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Dunbar, Lothians: Stephen Grant, Robert Miller and Jim Paterson, jnr. had another series of gospel meetings in Dunbar from late June into July. The meetings were well attended with unsaved folk present each evening. Graeme Paterson was responsible for the children’s meetings which were the largest held in recent years, with some in their early teens also attending, even although the Dunbar Churches Children’s Work Coordinator prevented access to the local school. Each child who did not have a Bible received one at the final meeting. Every home in the town received an invitation and an attractive Scripture text. One home visited during the meetings had a Seed Sower text on display - these were distributed in Dunbar six years ago. Support for the meetings from believers who travelled in and from others on holiday in the area was much appreciated. Prayer is requested for the work done and for those who attended.

Summer Camps: Give thanks for the work done in several locations during July and early August to bring the Word of God to hundreds of young people, and pray that this Seed sown will yet bear fruit in their lives. The camps for three weeks in Shetland, for five weeks in Faskally House, Pitlochry, and the one-week camps from Ayrshire and Ladybank (Fife) on sites in England had the joy of seeing children and teenagers trusting Christ for salvation, and others already saved leaving camp with decisions to be baptised and added to local assemblies. Especially remember those just come to Christ whose home backgrounds are not at all supportive of their faith, that they would be shepherded and cared for in their own localities.

Portpatrick: The assembly had a series of children’s meetings in mid July. P Coffey from Portavogie, N Ireland was the speaker. The village was tracted and the local primary school visited. The assembly was encouraged with the results. The children who came did not know John 3.16 but by the end of the week they could all repeat it. A woman who was on holiday came with her grandchildren every night. Pray that results will follow.



Ballinaloob: Stephen Grant had three nights of much appreciated ministry at the end of July.

Ballybollan: Annual Conference on 12th July. Very well attended. Helpful teaching and challenging ministry was given by WJ Nesbitt, D Gilliland and B Smith in the first session, and N Turkington, J Stubbs, W Martin and D Williamson in the second session. The weather was favourable and the meeting was enjoyed by all who attended.

Ballyclare: Gospel meetings with C Law and T Topley concluded on 27th July. The blessing of the Lord in salvation encouraged all the assembly. Attendance was very good and sustained throughout the duration of the effort with many visitors present and the hall full.

Ballywatermoy: The assembly arranged open air meetings around the district. D McGarvey was the speaker, helped by local brethren.

Bushmills: Bible Readings concluded on 20th July at the end of two weeks. Very large numbers including many young people were present nightly. R McKeown conducted the readings considering Ephesians chapters 4-6. Many other brethren took part in a good atmosphere with practical teaching.

Kells: The assembly arranged annual open air meetings for one week - Monday 23rd to Friday 27th July. J Rodgers was responsible, helped by local brethren.


Bleary: The Annual Conference was well attended and ministry was given by S McBride, A Mitchell, WJ Nesbitt, D Williamson, J Hutchinson and N Turkington.

Drumacanver: J Allen is expected for ministry for two weeks commencing 19th August.

Keady and Tassah: Tent meetings commenced in early August near Brootally cross roads between Keady and Tassagh with S McBride and G Buchanan.


Ballymagarrick: Annual Believer’s meeting on 13th July. Some 300 believers assembled for the ministry of the Word and were not disappointed but edified and challenged. The ministry and exposition were of a high standard. The two sessions were addressed by JG Hutchinson, D Gilliland, A Sinclair, D West, M Radcliffe and S McBride.

Cardy Gospel Hall (Grey Abby): The Ayrshire Bible Exhibition will be open in the evenings of Monday 24th to Thursday 27th September from 6.30pm to 8.30pm.

Newcastle (Northfield): The Annual Meetings for two weeks were held in the 1,000 seater tent from 8th to 22nd July. P Brandon conducted the Bible teaching sessions each morning during the first week which were profitable and challenging. The gospel was preached each evening by A Parks with the tent well filled, including a good number of unsaved persons who rarely attend gospel meetings. A number professed faith in Christ. In conjunction with the tent meetings there were meetings for children held daily in two of the large caravan parks. These were led by C Sheldon and it was encouraging to know of blessing in salvation. The town and area was well visited with tracts and open air meetings were conducted on the promenade after the tent meetings with good numbers listening to the gospel.


Drumenagh: D McGarvey and R Reynolds are expected for gospel meetings in early September (d.v.). Prayer valued and appreciated.

Garvagh: U Ussher and M Radcliffe have commenced gospel meetings in the centre of Garvagh.


Dunmullan: Annual conference on 12th July. The ministry given by D Ussher, D West, G Woods, S Jennings, M Radcliffe and T Topley was good and edifying.

Kilmore: Annual Believer’s Meeting on 25th July. A profitable time with ministry from JG Hutchinson, M Radcliffe, WJ Nesbitt, W Boyd, A Davidson and B Glendinning.

Kingsmills: Annual Believer’s Meeting on 12th July. A large company gathered when helpful ministry was given by U Ussher, B Glendinning, S Wells, B Currie and A Davidson.

Sion Mills: Annual meeting on 30th June. The saints were encouraged with ministry from M Radcliffe, S Jennings, A Davidson, J Wishart and W Martin.

Strabane: A short series in the gospel has been conducted by G Stewart and S Gilfillan. There was an encouraging attendance and the message was clearly presented giving joy to the local brethren.



Monaghan: Gospel meetings are being held in a shop in the town centre. Speakers are J Martin and W Martin. Prayer appreciated.


Rathmines Gospel Hall: The assembly meeting at Rathmines, Dublin commenced on 7th July 1957. The fiftieth anniversary was noted with a special meeting of thanksgiving on Saturday 7th July. Those present included some who have had a long association with the assembly as well as an encouraging number of younger believers. The contribution of founder members was brought to mind by brother Donald Armstrong, followed by encouraging ministry from our two brethren Gilbert Stewart and David Gilliland.

The assembly purpose having several weeks of gospel meetings commencing, God willing, on Lord’s Day 21st October. The speaker expected is brother Eugene Higgins from New Jersey. The support of believers by their presence and by their prayers will be very much appreciated. The subject for the meetings will be, "Greatest words the world has ever heard".



Broadwas on Teme: Speakers at the Annual Conference were I Rees and K Rudge who challenged the saints with their ministry. K Rudge stayed on to give further help over the next few days. The following weekend the assembly had to cancel all meetings because of a landslip and serious flooding affecting travel in the area.

Cheltenham Spa: The saints at Hesters Way had a weekend visit from M A Joy (India). A most profitable time in ministry and gospel. The town had been without a water supply for some days as the area experienced devastating flooding over the county and beyond. Thankfully the believers at Cheltenham were spared the damage and loss suffered by so many in the countryside around.


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