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Creation’s Story (1): The Creator's Glory

R W Cargill, St Monans

Creation’s story reveals the great Creator’s glory. You can see it wherever you look - up into the night sky studded with countless stars, down into the ocean depths full of amazing life forms, out across a spreading landscape or a cottage garden, stirred by a golden sunset or a rose tinted dawn. Take a telescope and look further, take a microscope and look closer, take a textbook and study more deeply, take a journey and go farther, take time and listen and look and touch and breathe in slowly. What happens? Your senses respond. Your mind and heart are stirred. You find that like another structure God designed, "Everything saith, Glory" (Ps 29.9, RV). Explore it as much as you can, enjoy it, admire it, appreciate it, try to understand it, and from it appreciate Him who created you too - His masterpiece - and give Him all the glory.

Glory revealed

The glory of God has been revealed in many ways; indeed it is revealed in all His works and ways. The Holy Scriptures are themselves a treasure-house of glory. The more we search, humbly and diligently, the more we find to bow our hearts in adoration and worship. The more, too, we will absorb that glory and reflect it to others (2 Cor 3.18). We also see the glory of God shining in the face of our Saviour Jesus Christ (2 Cor 4.6). And the great plan of redemption worked out at Calvary is a glorious one, so much so that those who have benefited from it will be to the glory of His grace for ever (Eph 1.6).

These are joys "unspeakable and full of glory" (1 Pet 1.8). They thrill our souls. But sometimes we give less attention than we should to another realm in which the glory of God is revealed - to His Creation which reveals His surpassing wisdom and almighty power.

All of the material, physical universe, "all creatures great and small", from the largest mammal to the smallest insect or bacterium, from the huge planets in the solar system to the tiny electrons in the atom - they have all come from the hand of God, created and upheld by the word of His power. To overlook this is to miss something important. "The things that are made" are an eloquent testimony to God, revealing "his eternal power and Godhead" (Rom 1.20).

Evolution theory

To give to the Lord our God the glory due to His name is one of the fundamental reasons for our very existence. Every true believer delights to do this at all times and for all reasons, and it will be our blessed occupation for all eternity. However, one of Satan’s great objectives is to rob God of that glory, and to do so by whatever means he can.

One of the most successful methods by which God’s greatness and glory have been denied is through the propagation of the theory of evolution. It is indoctrinated into every level of education in every developed country of the world. The mass media assume it at every turn. The scientific press is supposed to be fair and neutral, but sections of it continue a relentless crusade against "creationism" for no other reason than that it "cannot be accepted"! Opposition to the idea of evolution is not permitted, rather it is ridiculed. But the reason for its popularity is not its objective truth, but rather that God is not wanted.

It is not the case that evolution has disproved the existence of God, although many say so. It is a mindset of atheism which has led to evolution, not evolution that leads to atheism. Unwillingness to face the implications of accountability to God has made evolution very desirable. It provides an excuse (which is presented as a scientific reason) to evade the obvious and the logical - that the universe and everything in it was created, bearing the clear evidence of design and purpose. This evidence is in fact the evidence of the wisdom and the power of the almighty God.

Evolution is a theory, a proposed explanation for the origin and the development of everything biological, and indeed more besides. Charles Darwin’s book, The Origin of the Species, published in 1859, gave it a huge impetus. It has undergone many changes and revisions, as theories in science usually do in the course of their development. Some revisions are mutually contradictory. It is certainly not a fact, in spite of what is often stated.

Observations and facts of science have been arranged around the theory and some have been selected to support it. But these observations and facts can be explained much better by the theory (or if you prefer, the doctrine) of creation. The creation account of origins does not violate any established fact or law of science. Evolution theory does, however, and therefore it is not good science; it cannot be a sound scientific theory. It is contradicted by several of these laws, e.g. thermodynamics (energy), biogenesis (life), and information science, to mention a few which we may revisit later.


The title Creator is used relatively few times in both Old and New Testaments. It is worth checking these with a concordance. But the doctrine of creation pervades the whole Bible from literally the first verse to well through the last book. The key passages to study in the New Testament are John 1.1-5; Romans 1.19-25; 8.18-25; Colossians 1.14-19; Hebrews 1.1-4,10-12; and 2 Peter 3.3-13. The main points are these:

Our Creator

God is our strong Redeemer, our blessed Saviour, our loving heavenly Father. He is also our faithful Creator. To Him we commit the keeping of our souls (1 Pet 4.19).

It is He who made us, and not we ourselves (Ps 100.3). All that we are physically and mentally, our fearfully and wonderfully made bodies and our amazingly complex and efficient minds, carry the imprint of a divine hand. It is important to value them, use them properly, and care for them - indeed to glorify Him in our bodies (1 Cor 6.20). And when advancing age or disease take their toll we can confidently commit their care to Him who remembers that we are dust (Ps 103.14), frail and mortal, yet crafted by His skill.

God’s power in the universe is immense - unmeasurable. There is no searching of His understanding. Nothing fails or gets out of the place of His arrangement: "behold who hath created these things…not one faileth" (Is 40.26). He numbers and names the stars, but He also numbers the hairs of our heads and sees when the sparrow falls to the ground! He is almighty over all yet so tender to each of us, infinite and eternal but close and personal to those who trust in Him.

Solomon’s advice was to remember our Creator in the days of our youth (Eccl 12.1). This gives to life a sure foundation, and when youth has passed, even long past, this truth is as relevant as ever. He made us. He saves us. He keeps us. He will never leave us. Even the dust of believers’ bodies in the grave is in His custody until the day of resurrection.

In this series of articles, the intention is to explore some aspects of creation. We want to give to God the glory due to His Name while we do so. We also want believers in Christ to be assured that notwithstanding the heavy bombardment which continues to come from the evolution camp, the foundation of the Lord stands sure, His Word is totally trustworthy, and a belief in the literal Bible account of origins is totally sustainable.

To be continued.


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