceeds into starting an English - speaking school in Limassol together with his good friend Levon Yergatian. Starting with 13 pupils in 1973, the school has grown, so that to-day over 300 children hear daily the message of the gospel in morning assembly. 

Ian also worked tirelessly in St Andrews maintaining an open air ministry weekly and tended to all assembly affairs as well as continual work in seeking suitable teaching staff for the school and raising of support.  This enduring testimony in Cyprus, where Ian’s two sons Peter and John continue the labour along with a dedicated staff, is a fitting tribute to a man who was prepared to put his all into service for God.  Many will rise to testify that his sacrifice was not in vain. 

Ian leaves three sons and his wife Christa, having tragically lost their only daughter Dagmar as a teenager. The Lord used her homecall in their preparation for Cyprus, helping them to understand in a deeper way the verse, "All things work together for good to them that love God" (Rom 8.23).

After a short illness Ian passed away on 6th May in Limassol. He was laid to rest in the little cemetery at Erimi, after a well attended service in the school assembly hall. The tribute and message were given by Dan Gillies.

Miss Margaret Skelly, on 8th May, aged 87. Prior to her conversion, when she was troubled about her condition and desiring to be sure of heaven, she was given the booklet "Safety Certainty and Enjoyment" from an evangelist who was conducting meetings in Shanaghan. In it her attention was directed to 1 John 5.13. These blessed words were used of God and she was saved. Her life in every department proved she was a true child of God. She was a loyal member of the Shanaghan assembly for very many years and will be greatly missed. Her funeral was conducted by J G Hutchinson and M Radcliffe.

Mrs Evelyn Thompson, called home on 17th May, aged 72 years. She was saved in 1954 at meetings in Dromore Gospel Hall conducted by the late Frank Knox, and soon afterwards received into the Dromore Assembly. She was a godly and gracious Christian lady who loved the Lord and His truth with a gentleness and warmth that endeared her to so many. Latterly unable through illness to attend meetings, she was tenderly cared for by her family and friends. A succourer of many. The well-attended funeral displayed the esteem in which she was held, and was conducted by W J Nesbitt and J Lennox with others sharing in the service. Prayer valued for the family circle.


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